Curly Headband Wig Over Locs | Cornrows, Slicked Baby Hairs, And Install

Hey Royals! In today's video, I share with you how I installed my very first headband wig over my microlocs!

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❔FAQs: Microlocs❔

Loc Count: 577

Maintenance: Interlocking

Length to Start: 2-3 inches


Big Chop: July 2019

Loose Natural Hair Growth Journey: January 15, 2020

Microlocs Journey: September 16, 2020

✏️1st Loc Set Details✏️

Years Locd: 14 yrs, Summer 2005 - July 2019

Loc Count: Approx. 250

Install method: Finger Coils

Maintenance method: Interlocking

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Foreign s welcome welcome back to my channel, I'm Josette. So I'm looking a little bit different here, because my mom just cornrowed my locks back for me because today we're trying on a headband wig. I am definitely not a weak person, but the whole idea of a headband wig makes sense to me. It'S low maintenance. I don't have to use any glue, it has the possibility of looking cute. So hopefully this works out. Well, I'm making this video for any of you who are feeling you know not as confident if you have started walks or baby locks that whole face where it's like frizzy, especially if your locks are really short. Now, by no means do you need a wig to cover your starter locks. I didn't wear a wig at all for the beginning of my journey, but I know that there's some people who do wear a wig for the beginning of their dream and then, when they get to the point where they're comfortable in their lock Journey, then they take The wig off and rock their their locks, their natural hair, so these are for people who just want some more options and I'll. Also, if you've ever been a little bit curious about what a headband wig looks like I'm here, to share this video with you. So anyway, let's just get into the footage of my mom braiding my hair down and then we'll come back foreign. So, as you can see, this is what the braids look like. I'M actually going to put elastic bands. I mean they're kind of falling out here. So I'll just put elastic bands on the ends. This is what the braids look like and I'll show you I'll show you the back. So the next step is laying down my baby hairs, so I definitely have. I definitely recommend that you do this when you have new growth, because the whole point of a headband wig is to see the front of your hair, and I'm also doing this right before wash day, because I don't want to keep edge control in my hair. For too long, but that's just a personal preference, so I have this Edge uh kiss Edge fixer Max hold. I haven't done my edges in so long, so I don't even know how to do this anymore, but I think what I'm gon na do. First, it's like cool it down, I'm just gon na. Usually I don't put a lot but for the purpose of this video, I'm Really Gon na pile it on as much as I can and then we'll try to Slick it down. Okay kind of wet my hair as much as possible. I feel, like the most important part with the headband wig, is getting the edges right. This actually works out perfectly because I have postpartum hair loss so, like my whole perimeter kind of broke off, and it's growing back in now, so I can use that hair as edges, even though it's just like breakage foreign okay, what do you guys think does that Look: okay, I'm really not like a edges connoisseur, so I really don't know, that's I think it looks okay. Maybe I should look at some edges on Pinterest. I brought this headband and I think they gave me one. So this is the company I got it from. It'S called xsy 100 human hair. I got this on Amazon because I didn't want to spend a bunch of money, especially if I don't like it. I'M never and I will never wear it. I ordered this on Amazon as well. It'S like a sparkly one. If this looks good, I might wear this on New Year's um. I have a wig cap which I'm about to put on. They also gave me these really dramatic lashes, which I will never wear, but I think I can give them to my sister, because she does cosplay I'll leave that for her and then they gave me this headband, which is not bad, and then this is the hair. So I got curly um or wavy curly, because I figured it would look a bit more natural and I got I think, 20 inches not too long, not too short, but the hair itself honestly looks really pretty. I was surprised that this was from Amazon um. I didn't see nice options like this in Canada, I'm currently in the US, so I ordered this from, not, but this is what the hair looks like it's definitely more Brown. I feel like to match my hair perfectly. I would have to dye this black, but obviously we're not doing that now. If I like this wig a lot and I'll actually wear it, then I will go ahead and dye it with the adore Black Velvet, but it definitely has like a red undertone. It even has strands of copper, which it didn't show on Amazon. So keep that in mind. It looked black on Amazon so, and this is a lot I have pretty thick hair, so this wig cap doesn't even seem like it's gon na get on my head. Yeah, look at that. It'S literally not gon na get on my head, so I'm gon na have to like it's. No, they make the wood caps way too small for people with thick hair, which means I'm just gon na, have to put the wig on over my braids, because I literally can't oh, maybe that's why it's two I'm trying to stretch it. Let'S see if that makes a difference, but it literally look at that all right, so it has the band at the back with velcro. It has you know the usual four Combs inside one on each side and then at the back in the front. So it has this band here. So, let's see if this even fits, I'm just gon na try and put this further back on my head and then I'll use a headband to cover that. Okay, I got the hair on. You can definitely kind of see the bulging. So the hair itself is really soft. I don't like how these curls look, but then, when I put my hands through it, it just gets frizzy. So I'm gon na have to use the water. There is some shedding already okay. So when you wet the hair a lot, it looks so pretty, but I am getting quite a bit of shedding. I don't know if you can see that I think I've had mousse as well. It would be even better. I'M gon na put the headband on this kind of matches. My shirt, okay, maybe even better. If I had more new growth, okay, so yeah, I just added a bit more water and I did I'm out of breath. I just got up the stairs. I did a high ponytail to kind of mask or cover the bulges here so yeah, that's it. What do you guys think? I think, for my first time doing this, it turned out pretty well, what do you guys think foreign and if you have even more New Growth than I do like that time, just before you re-tie, this would be even better because you wouldn't see like the the Locks at all now I will say it is quite snug. I guess I could adjust it a little more to make it looser. So we'll see how long I can keep this on. But that's it that's the finished. Look, I think it's pretty cute foreign. I will link below this hair in case you're interested in trying it out. There are a bunch of different lengths available and yeah. That is it for this video. I hope that you guys enjoy it. This is kind of fun to do. I think it's pretty cute. So yeah, that's it for this video and I will see you in my next video bye, foreign

Carla Flowers: It is pretty

Brittany Blabber: Very pretty

Oluoma Locs: Post-partum shedding where Girl stop. You look gorgeous and I know people who would kill for you hairline as it is right now #nocap. TFS and happy new year.

Hollywood: Put the phone directly on your mouth where the microphone is so it picks up extreme wind. Like ASMR but better. If you’re comfortable with that kind of wind feedback. Can you upload every day? please turn the music off so The awesome wind can be heard better

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