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Hair Info: Red 13X4 body wave HD lace frontal Wig, 26 inches 180% density.

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Foreign okay, so let's do a quick unboxing of this hair is from. I show hair it's going to come in as Black Satchel. It also has a nude wig cap, some false eyelashes, as well as a like headband. It has like a paisley print, and this is the unit. It is a red body wave unit, it's a 13 by four lace front tool and it is 26 inches. It has three Combs and adjustable straps and the lace on this unit is HD. So it looks so good. I know this is gon na lay all right, so, let's quickly get into the install, so I did wash the hair and condition it, and now I put the adjustable straps on and cut the lace, I'm just putting it on my head and then adjusting it, and I did notice that I do need to cut a little bit from the side and this is called the ear tap. So that's what I'm doing I'm cutting over there so that the wig fits my head perfectly and if you are scared, just snip small parts. That'S what I do to lay the unit down. I decided to use my even adhesive spray and I sprayed that along the hairline and then I took the tail comb and my blow dryer just to dry that down um. I did go over the whole entire front and, as I laid it down, I did push the hair to the back, because I didn't want the um hair to get caught in the lace while it was drying and because I wanted more security, I wanted to try Something different I'm going to show you later, but um yeah. After that I was like okay, let's get to the baby hairs, because I knew automatically I wanted like a side C part and some baby hairs um. I wanted to recreate a look that I had years ago that I just loved and I haven't been able to create that look anymore because I don't have the hair, but now that I got this hair girl, I was like yeah we about to take it to The next level, this wig is better than the wig that I had. That was red. This wig is just fire, so I cut the C part and then um, I cut my baby hairs right there and then I molded them using some edge control. And then I moved on to like my side, because when you do the baby here on the side, girl, the Sideburn and just be hitting on another level, so yeah, I had to do it on this side as well. After I finished molding it. I took my hot comb and kind of just like laid it down a little flatter, and then I did the same exact thing to the left side of my head. So after I finished my baby hairs, I did go in with my face powder and I put that everywhere that I saw the lace, but then I started to notice like it looks lighter, even though this is the powder I use on my face. So I said you know what I'm gon na try a new technique, so what I did was, after I finished applying the powder to like all The Parting spaces and all the lace I went back in with that. Even adhesive spray. I resprayed it. I re-blow dried. It and then I um waited till. It was a little bit like tacky and kind of like almost dry, and then I put the um spandex band around the piranha perimeter of my hair, to lay my baby hairs down even more and lay that lace like scalp. So this was my first time trying this technique and I feel like that is the best technique. I currently still have this unit on my head and when I say my hair is laid, it is laid after that I just uh section my hair into sections. I kind of like went in and hot comb just the top of the hair, just to lay it down, because I wanted to still have that body wave. Look um. I wanted like a loose body wave. Look. So I'm gon na be adding some curls to get that look because once you uh, usually when you wash um body wave hair, it usually goes straight, so I still wanted to keep with the body wave look. So that's what that's why I decided to um. Do some long curls after I started in two sections, I use that alligator clip to kind of section It Off um so that the hair doesn't get caught with the other side. Sometimes I go in and make four sections I'm starting with the um the side that has less hair this time, because it's the hardest side for me. So I'm gon na start with that side and um, I'm just curling the hair away from my face. It was in my curling wand now this curling one is about standard size, so it starts off a little chunky like a medium size, and then it gets smaller towards the ends of the hair. So that means that you're gon na have that body wave look, but the ends of your hair is going to be just a little bit more tight than the top, which is fine with me and later on. We are going to brush through these, but because I don't like a defined curl that you did with your hands if that makes any sense like. If I do my hair and curls myself like handmade curls, I don't like it to be um defined. I, like it brushed out. I like that wavy look and I'm going for the body wave look. So I'm just going to be curling away from my face and then we're going to move over to the other side section it off and we're going to do. The same thing, this hair is really full, which I love it love it love it it's full and long. The way I like it. So when I get to this side, I do the same exact thing I curl away from my face and we're taking like medium chunks. So this side kind of went really fast and I was like so happy. Okay. So now I'm on the last curl and that's the top one. So when I am done with that, I am basically just going to take that band off to reveal how these edges is. Looking and girl. Do y'all see this like scalp she's laid, so I'm using the design, essential, silk Essentials oil for my hair. It felt a little drier in the back. I couldn't see the back, but it felt drier. So that's what I used and then I took my brush and I just brushed through the hair, and you already see it: okay, it's giving Jessica Rabbit, it is giving Little Mermaid it is giving gorgeous. Okay! Look at that! It'S just so healthy and beautiful. Get you some design Essentials? Okay, so I'm back. This is the finished look and it is just so beautiful. I wanted that body wave look, so I did add some curls and then I finger combed it and then once it was like um, I felt like the curls were like kind of like set. I went in and I brushed it out using my wig brush and it is just so beautiful, like so gorgeous so gorgeous. Anyway. This hair is from eyeshadow hair. This is a red body, wave 13x4 um HD lace, frontal wig, and it is in 26 inches. So it is pretty long: okay um, I did go in and I add a little bit of product because I felt like the hair was a little bit um kind of like dry a little bit so um. I did add the design, Essentials, silk Essentials, oil and I did not use a lot and I focused mainly on the back like close to the roots, because I felt like that's the part that made it the most moisture uh the rest of the the rest of The hair isn't as dry so yeah. That'S why I use that product that product is amazing for hair and especially colored hair. This is red, like this has to be stripped completely blonde to get this color red. So you have to keep that in mind. This is going to be a high maintenance unit. You'Re going to have to put work in to um just make sure that it still looks healthy. I would suggest doing like a uh co-wash like weekly to bi-weekly or week in a week and a half like around that time, um, because you will be using products again, um the design, essential, silk Essentials. Oil is the only product that I'm going to recommend for this hair honestly, because this it's always me like, if you have colored hair, you know they're gon na need. You know it's gon na need a little bit more moisture. So this is going to be the product for you as far as shedding. I showed you the little bit of shedding that I had left um and I will show you again really quick and um in a clip. I just had like a little bit of shedding and that literally did nothing, because this hair is so full. This is a very full unit. So if you do get a little bit of shedding, it is fine. You have nothing to lose to be honest with you, but that shedding was definitely minimal and that is considering. I did pluck um the front of the hairline, so some of that hair could be from me plucking the hair as far as tingling, matting and snagging. As of right now, I'm not experiencing that, as you can see, my hands are going straight through the hair. Okay, my fingers are going straight through the hair without any issues and it looks really healthy wash routine because the hair is colored you're, going to have like more of a tedious wash routine because it is going to bleed uh. The water was red, but I would suggest like first I start with warm water and then I end it with cold water, cold water kind of locks in that color, so it doesn't bleed as much the hair curled um and I was able to straighten the roots Without it burning or any type of damage whatsoever, I think the quality of this hair is really nice and it did a great like an amazing job on the color. I did give this hair an overall rating. I would give it a 9 out of 10.. I really think this hair is gorgeous. I love love, how easily it laid. It literally looks like it's coming out of my scalp, like amazing. Okay, the hair is full. It is long. It is everything that they basically said it was going to be. It is so. I do recommend this way um, so I'm gon na have the links to eyeshow here this unit as well. As you know, any links that they send me will be down in the bottom bar for you. If there's a coupon code that will be there as well. I hope you enjoyed this video, please let me know your thoughts, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and I will speak to my next video bye, y'all foreign

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