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I purchased Joy by Envy in Cinnamon Raisin on the clearance section of Wigstudio1. I showed Joy by Envy a while back in my wig haul and had forgotten to upload the video. Here's my wig review of Joy in Cinnamon Raisin. I've worn Joy quite a bit since I purchased it, and it's held up beautifully. You can find Joy by Envy in Cinnamon Raisin and many other colors at Wigstudio1: https://www.wigstudio1.com/products/jo...

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Marlene's Wig Measurements:

Circumference 21.5"

Hairline to Chin 7.75"

Chin to Collarbone: 5"

Forehead to nape 12.5"

Ear to Ear 11.5"

Height 5'4"

Medium boned

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for joining me today. Yes, I am going to today I'm going to review one of the Styles I showed during my haul. This is Joy by Envy in the color cinnamon raisin, I purchased Joy at Wix Studio, One yes on the clearance section currently at the time of this recording, there is 30 off all Envy styles on wig studio, one bringing the price of this of joy down to Under 200, which I think it's a great price for this style, let's take a and of course I will leave the link forward down below for you. We have a beaut, this beautiful, color, cinnamon raisin. I have reviewed this color before we have a warm chestnut brown and it's blended with a little bit of Auburn and a little bit of cinnamon, just a gorgeous warm brunette, I'm taking out that zigzag part, there's so much Dimension to this color there's highlights there are Low lights, Envy does an incredible job with that. This is a non-rooted color, and I think that you'll really be able to see how beautiful this color is when we go outside I'll show it to you. There'S plenty of Sun out now so I'll show it to you in the sunlight and I'll show it to you in the shade, lots and lots of Dimension, it's beautiful and look how pretty on the ends on Joy. We have a left mono part, I'm not feel. I'M feeling very minimal permatease right here to the right of the of the left part. We have a lace front that extends extends almost to the ear tabs felt covered, ear tabs an extended nape with pull type adjusters. I I am going to cinch it in a little bit. There was, I showed two envies on my hall. One was Kate, and this one was the other one. One fit me large and the other one fit me just right, and this might be the one that fit me just right. My experience with envious that they have a lot of stretch and will fit a true average up to 22 inches lots and lots of stretch to it. It is feeling large on me. I need to I'll be wearing a joy with a wig grip for sure. I need to put on a a wig grip because it is even though I cinched it in it is just too big on me. Actually, I cinched it in quite a bit and even with the wig grip, so I am sure that Joy is going to fit a 22 and a half inch circumference all right now I've got a proper fit. Now I can show you, because the lace was all buckling, sometimes when the lace is buckling it it's because the wig is too big, so it's just cinched in cinch it in a bit with the adjusters at the nape and that way, if the the lace won't Buckle, you know it won't make that wave on the front. Beautiful, lighter fibers, there's no knotting at the on the lace front, just beautiful beautiful it's not real wide. I think it looks really natural. We have a front of 5.5 inches there. It is, if you wanted to add a bang. You could do that. I think that Fringe is really pretty there and we also you know we have those uh face framing layers around the front which are so flattering. We have a crown of 10 and a quarter inches. The sides are 11 and a quarter inches. The nape is 12 and a quarter inches. The weight on Joy is 133 grams, which transfers to 4.6 ounces. I don't feel it heavy at all. I think it. It has a lot to do with the length. I don't feel the density is exceptionally High. However, please bear in mind that I am used to wearing wigs and it's got it. The wig has to have a pretty high density for me to feel okay. This is just way too much for me. I think it's done very well. As you can see, it looks very, very natural if in the past or now, if you're a wig wearer as I am and you don't have hair loss, but you have thick hair you're not going to find uh Joy, heavy. I'M I'm sorry you're not going to find joy to have high density if you have thinning hair or total hair loss, and you have had it for a while. It may appear to be too much hair for you. So it's something to keep in mind gorgeous absolutely stunning wig. Could you tell that I like it I'm with this length. We can certainly do a half up and half down. I thought I'd give it a try with this type of headband we're back in a ponytail, and if you wanted to put it up in an updo or a messy bun, you can do that as well. I think it'll work out perfectly for either one. I have really good coverage with joy. Here is the ear tab, and here is my hairline all right: let's take a walk outside, so you could see cinnamon raisin out. I need to get this. I need to get myself together. Let'S take a walk outside, so you could take a look at cinnamon raisin out in the daylight and then I'll come back. Thank you. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate you spending this time with me. I hope that everyone is having a fantastic day, and I will see you next time. Bye,

Marlene's Wig & Chat Studio: Hi Everyone, thank you so much for visiting! I absolutely love Joy by Envy! I think this is a beautiful style with a great price point! xoxo Marlene

Michelle Richards: This wig and color is GREAT on you! The color blends with your skin tone beautifully.

Crazywiglady: Wow what a great review, this is a hidden gem that needs more attention, thank you for showcasing it in this gorgeous color! xoxo

Diane: Thank you for this review. I love this wig and the color is beautiful! I think I might just add it to my growing collection.

Kathy Weissgerber: I really like the casual easy style and slight wave pattern. It kinda reminds me of my JR Miranda. Beautiful rich brunette color on you Marlene. Its quite lovely. I wonder if it comes in Sterling Shadow. Love your very informative review Marlene!

Kim Oz: Omg that wig is gorgeous! Sooooo tempted to order it now.

Chris Chamberlain: Looks really pretty on you. You look good with your bio hair also.

Clara: Great style

Diann Stephenson: Every wig is differrent no matter what or who it is on, I have watched several of the same wig and looks differrent on each person and should so of course but a inch or two differrence on neck length or forehead can make something not even look the same right lol. Hey ladies try using Moroccanoil brand shampoo and conditioners on your wigs you wont belive the differrence it makes in them ! and this color looks HOT on you Marlene. HOT teacher in the house yall lol

Kim Oz: Gosh I just love those nails. Lol. Ok…back to wig talk. Lol

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