Headband Wig Install--How To Hide The Headband Flawlessly. #Wig

Hello welcome to my channel. This is your girl cat. Today, i am going to show you all how i style my headband wig and make it look like i'm wearing my own hair. I don't like this. Of course, i just feel like it's too wide. They could have done a better job, making it a lot smaller, it's way too big and i have the option to either sew it and make it smaller, or i can find a way to conceal it to where it seems like i'm wearing my natural hair, when It'S pushed back all the way, so i'm going to show you some of the options that i tried that did not work. Why i had to go with something different to actually make it. You know the look that i'm going for. I have never worn a wig before and after having my daughter like most women, i experienced severe hair loss and it's taking me forever to grow my hair back. It'S already been a year and i'm still struggling to grow my hair back. So, of course, your girls still want to look fabulous. I cannot do lace fronts, i can't do braids. I tried some crochet. It just didn't work out, so i'm like okay. I need to find another option, another alternative, something that i can put on and go because i'm a stay-at-home mom with two little kids. I don't have time to sit there and spending hours on my hair. I went on amazon and i purchased this one, which i like very much super cheap. I think i bought this for about 16 because since it was my first time i wasn't sure if i was going to like it. So i said you know what let me not go too crazy and go buy. No two three hundred dollar wig right now and then i purchased another one recently. Does human hair a little bit more costly? This one is 54. and i'm going to show you all what i love about it um it's so light and the hair is so soft and i'm not doing this like as a review or anything like that. I'M just speaking from my personal experience with the purchase: let's go ahead and remove this one. Of course, i'm just gon na put it on and secure it, not that security matters right now, since i'm only doing this to show you it's for demonstration purposes. Only once you put it on this is what this is, what you get it's just a big fat headband. I really like the hair, it's so soft, i'm happy with that. The hair is good, it does conceal, but i don't like it. I don't know it's just too basic, too casual. I that's something i would wear like if i'm going to the beach or picnic, but i wouldn't wear this like as a high fashion statement and i was like and that's not going to work so out of here. I tried to style it using my regular headbands that i have a whole collection of, so i'm going to use these two just to demonstrate. Okay, so of course i would push this back a little bit, manipulate it a little to reveal my real hairline and once my hair is out, i would then try to use the headband and try to position it to where it would feel it's not going to Fall off and it didn't matter how much i try. I was struggling to find a way to keep it to where it would stay just kept moving like every movement i would make and the headband just kept sliding down, and that was just annoying so and then i tried wearing it like over the hair a little Bit same struggle like different look but same struggle still now, let's get to why you are watching this video. Okay! So look what i'm doing here! I am going to pull this back out the headband and i'm going to roll it back and roll it back. So i roll it back twice to bring it really really close to where the wig actually starts. This is where the wig starts and then, of course, my hairline, so i went on amazon and i looked for these and they are like super cute. If someone would like the information you comment in the section, i will gladly share the details and share the link or anything else that you need um. So look i wanted something. That'S cute that would be secure enough to hold the front, could be bedazzled or, like i like this one with the pearls. I think it's super cute. It'S a great little statement so watch this. I just put it on like you would do with any headband, while you're wearing just about any hairstyle and then just as you do with any other headband over the wig. You just keep pushing it back until you can barely see the actual headband. That is the actual wig. It'S so much prettier. It looks so good. I love it. I am extremely close to the camera. I can barely see it. So let me go ahead and do the edges and see how this looks. Headband wig wear perfect solution. I don't have to worry about this sliding off so when i take it off, that's when it's going to come off, it's there to stay, and i am loving it if you find this video helpful, please like and comment and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. You

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