Diy Headband Wig|Crochet Wig Tutorial|Jenny Chuks

Welcome to my channel in today's video am gonna be showing you how to make your own headband wig so stay tuned and watch the video till the end and if at the end you find the video useful please don't forget to give me a thumbs up.Enjoy the video

Materials I used

Kinkyhair color 1 (Expression)


Crochet pin



Hello welcome back to my channel to my recent subscribers. Thank you guys for always tuning in and if you're new, on my channel. Welcome. Thank you for being here. This is Jenny shoes. Please do not make it tell us by subscribing to this Channel and, of course turn on your post notifications, so you'll be the first to get notified whenever upload a video without further talks out. Let'S get to the video for this tutorial, we'll be needing a weaker crochet, pin a headband needle and trade so guys, let's begin so, I'm going to place the headband on the wake up using my ninja and thread to secure it just the way I'm doing foreign. We got some work. Man find a place, so I'm going to cut out the wig cap under the headband. I hope that makes sense a place like this. It didn't exist for me like this, so you can go pick the battle, not everyone in life. I'Ve already done this part of camera, so I'm gon na be showing you how to crochet eight for these parts, I'm gon na be taking one section of the hair and pass it through the hole for a natural looks nice try, but I see I achieve everything While they stay salty strong people, I can never demons foreign. We got some work man. I find a place a place like this. It didn't exist like this, so you can go pick the battle. Not everyone in life is salty. Oh, okay! That'S it for this video. If you find this video useful, please don't forget to give me a thumbs up I'll see you on my next video bye,

Evang Osita Joe: It's so beautiful ❤️. I love it

Amara Mercy: Beautiful❤. I will try this❤

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