Beginning Friendly Glueless Hd Lace Wig Install| Layers On Silky Straight Hair Ft. Wow African

Clean Bleached Frontal

Real HD Lace & Clean Hairline

100% Human Hair-Soft & Smooth

Reddish Brown Silky Straight Wig[GW02]

Length: 20 inches


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Foreign, what's up GI babies, so today we are getting into this unit from Wow African and I'm just showing you guys what the lace look like now. This is a HD lace wig, and this is the color reddish brown and I'm gon na show you guys just how quick this is. This is going to be a glueless unit. These units are so easy to install because everything's pretty much already done for you. The lace is already plucked, the knots are already bleached, and the only thing you need to do is just apply it on, depending on what style you get. The hair is already going to be parted in either a middle part or a side part. So, while African pretty much always just does the work for you, that's why I feel like these units are just so beginner friendly, but today I'm going to be trying some layers on this unit, but I'm just showing you guys, first, just how I install this unit. So I'm just trying to get this middle part together and then we'll get into installing this unit with our glueless adhesive. Now I wanted to try the wig Grip gel by olive oil, because if you guys can watch my videos, you guys know I've been using this as like something to do my edges with, but you can actually use this to install your wigs. So I just wanted to give it a try and a tip that I would suggest is don't apply it right on your ball cap. If you did use the like spray, adhesive method to put it on, because you don't want it to slip back. So I just kind of tried to do it behind and in front a little bit just to ensure that nothing is slipping pack and my hair is still covered with that Bob cap and then I am going to go in and add my spray adhesive after, but Now I'm just blow drying everything just to make sure everything is secure foreign. So I did not add any makeup on this unit prior to me installing it, and I don't really even think I needed to add any because the lace Blended so well with my skin. Now I'm just going in with my hot comb and you can kind of see my Bobcat a little bit but once I add my spray adhesive, that won't be a problem at all. So if you guys see your ball cap, because this lace is like very transparent, very HD don't be alarmed just keep forward with the process and you'll be fine, but I'm just adding in my adhesive spray to get extra hold and blow drying that as well foreign. Now for cutting the lace on a glueless adhesive, you need a glueless unit period if you're using a glue's adhesive cutting the lace I feel like is like the scariest part for some people who are beginners, because you are going to see like this cash. You are going to see the why you, it is sometimes gon na lift like that's just the real of it all. Sometimes it's just not gon na stay and you might have to put it down, but that is why it is a glueless unit. This is not a unit you're gon na wear for two weeks. This is something you're, probably gon na wear for a couple days and take it off. It'S not meant to last that that long, so just keep in mind if you're going to do a glueless unit. These units do not last long um you. If you use lace glue, then the lace will last longer, not the lace but, like you know, the style will last longer. But if you're doing the glueless unit just be prepared to have to, you know, keep it up. Really well, but as I cut off the lace, I just proceeded to lay down my hair for first before I went back, but you guys can see the kind of lines a little bit and, like I said before, all my videos about the glueless units don't be Alarmed when you see the harsh lines, because we are going to go back and fix that, but I did want to make sure that my hair was in the middle and that it was flat before I did. Go ahead and add any more product. On my lace and I burnt myself on my forehead and I was trying to conceal it, so if you see those little lines on my forehead, that's from the hot comb, I am a victim of the hot color. Oh now, I am just going in with a little bit. I sprayed a little bit of my holding spray and my lace grip spray a little bit and I just put that on a rat tail comb and I'm taking my blow dryer and I am just putting that all over just to melt everything in. So everything is seamless and there's no harsh lines anymore, and now I'm just going to proceed to just get this middle part a little bit more flat. And I added a little bit of makeup on my middle part just to make sure that everything looks good. And this is what we're working with okay guys. So this is the final look for this install um. This hair came out so freaking cute, but we're not done yet, since this hair has so much silk to it. It'S so like it looks so freaking good. I'M here to show y'all versatility with these units and how you could just make them look a little more cuter, I'm gon na add a little bit of volume to it. I'M gon na add a little bit of um layers and we're just gon na see how it turns out if it turns out crazy at least y'all seen how it looked before and y'all seen how just good quality this hair is, while African always comes through with The great quality units, the great quality wigs like y'all, already know this is so cute like. I really hope this comes out right, because this hair is giving let's hope because y'all already be on my neck, about cutting hair, and I really don't care. But let's get started, these stitches are really trash, but hopefully foreign foreign foreign, The Cutting is done and I'm not mad at it. I'M actually not mad at it. I feel like it came out pretty well um y'all know I'm not a professional around here, but I feel like it came out really well. I'Ve been wanting to practice doing Cuts Like These, because I've done layers on the side part, but never a middle part for real I've done like a Yaki middle part, but, like I never done like just straight hair like this, and I actually think it looks really Cute because although they're like straight straight hair, is cute, I really like having like some layers and stuff to my hair, a little bit when I am working with straight hair in the middle part for one, because I don't know some like middle parts. Kind of rub me the wrong way. A little bit. I'Ve been trying to like middle parts. A lot more bangs was very scary for me, and I've been trying to jump into bangs a lot more. So I'm trying to jump into things subtle, cute hairstyles that I really like - and I really feel like I like this and for my girls who don't like wearing middle parts and they need something to just shape their face for them to, like a middle part. A lot more, I feel like this would be something cute as well, so you could wear the regular way or you can wear it like this, and I really love it either way I go while African hair is a bomb. This hair is Bomb, y'all, sleeping y'all, see the hair flowing, but yeah. If you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to give your girl a like comment and subscribe and also, if you guys want all the information on this unit, make sure you guys hit that description box down below and Shop. Why African hair? I love you guys. So much I'll see you guys in the next video Stay Blessed yeah babies we out

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