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I know every time hey, boo, hey I'm back with the Mimi hair drip from one of my most favorite human hair, wig makers and that's Don Billy. Here y'all. We have worked with them. Probably since we first started reviewing human hair on this channel. I absolutely love them. They are in my top most favorite human hair, wig makers and y'all notice. How we do on this channel one is trash and a lot of them have big. One of them is trash. I take the trash we never hear from them. Again. Bam, I'm not sure what's in this box, because I like to do everything on camera with y'all um, all I did was take it out of its shipping. But if you look in the description box, you'll see all the details that you need to know about this. Oleg, oh first of all, let's just look at that color before we even move for y'all not only tasting the wig, they also sent a makeup brush an edge band, some eyelashes, I'm some stocking caps y'all this color, this color, this color, this color um and that's Another reason why I love them because sometimes you know I'd be like. Oh I'm not sure what this is look in the description box. They tell me this. Wig is 24 inches long, it's straight and it's in the color tl412 y'all y'all y'all, and is this y'all and it's a 4x4 y'all going with my goodness, I'm in the back adjustable straps and then in the front you get that 4x4 y'all know. I love a four by four because they are easy, easy, easy, easy. Okay, you also get two combs in the front too y'all. This might be the one okay. Let me cut off that itty bitty ass piece of lace and uh flat iron. This and I'm gon na come back with my final thoughts, but I know I'm going to love this before we even do all this stuff be right back. Keep it away YouTube video to you! Y'All! It'S been a very long time since human hair has made me excited, but y'all know any time that it's blunt, it's a four by four I'm gon na be in love y'all. This wig is This wig is absolutely gorgeous um, let's, let's not focus on the color yet because that is the selling point of this hair. But the hair quality itself is really really really nice, y'all um. By being a 4x4, it really is a throw on and go um. The hair is soft, I'm not getting any tangling shedding, but you I mean you know it's straight out of the pack. Now, let's move on to what the selling point on this wig is y'all. This color - oh my gosh, it's just so pretty, and I really think that these tones would be beautiful on someone that is much lighter than me or someone that is much darker than me. This is just a beautiful, beautiful blend that Dom Miller here did on this unit. Y'All this one gorgeous. This is one of those ones that I want to hold on to because it'll be like oh one day I'ma - and I I just won't this - this hair y'all. This is so pretty it's pretty. I want thousand, and ten percent recommend this particular unit and y'all know. I normally don't like really like long hair like this, and I love this length honey. Now. Look at that look how it fall over your shoulders. Look at them! Colors, yes, I want thousand, and ten percent recommend that you go check this unit out by Don Miller here, y'all, it's super beginner friendly and just gorgeous. There'S no other words for it. Just gorgeous, like, I would say, maybe you're not even into hair. Maybe it's your cousin Selena, just like Selena right, maybe it's your uncle Samson. I don't know whichever one if y'all put them in this honey blonde batty wig baby, they shutting down the scene. I definitely recommend this one y'all. I can't stop touching it. I can't stop. Looking at it, because it is just that pretty to me, oh until next time y'all, it was so good to end on this positive note, because I had a, I had a real loser and this wig was just a real winner until next time, y'all, which would Be very very soon: bye,

patrice moore: They did their thing with this wig !!! The color is gorgeous !!!! This unit is super cute !!!

Tracy Scott: The color yesssss. That wig is just right for the beginning of spring.

Ms. Diva007: WOW!!! Amazing on you that color makes you look like a bronze goddess!

Nancy Taylor: Oh My…THIS COLOR…is EVERYTHING❣❣❣ It looks absolutely gorgeous on you✨

Cynthia Cummings: This hair is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

Marsha Williams: I dont even need to watch the whole video to know this is a must have❤️❤️❤️

70FEEPS: Gorgeous!!! Omg im obsessed I need it!

Destiny Bogle: Wow this hair is gorgeous

Yonette Matthews: I love this wig, I’m so annoyed, I placed an order and I immediately received a message that the wig was out of stock, what’s the point of taking my money and it’s not available, then they offered to give me a replacement wig, no I want this one

Kim's Korner: I’m here for the blonde hair. ❤

Katie Lee: That’s what you wear when you ready for the Beyoncé tour lol I’m with you on the color it washes out our skin tone blends in but not uncle Samson lmao

Jay Jackson: That is a winner! Ain't no other way to describe it!

Malibu Jackson: It is beautiful

Robin Jackson: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Angela Hrabowskie: ooh la la ! that's hot Jess, girl you ate that up and left no crumbs. Lol that's so you, very good quality and that color is just everything. I feel like singing Hold on to your love you got to hold on girl lol

Mary Turner: I love it

Shirlie Mitchell: Are there tracks on that 4x4 part?

StarriSkye: Cute

Mandt Haymount: Yesss

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