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In this video I helping you get more bang for you buck with this Headband wig. I also show you how I am growing my natural Hair! Enjoy!!

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Hair Info⬇️

This wig is from https://www.bestlacewigs.com/

Wig Details In this video :

Curly Bob Style With Bangs Indian Remy Hair Headband Wigs [HB019]


Hair Color: natural black

Hair Length: 14inch

Wig Density: 180%

Cap Construction: headband wig cap

The Bang is removable!!!

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Me hi guys and welcome back to our channel, so the hair review for today is brought to you by best lace, wigs and this is their curly bob style, headband wig with a bang in my box. This is what i received. I received a multicolored metallic headband. It has a red and blue tint to it. I received a tan headband and i received a black headband. I also received a wig cap. Those definitely come in handy and i also received an edge brush, so here's the hair and just straight out of the package. This is how the hair looks, i'm so in love with this hair. Just at a glance, because it's going to give you two options for how you can style, you can decide to have a bang or just wear it as a regular headband unit. It comes with a bang in the front and of course you have your beautiful curly hair in the back and as you can see, this bang can actually be detached from the headband unit. So if you are a person that has a larger forehead or if you're having some acne, you have a breakout or if it's too hot outside and you decide today, i don't want to wear the bangs. You have the option of taking that or detaching that bang from the front of your unit and just wearing it. Without that bang it comes with three combs at the top. It has one comb at the back. You also have your detachable bed, that's going to be where your headband will be around the perimeter of the unit, and you have your adjustable straps and, as you can see, when i use my adjustable straps, i just kind of hook them together to tighten the unit As you can see here, you also have loops in the unit where you can attach that strap as well, we're just showing you the unit one more time you have your bang in the front headband around the perimeter of the unit, and then you have this beautiful Kinky curly hair in the back and, as you can see just straight out of the package, the hair is still nice. It can be worn like this. However, i think we need to upgrade this hair. We want to bring those curls to life. So what am i going to do what i usually do, i'm going to co-wash the hair with my favorite conditioner and then i'm going to detangle it and use my blow dryer my diffuser blow dryer to upgrade those curls i'm going to co-wash the hair. I begin by rinsing the hair with water and i'll add my holy grail, which is a total miracle conditioner and i'll saturate it throughout the hair. I'M also going to use my felicia leatherwood detangling brush and i'm just going to spray the hair as needed with my water, mister, i'm going to add the total miracle conditioner after adding the conditioner. I am going to detangle this hair and, while detangling this hair was just smooth as butter. It glided right through this hair is nice and silky. I love it so see how easily my detangling brush goes right through this hair. You won't have a problem detangling at all, and i also had minimal shedding, which was amazing, so we're just taking those curls up a notch. This hair is indian, remy hair. It is in lint, 14 inches, it has a density of 150 and it is 100 human hair. Just giving you a full view of my hair. Now. The whole goal of wearing protective styles is to grow your hair, i'm using a silk scrunchie and i'll use that to kind of just band my hair together. All my hair is underneath a protective style i'll, usually have it the way you see it on screen. Typically i'll have my hair plated in the back and in the front i'll just slick it down with some curling cream and some gel. I also apply my oil and every other day i'll go through and moisturize my hair and get that scalp massage, because we want to retain lint and grow our natural hair. That'S the goal! You just want to use the palms of your fingertips and just work. Your way through that scalp, after adding my oil to my ends, along with my curling cream i'll, just put the scrunchie back on my head and then add my wig cap and then i'm ready for my install. So this is how my hair looks after the co-wash. You see my curls are a lot more defined. I love the price point for this unit. I definitely feel like it's worth it, because you are getting that two for one deal. You have a plethora of options for how you can style the hair and you have the option to wear with or without a bang and you'll notice, that, after co-washing that the hair can be a little bit stiff and a little hard. But all you have to do is break the cast, so you can just finger detangle it to break that cast, as you can see here, i'm going in with my pick and just kind of just picking it a bit to give it some extra volume. So this hair looks amazing after the co-wash, and these are the finished results. You don't need no filters, you're, my rocket you, my perfect, so i've shown you what the hair looks like without the headband, so i'm just going to go through and show you how it looks with the headbands that were provided from the company jump out of the Window, whatever you want girl, there's no problem, and now i'm going to show you some options for how you can style the hair. Take my wallet like you all across the map map, oh yeah, rock, solid yeah. Let me show you how we do this if whatever you want girls, oh so guys, thank you for watching this video. I really hope that i gave you another option for a protective style that you can use as you're on your hair growth journey, so be sure to check out my description box, where i will have other links for hair provided by this company, along with the link For this amazing unit, you will not be sorry. I hope that you enjoy this video. I love you guys and until next time, bye, bye, baby,

Msnaturally Mary: So cute

Pyt G: This is so pretty! the versatility!

Ms. Michelle Agalte: The two ponytails were really cute. Great review!

Tina BlackberryRose: Pretty ❤️the 2-in-1 combo and the curls are poppin.

Monica Watkins: I love your channel and I will be trying this styled wig! Perfect for work and easy:) Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial. Can you tell me where purchased the wig form that you style your wigs on? I NEED that

Psalmists: That hair is really pretty on you Martha

S Bo: I like the versatility of this hair piece, Thanks!

Alexis 🤎🖤: I love the headbands in this video‼️

Ramona Clarke: Beautiful

ALL IN Ministries: Love this unit.

Keron Shand: Wow how innovative!!!

Oyama Gogela:

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