Responding To Assumptions About Me While Installing This Hd Lace Wig Ft. Wowafrican

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Assuming that you got a new man, i don't know why everybody think little tea is a pretty break. I really want more kids, you miss being in a relationship. You prefer your vibrator to just get it out the way you're from the hood, but not the hood. Hey boss, booze, what's up welcome back to my channel? It'S your girl, tara, jay here and y'all can see we back for another week. Slay in this video, i'm gon na be responding to y'all assumptions about me like we'll, also be installing this wig okay. This is the main event shout out to wild african for sponsoring today's video and sending us over our wig. For the day they sent us this beautiful, thick body, wave, wig, y'all, i'm so here for it y'all will see the slayers through this video, and i wanted to show off this hd lace like y'all, can already tell which one is the hd lace, literally invisible. Literally, just melts so good into your skin and that's what wild african is given to the girl, hd y'all, make sure to click those links down below in that description box to get your hands on one of these wigs. Let'S go ahead and jump into this wig sleigh, these glam curls and let's go ahead and jump into these assumptions because y'all definitely have them for me. So go ahead and stay tuned, hey girl, hey girl, i'm ready to get cute! I'M feeling pumped today, i'm ready to throw this wig on my hair, i'm ready to sip it up, talk it up with y'all, i'm ready. Today, girl. I got my wig. I got my water. I got all my assumptions that y'all sent me on instagram thank y'all, so much for sending me your assumptions, i kind of like skim through them and they are all like really good. So we about to go ahead and jump into it. Assumptions about me, while i get cute while i sip on my water, you know what i'm saying: okay, y'all, we about to jump straight into it, i'm about to just do my um. I just like just be bright like day we just gon na start with my spray ball cap, i'm just using the freeze spray to lay it on down damn. I blew it out like that. Just gon na clip up this little braid back here and honestly. I like doing ponytails uh with my spray ball cap because it just lays down better, like my braids, they being fuzzy. It'S just like a cleaner foundation, smoother foundation, so yeah. Okay, so y'all have seen me. Do my spray ball cap so same old, same old ain't? Nothing new we gon na get into these assumptions. Okay, i know that's what y'all here for y'all i'm a little nervous. This is my first time doing a video like this on. Tell me if y'all want like more of these or whatever, because i don't know i don't know, oh, i would be cute with blonde hair. So anyway, i asked you all to send me some assumptions on instagram and y'all gave it to the girls. Okay, i'll give it to him so we're gon na go ahead and try to dig into as many as i can um. I did get a lot, so we probably have to make a part two to this, but a lot of y'all said the same thing. We gon na get to that one we gon na get to that one because i wan na know why y'all think that about me i am k. Renee, hey girl. She said you're, only friends with people who have a big platform or got something going for them. Hmm now no, it's not like a preference like. I only can be friends with you if you got something going on for you, but i will say that all of my friends got something going for themselves. My friends are lit, honestly, that's just the kind of energy like that. Surrounds me. That'S the energy i attract, like all my friends, do, got something going honestly like most of my friends: uh, don't really even fool with social media like i'm, honestly friends with a lot of low-key, like they only be on instagram like that. So, okay, it's vicky! Hey vicky vicki, she said you're a strong ass mom, but you low-key miss your ex's help. Hmm, that's an interesting assumption hold on. Let'S get into these bands and everything in this wig first, while african came through for the girls very sturdy quality. I love wild african. Like this is one of those top tier brands so go ahead and jot it down girl jot it down the best quality they're, always nice and full. Like look at that here, all the way to the end, just those bands and oh, i forgot to blow dry this. Okay, we're gon na go ahead and set this week. Did i cut the cones out? Oh no hold on. I got ta cut the combs out. Okay boom, i'm back cut the cones out, and now we just don't slide it on. But to answer your assumption vicky, i would say no like, of course, it's easier, like you know, when two parents, it's a two-parent household um, of course, like you, got help you got help period like being a single parent, is definitely more hard work, but i will Say that i'm finding my new groove, like um, you know what i'm saying i'm i'm celebrating and i'm welcoming like my new life, and i don't look at it. It'S like ugh, like a drag like. Oh. I miss that. I just look at it as like. A new adventure like a new journey um and i find so much like joy in it, so you know no. I can't say that i miss it my alcohol, we about to get this milk popping and not underscore clashia, hey girl. She says that you live life without regrets. Hmm without regrets do i do i live life without regret. I think i do you know i don't know, sometimes i'll be regretting stuff and i'll be like damn tear like. Why would you do that? Amber underscore nietzsche says it seems, like you've, unlocked a new level of bad vibes period. That'S all i got ta say today: arisa harris, hey girl, hey i assumed you and dear will do a collab cause. Wait, please do wait. What i can't read, i assumed you and diera would do a collab. Please do because that would be epic. I would love to collab with dear. She is a boss doing her thing like i'll, be seeing her and she is just so much info like yeah. Okay, love janae, said you're too nice and girl. You right about it you're right, i'm too, damn nice, oh my god, but i feel like i'm learning how to be mean, like everybody has told me like a lot of aries are like mean, and i can see what they mean by that now, because i got To a level where it's like you get to a point where you just can't be nice, no more so! Oh, my god, i forgot to adjust my bands. My sister said. I assume that you are ugly lol, jk underscore all things bree, hey girl, assuming that you got a new man, y'all assumed that i got a new man is that what y'all think is that which i really really think i ain't got no masses. Okay, melanin underscore drips, hey melanin, drips she saved so a lot of y'all. Had this same assumption. I don't know why everybody thinks little t is a freak break. Rightfully so, but listen, listen, listen, listen! Listen! I would consider myself to be a freak, but i'm not a freak freak like honestly to be completely real. I feel like. I am just now really tapping into my feminine divine okay. You know what i'm saying: yoni power, like my goddess strength, my energy, i'm really just now tapping into that um with myself, with my spirit with my sexuality, my sensuality, all of that it has opened my eyes to the freak in me. It is opening my eyes to the honestly i wasn't comfortable like with sex um for a long time like i have sexual trauma from my childhood and for a long time i didn't even realize it like through me, being a teenager and um. You know, even as an adult like i was very uncomfortable freedom underscore fighter, underscore 2.0 assumes that i really want more kids. Hmm honestly, the me right now says no, but i do feel like it'll, be a me later on down the line like if it's meant for me, if it's meant for me to like have a family, and you know do that whole thing like for real, then Yeah, i would want like one more kid, but if it ain't meant for me, if i'm gon na be you know, my kids gon na be grown and i'm gon na be solo traveling in my van, i welcome that too. But it's just you know it's just whatever way. My life is gon na go whatever it's meant for me will be so so those i would say, are my two like life plans of, if my way to go this. If my life go this way or if my life would i wait? Kids are no kids, oh y'all, this hairline is a little wolfie and i cut a little bit too much off over there. So i got ta go in and plug. That is one thing about. Like high density, wigs, normally, the hairline is gon na, be more dense too, meaning that you know it's just gon na be more thick because there's more hair there, it's a thicker wig. So, most of the time you don't have to go in and do some plucking, even if it's a pre-plucked wig, so black girl, rocky, hey girl, she said i'm getting the vibe that you might be by or is it just me? I actually talked about this in my girl b's video. We did like a true for drink, so y'all can go. Watch that i mean ain't, nothing like a bad. You need nothing like some good, so i mean why not just have them both practical fitness. 24. 7.. Okay, get your fitness in; they say you miss being in a relationship no, but no, i'm just not trying to do that with my life right now, and it feels good like feels good. Just doing me - and you know having my fun and that's it. Relationships are honestly a lot of work like you got ta be there for somebody else's feelings. You got ta, you know what i'm saying it takes like work to live with another person to communicate with another person like, oh, my god, i'm getting anxiety just talking about it. I don't know, i think, there's some people that might be meant for relationships and some people just might not be, and i'm discovering, maybe i'm just not meant to be, like maybe they're, just saying for me, neda j444. First of all, four four, four okay. She said you grew up hip rolling to godzilla and, yes, you won. You couldn't tell me for my hip, bro gon na read another one of hers, because she sent me a lot of good ones. You prefer your vibrator to just get it out the way. Actually, no, i prefer both get it all out. The way can i get that combo for me underscore miss royalty said when you were younger. I thought you were super quiet. That is the first time anybody has ever thought. I was quiet i feel like i have always just been okay. Maybe when i was like a kid i feel like. I was a good kid like me, and my sister, my mama raised us good, like we had good manners, and you know i feel like it was good kids, good, good deeds and host kids was in church every sunday. Honestly, once i was in like fifth grade. That'S when i started you know i'm saying wilding out, so that is a funny assumption, because nobody has ever assumed that i've been quiet. I'M trying to figure out how i want to wear this wig. Do i want to do a side part? I have been doing the middle part for a little bit, so i'm thinking about rocking aside, oh yeah. I think this is gon na be cute. Y'All know i'm going in with my sister's moose. Keep it neat and sleek. That'S gon na be cute. Give me a deep give me a date girl, yo yo, oh good, wigs make me want to sing a song. This is so cute talia marie saying you're from the hood, but not the hood. Listen sis! You write about it because one thing about my mama, my mama, wouldn't know who you know what i'm saying she like wanted. The best for us i mean we grew up in flint. Flint is what it is like you know, but one thing about my mama: she kept us moving and not for bad reasons. At all my mom, she was a hard-working single mom like working going to school, and she did that thing for us, because when one area will give back, she would just move us to another one trying to put us in like the best environment like the street. We grew up on, i would never forget it was a drive-by shooting, like we was having a whole block party, everybody out there laughing and eating, and we just having a good time and then people come down the street. It'S kids outside and everything people come down. The street just and my mama got us up out of there. So quick, we moved to a better neighborhood and then that neighborhood started getting bad. Like you know, people started shooting. It was a lot of you know things going on, so my mama got us up out of there and that's what she would just keep doing trying to help us progress, and i love my mama for days. Passion temple shay said you cannot cook. Oh, my goodness. Do y'all assume that about me, do i got ta bring little tea's kitchen bag? Small underscore circle said you want to move back home, so i'll be missing home, but i don't be missing. Michigan like i just cannot deal with the winters. No more. I just feel like it wasn't good for my health, like i would get depressed in the winter for some reason, and i just was like no, i can't i can't do that. No more, but you know my life is an open book. I always like play around with the idea of like buying property in michigan, so i can have like a summer home. So yeah, you never know. I might move back home. I don't know so we're just gon na sit and let this melt for like five to ten minutes and let's jump into some more of these assumptions. It'S getting juicy. My other sister said that you're a real last you give a by the and that's on period. You already know what i look like jasmine sheree said: you're, an introverted extrovert and you're super nice low-key. Jasmine, you kind of right. I think i am an introverted extrovert like i feel, like i'm mainly an extrovert, but there are times where i need to just like seclude myself from people like you know. I want nobody in my space and i just have to like be on my own. So i think you're right y'all, this lace, this hd lace is looking so good and i'm just slick my edges with edge control today. So claudia k assumes that my body count is less than three um. I don't think y'all ready for the little t story times. Like when i say i was a little wild, i was a little wild, all right child, let's curl it. Oh my god. Oh my god, why? African? That'S all i got ta say i only want to do nothing to this hair. It'S pretty just like this. Y'All see how they given it to the girls over at wow african, definitely give her her crown. She is a top tier unit. It'S the quality. For me, it's the hairline for me. Do you see the gl? Oh, do you see it thank y'all so much for sending in those assumptions? I had a lot of fun doing this assumptions about me. We definitely gon na have to have a part two, because i still have so many more messages in there, but back to this hair y'all. I am obsessed with this unit, like i just feel super cute. Thank you once again, wild african for sponsoring today's video y'all make sure to click those links down below. If you are here for this unit, make sure you give me a big thumbs up comment down below and subscribe, if you're not subscribed come on join the crew, we would love to have you and i'll catch y'all. In my next video peace out, you

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