Easy Glueless Wig For Beginners | Pre Cut Closure Lace * Body Wave * 24 In | Unice

UNice hair company was kind enough to send me their new ‘air wig ‘ unit that comes pre-plucked with pre-cut lace for a completely glueless wig install.

same hair in the video : wear go pre-cut lace closure wig ➤ https://www.unice.com/unice-breathable...

#UNicehair Official Store ➤ https://www.unice.com/

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lace : closure

length : 24 inches

texture : body wave / natural

0:00 intro

0:23 wig unboxing

0:40 wig install + styling

6:12 outro

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Thank you so much to Eunice for sending me their new air wig. If you guys are interested in seeing how I got this glueless install completely glueless, no spray no glue, let's get into it, so starting off, I'm showing y'all everything that came in the Box. This is the new Eunice air wig and they also included some stuff that will help you prepare for your install like that makeup brush and a sort of mirror. They also included some gifts so yeah, I came with some lashes and this cute little band. So getting straight into the install, this is a breathable. You know you just scratch your hair. You know to scratch your braids under this wig. That'S the purpose of this to throw on and go. It is a closure unit. I did bleach this and it came with Combs and an elastic band, so if you're interested in a unit that is kind of already done for you, the lace is pre-cut and everything so yeah. I'M gon na do a quick little throw this wig on I'm gon na style it I'm not using any spray or any glue. So this is completely glueless. That'S what the elastic band is for and yeah, and this wig was a little too small for me. So it didn't fit completely how I wanted to, but it still fit if that makes sense um, but it's I wouldn't wear it out so and of course one of the most important steps is to try to get it as flat as possible. So I'm taking my hot comb and just really going in on the top of the wig, because I'm not adhering this down so yeah. We wanted to look a little bit more seamless. I did use the edge fixer on this unit, but I didn't like it as much as my shoes bomb wax sticks, so I didn't share it in this video because it did leave like a little sticky feeling on the hair, like the residue was a little bit Sticky, so I didn't like that, taking my Remington flat iron, I am going to go ahead and straighten this hair. These work really well. I'Ve actually used them on my natural hair before and yeah. I love them. So if you're looking for something that's more affordable than the BaByliss Pro, I would definitely check these out. I did not put any product in this hair also, so it's just you know the flat iron and a little bit of the wax stick at the top to flatten it out, but yeah. This hair was actually really really pretty really soft easy to straighten um. I don't believe I had a lot of shedding with this unit so yeah. This is definitely I mean, but it's Eunice though so shout out to Eunice for the units. Oh again, this is no product and just look how much a body and bounce it has just by straightening it so gorgeous so yeah. I actually love this unit. I believe this is 24 inches, which is the longest that this unit comes in um. At the time of making this video - and here is where I decided that the middle part was just not working, so I'm gon na try to shift the wig over flatten it out, make it cute make it you know, but, like I said, this unit was a Little bit small, so it did keep sliding back and yeah. It was kind of taking me off and I don't know if y'all see that little piece of hair sticking out, but your girl tried to cut some baby hairs. But once I discovered about the wig Just Gon na Keep sliding back. I said: that's not gon na work. So that's when I decided just to make you know it completely straight. You know no baby hair. Anything left out um because that's just not the type of wig that this is so so this was probably my favorite frame here, showing y'all how neat and cute she is so yeah. I do like how this looked. I do like how it turned out: yeah yeah, the hair is very lustrous, very nice, so yeah. This is how long the hair was on me. I'M about five three five, four and this hair is 24 inches, so yeah. Anything past, like 22, looks pretty long on me honestly, but I am going to go in and cut the ends off just to make the hair look healthier and Fuller at the ends. I, like those nice chunky, blunt and so yeah just cut those off of my shears, and I like to do this with almost all my units, because it automatically makes the hair sit prettier and it lays so nice. It looks healthier, it looks bouncier. You know the hair just lays completely different when you cut off the scraggly ends, whether that's your natural hair or your wigs, so yeah definitely go ahead and do that and then that's what it looks like much healthier much Fuller. I love it. I'M just gon na go in and flat iron one more time at the ends just to make it all come together. So nice, I love this part. I will be having some full wig installs, so make sure y'all are subscribed if you're not already. If you made it, this far comment down this Emoji because you're a real one. Thank you don't forget to like comment and subscribe. If you haven't already to my subbies, I love you so so so much. Thank you to everybody for watching. Let me know what you think down below or give me some suggestions for the next video. I love you guys. Peace, foreign, foreign,

Kiara Danielle: despite it being a little small this was such an easy unit to work with and styled so effortlessly. let me know your thoughts ? or what you'd like to see next IG - twitter - tik tok @ kikiidanielle ☁

ToyaMarieTv: You did a great job boo!! ❤❤ You made it work and it looks beautiful

SONNY UNIQUE: Beautiful install! It’s looks very natural on you. You made it work even with it being a little small.

Jamilah Hendricks: Kiki she’s here and the wig on you is gorgeous

shamonte’ aniya: tuned in!!

Kay ✨: ☁️☁️☁️

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