Part 2: Long Wigs - How To Add Volume To Your Wigs With Teasing & Backcomging

  • Posted on 27 October, 2017
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  • By Anonymous

Patti shows you how she backcombs & teases her long wigs to get great volume. Patti is wearing Sweet Talk by Gabor in GL14/22SS and is working on Alessandra by Jon Renau.

Hi guys, this is the second part of our tutorial on teasing back, brushing pool for no pool, and we did the short one. That'S part one. Now we're going to do a long way and show you it's so hot now it looks so good if, especially in the long wig, it's flatter is kind of like in the front, and then you get that little London puff going. I started on this side because I wanted you to see how we do it glasses, oldest dirt. You know it anyway. I want to we're gon na go over this again in and out in and out in and out up now you're going to take your teasing comb and it's got the teasing in it and it works just beautifully. You hold up the hair and you're gon na start about Midway pumping and go one two, three, four: five: six: seven: eight: nine, ten. Okay! Now here's the trick! You take your holding spray for wigs that brush this out and you go one two three and then I throw it over now. This is the teasing brush that we have on the website and it's got the little pic here and the little medals to do the teasing. So I'm gon na go again zigzag zigzag, zigzag and see. I don't get a lot because I, if you try to get a lot what's gon na happen, is you're going to backcomb here and it won't get up in the front. So take little pieces. You'Re not gon na do the whole head anyway and then go from the middle and go one two all the way down. Babe packet, one, two, three, four, five, six seven eight bring it over like that. Then you take your hairspray and we're gon na. Let that dry and then you go, do a couple. Others, I'm gon na, do a couple of others to show you what it looks like on one side. Okay, I'm sure it's the exact pull it up; one: two: three: four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten left and flip over and rush pick up pack brush flip over for little steps and kind of keep in mind the look of the way. Because, most of you don't want the big poof's here you want to hear. Oh by the way I have on sweet talk and it's 1422 ss. You want to post more, like here your little London poof and then especially in longhand this to come down like that looks fabulous. So now I'm going to take my little teasing brush and there's a part where you're you're done teasing there. So I'm going to go on top when you tease on top you get blending and you get direction when you tease on the bottom you're gon na get volume. So I'm gon na show that to you right now, so you won't forget it cuz. I just said it cheese on top volume sprayed here to give it some bunny now T cheese underneath I'm sorry now we're gon na tease on top and the reason we're gon na tease on top with the teasing brush is because we want to blend, and we Want to go directional, so you go in the middle again, one two three just like you're walking the wig and then you go down and you'll get sideswiping and with the brush and see how you get a little bit of poof right here and you get the Direction now, what we're gon na do we're gon na flip these over and why I did the zigzag. Is we don't want a straight line? We don't want tiger stripes, but we also turn around this way Friday, all right now. This is not totally dry, but I would let it totally dry now see how I'm I'm not digging into the wig, I'm sweeping into the wig sweep into the wig pick up the rest of it, one two, three four five you're blending and then you're melding and You'Re getting it down like that, then you take the top and just tap it and see how it comes up. Hope you can see how it comes up, but you don't see holes in it because we've done the top brushing to blend it. I hope that makes sense to you guys. Let'S try a little more. I pick them up. This is where we teased him and sprayed him right now, take a little bit at a time. Slicing. Not digging. Slicing now pick up a little more then sliding again, not digging just lightly sliding and a lot of times. What I'll do is I'll hit the spray brush with the first rate, so then, when it goes into it, it kind of sticks. There slide pick up here. How we've done this side, how it's all coming out forward? We'Ve done nothing to that side. That'S just alexander right out of the box and then what we would do is continue here and continue on this side. And then, if it's ever too much remember tapping up tapping down you tap up. If it's too much you tap down and that's your tutorial for brushing teasing back brushing pouf are no poof for sure, hair and long hair have a great day.

Stacey: I really wish I would have found this video a long time ago. Knowing how to style the wig for height and volume sure beats walking around with a bra pad taped to the crown of your head under the wig to achieve the height. I really wish I was kidding about doing this...but I'm not. : 0

Marla Robinson: Thanks for all the tips Patti.

Roxanne Baughman: Where can you find that big metal teaser comb?

Jeanne Durco: Are these wigs human hair or synthetic?

raeann cardoza: what color is this alesandra wig please??

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