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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so today's wig is from Asteria here and I'll, be showing you how I install and style this wig. So this is the 24 inch body wave wig, and the first thing I like to do is to apply some foundation on the lace. You know to help it match my skin tone and you guys can see what it looks like. So this is the HD lace front wig. So now I'm going to go ahead and cut the lace you know just so the wig sits come to be around my ears. Please I like to glue down my wigs in sections, so I start off with the middle section and then work my way around to the sides and today I'm using a lace glue to install the wig, and I think I applied about two coats of this. You know just because I wanted to keep the wig on for like a couple days, foreign clear and then I pressed down the lace into the glue. So now I'm just using the comb to press the lace down into my skin and then I'm gon na go ahead and cut the lace and when cutting the laces or I kind of go in like a zigzag motion just to help give that natural look. Instead of just having a straight line going across your head, so thank you so once I've finished cutting off the lace. The next thing I like to do is to use my bed headspray. This is just going to help to melt the lace in even further and just get rid of any white cast from The Lace glue, and then I go ahead and just use my milk band. Thank you. So, moving on to styling, I'm going to apply some wax. Stick and use my hot comb to you know hot comb, the top of the hair, just so everything is laying flat and there's no bumps foreign foreign okay. So now, I'm just gon na add some curls to the hair and I'm curling both sides going away from my face, and then I'm gon na cut some layers at the front just to frame my face a bit more, all right, foreign. Thank you. Thank you. So yeah guys this is the finished. Look. Thank you guys so much for watching I'll make sure to leave all the links in the description box below and like I said, this wig is from Asteria here and I'll. See you guys in my next one

Deborah Crawford: Flawless satisfying to watch you do your installs.

Simone Wisdom: You bodied this, you never miss

Angela Truly: Great job. Very pretty. The hair looks so thick and smooth.

IamFatima: Love it!

Jeticia Osei Poku: Awww this is so beautiful

Carioca Danika: I need to know where is your blouse from as well as that curling iron!!!! You look bomb as usual!!

VicksStyles: Oh this is my fav wig

VictoriaKLM4: Where did you get that curling iron from? I need it!

Sharon Charles: Looks gorgeous. Not into the glue though..

Latoya Andrews:

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