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Hey girl welcome back to my channel, so my name is Ashley budek and today I'll be doing a beginner friendly start to finish. Lace. Wig install this one comes courtesy of beauty forever and it sends over this beautiful honey Brown. 24 inch. 13X4 lace, wig. The texture is kinky straight, so I did do a no baby hair. Look along the hairline, we're gon na go for a simple, even adhesive, install, which is very, very easy and then to set it off. I did use this affordable wine color that I got from Target and I'm going to be doing some M wand curls, so you're gon na see how I do the entire process from start to finish, you're going to see how beautiful and big the hair is and How I tamed it it made it just so so sassy and cute. I love this color against my brown complexion, something that I used to be a little bit nervous about, but I've definitely definitely come into my own and loving it. So, if you're interested in seeing how I got this look and doing the install with me keep on watching, okay, ladies, let's jump right into to it. This is the packaging for beauty forever. I'Ve already been inside and seen the wig now. This is her she's. Absolutely amazing she's so gorgeous so full she gives lion meet Beyonce. I love love, love, the texture and everything about her. This is what the wig looks like straight out of the box as well as the inside construction of the cap. She did include an adjustable elastic band for a little bit more comfort for prep, I'm just going to go ahead and tint my wig cap to make sure it matches my complexion and voila. This is what she looks like on for specs. This one is a blonde highlight kinky, straight lace, wig. This is what she looks like from the back. The dimensions of the lace are 13 by four, and she is 24 inches in length. This is the close-up of the hairline. It is set as a center part for detail. This one is a tl412 honey blonde color, so they definitely did their thing with the custom color. Now I used to be afraid of this color back in the day, but I am no longer afraid. I love a little bit of color in my life, so I went ahead and pulled back the hair, especially along the hairline, and got to work. I like to go ahead and customize the wig by making sure It just fits my head like a glove by making sure I cut off the excess lace around the ear from there I proceeded to cut off the rest of the excess lace, feel free to tint. The lace tweeze, the hairline you can also you know just do whatever makes you feel comfortable. As far as prep goes, I literally cut the lace off bonded her down and we are ready ready to go. She is literally installed. I have not even blow dried, it's literally sitting on the hairline and it hasn't been bonded down and you guys can see it fits amazing. This one definitely fits glueless. I did go ahead and bond the adhesive down with the blow dryer on a cool setting, and this is going to give me a more melted effect. Now, let's go in with the dynamic duo I like to use my wax stick paired with the electric hot comb. I like to go in and just really take my time in this step, especially because this one is so full. I want to make sure that it doesn't give like too much of a line, Spain. I want it to be nice and very, very professional and look like it's coming out of my scalp, so for this one I did opt for no baby, hair and you're gon na see how I do no baby hair baby hair. Today I was gon na. Do sideburns, but again I opted last minute to do no baby baby hair, so you'll see me prep the sideburns and just kind of like just see how I do that in case you do want to do sideburns. I do like to go in and press them out so that they literally will look like they're coming out of the scalp, and the root is very, very thin. But at the last minute I decided to just kind of like push them back and I felt like this looked a lot more neat and also when you do know sideburns. It'S a lot easier to maintain, in my opinion, get a load of how beautifully the lace and the hair blue ends with my sideburns, even though it is a different color. I love the way this one fits my hairline and I love the color pattern on me. Now, let's go ahead and do the no baby baby hair that I was talking about for a lot of us. We like to do no baby hair, but we kind of want something there to kind of just camouflage that line of demarcation. It doesn't matter how well the lace is tinted or what type of lace it is. I personally feel like in person. You can definitely see a lace when you see it, especially when there is no baby hair around. So I like to take thin, very thin, sparse pieces throughout and just kind of like cut them extremely short, maybe even like a quarter inch long and I like to use just a little bit of my edge control from to kind of like tame them and Swoop them, I don't want perfect swoops, I just kind of want them to go in like a natural direction that baby hair would lay it just makes it look a lot more soft and feminine in person. You can definitely not see them that much on camera, but again in person. It just makes the lace look, a lot more soft and a lot more feminine, a lot less scary, because there's no uniform baby here I just took my lace tint, which is a foundation powder, and I just buffed it along the entire hairline. If I had uniform baby hair, I would have went around that, but again I just wanted to make sure that everything Blends smooth and seamless now that we're done with the install and prep of the hairline and the lace which is most important to me. This is what the hair the natural length of the hair, looks like. As I mentioned this one is a blonde highlight and it's called tl412. I love this color combo and I think it looks absolutely beautiful. I did take the flat iron and my favorite is the BaByliss and I just kind of press it out to make it smooth. You can see the comparing contrast of um pressing it out and not on that right side off camera. I did go ahead and do the right side as well. I definitely needed to do the roots, but you know I just kind of wanted to do the end, so you guys can get the gist. Now. At this point, I was kind of just deciding what style I wanted to do. You can definitely leave it, as is I love the big Style with like cute headbands, like my Fendi or my Gucci. Headbands would look really cute with this, but I did kind of challenge myself to go ahead and curl it, and I was very very pleased with the results. Now I don't think I have ever curled kinky straight hair on this channel and it definitely is a new staple for me. I love the way this texture looks on me curled. This gives Beyonce, I feel like she uses more so like kinky, straight hair, like Silk. Press a post to like um silky straight hair, so this definitely is something that is along the lines of something she would wear. I did one side on camera in the opposite side off camera and it didn't take long at all absolutely stunning, okay babies. So I am pleased to announce we are done with the lid and we definitely slayed. Let me close the store because you guys know it's been quiet. While I was one curling, my hair, but now that I'm done the kitties are gon na kill it. So let me take a step back okay, so hopefully you guys can see. I want to give you guys a quick look at the actual hair. You guys know. I always do one side better. This typically is my better side and I think they look perfect and smooth defined. I did these first and then over here, they're, not bad, but like. I think I need to cut like touch a couple up, because I don't know what it is, but I'm left-handed. Maybe that has something to do with it. If I was right-handed, maybe the opposite side with better. I don't know I'm honestly kind of nervous to pull them apart, just because I want to keep the wave pattern and I just I rarely curl kinky or Yaki texture hair. So, like you guys see the wave, I don't want it to get less loose than this. So I'm gon na do that and then from here I'm gon na try not to touch it because again, and this side probably will drop more than the other side for now, we'll just leave it. I don't want to sit here and keep doing it. I'M gon na touch this piece up in a second, but you guys get the gist of what we have going super beautiful. I actually love the fact that I curled this and you guys see when you play with it, and it says it kind of will reform that curl and because it's a frontal, we can go ahead and do like the flip over method and give it some volume. Not that it needs volume per se, but just having fun with it. As far as the hair, this one is a honey blonde highlight lace wig. They do have the box here, nice little wine, burgundy color inside they did include some really nice press-ons. I'M impressed with these companies lately they've been doing the purse ones, and I am here for that upgrade of a free gift. This here is a nice pack of wig caps, my favorite wig caps these days and then a melt belt, which is the matching color of their packaging. Also, you have this nice little dust bag. You guys know these and it's decide. You get a pack, another pack of wig caps, you get that cheetah print melt belt, you get a nice pack of lashes and then a kabuki brush, so you're kind of speaking of gold. I'M gon na go ahead and let you guys go everything is in the description box. You guys already know a direct link. Is there as well? Thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

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