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  • Posted on 17 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Hey y'all welcome back to my Channel today we're going to be doing another wig from Unis or you nice. I don't know. I know this, but anyway it came in this box with the Stephanie, this wig cap, which I like way better than the old one. It'S cuter and I think it's like better, because it's like more like a stocking cap, I don't know not like stocking app but, like I don't know, I don't know you won't see, but it came with lashes, uh, elastic band, and this thing at first when I Saw it I thought it was freaking yo. I was struggling for the camera to focus I get in Focus this whole video was getting me tight. I thought it was like lipstick, but then, when I opened it, it's a freaking brush mad cute for when you're putting your makeup on your cap or on your lace. Whatever that's my cue, I thought it was lipstick at first I was like oh cute, but then, when I saw this, I was like oh even cuter, and then it goes back in there like that nice and neat. Oh - and this is what I was talking about. You know how like a regular wig cap is, like you, won't see, but anyway this part you're going to brush your um hair back. You can do it in braids or, however, you want, but I make sure my hair is flat ironed and then I just do a ponytail and then put some bobby pins at the top, so it can make like a flat kind of thing. If I would, I can, I can't oh I'm bugging, I can't do this like if my hair is like mad curly and big, or else I'm gon na have a big old. It'S gon na look mad big at the bottom, but you see how this cap is like mad see-through. That'S what I was talking about like if you want to do the wig cap, the Bold cap method. This is definitely a good cap to do it with, and then this is the part where you want to put your makeup on your wig cap. But I didn't do that because I wasn't going to keep the wig on for too long and make sure your hair is in that cap honey. But it's okay, because we're using spray and not actual glue. So it shouldn't be that bad. But this is the wig um. It'S definitely way better to do your hair on the wig head like style it and do whatever you want on the wig head and then just put it on, because it's way easier and more convenient like that. But put your your um wig, where you want it once you have it when you, where you want it, you're gon na put the hairs, move the hairs back with a clip or whatever you have, then, once you have it, where you want it and all the Hairs is out of the way you're going to push the lace back, and you can put makeup on your lace if you want to, but this is the spray I use, you could use a different spray if you like, I like using that one make sure you Have your blow dryer connected and then what you're going to do is spray. A nice good layer on both sides make sure it is a good amount on the ears, because the ears love coming off and then you dry it not Waterway all the way dry but dry. It like a little bit like halfway and then after you dry it real real good, we're gon na do this again, the spraying part again same thing, really: spray and dry spray and dry I'll be doing it three times. You can do it five times. If you want, like a more hold, just make sure you're drying after every time, you spray to spray a good layer dry, it a good time and then do it again. I think I don't know, I think five times is good, like maybe that's the most. I don't know you definitely want to have a towel around, so you can clean off the excess um hairspray, because it's going to be dripping and you don't want that going in your eyes. I thought it was dry enough, but it's not dry. If it's. If you touch it and it looks like that, it's easy to come off, then it's not dry. You want it to look like this. Like sticking to your finger or like a little stringy um pieces of glue coming off you're going to see it once they look like that. You'Re, just gon na pull your legs down where you want it make sure the cap is not showing and I didn't cut the freaking ear pieces off. I should have cut the ear pieces off, but you're going to see at the time my freaking cap was showing yeah right there, so you got ta, make sure you pull it down where you want it to be and then hold the lace down like you got To grab your whole freaking face and just dry it with the blow dryer really dry and make sure it's all the way dry once it's all the way dry y'all. You can see that thing gave me like an eyebrow lift. I was looking crazy, but once it's all the way, dry, you're gon na, take your scissors and cut it in three separate parts and then push the lace back like to the headline. So you could be able to cut it. We'Re gon na put more spray anyway. So it's okay! If it comes off, I have to do this part Close to the Mirror, because I cannot see then we're gon na spray, another layer to get water parts we missed of the spray and we're going to put our elastic band on this is what helps it melt. You can put before you do the spray, though you can put some makeup on it, for it to be even more melted like to give them like no lace at all, but I'm about to take it off in a little bit. So it don't even really matter and then you just dry it real good and make sure she's dry, good foreign, get some alcohol and just rub all the glue off now for the baby hairs you're going to get your cute little mini um flat iron. I got this from Walgreens. I think you could probably get it at Walmart too, and your mousse you can use mousse or like gel whatever you want to use it's up to you, um I'll, be cutting it small and then um long small on this side, where the wig is at like Towards your ears and then long on the other side toward like your eyes, but um you're, gon na curl it up or down whatever way you like it, I feel like it, don't even matter I'll, be curling it up. I feel like it's like literally the same and then you're gon na get your mousse and put it on the comb part of the edge brush and yeah put it on them. Thanks make sure they on there good and when you do your baby hairs, you got ta hold into a cold and soup hold one finger. Take one finger to hold the baby is, while you swoop, or else it's gon na, be all over the place like you. Definitely got ta make sure you hold and then she looks so freaking cute. I feel like. I definitely been getting better with my baby hairs and my parts and my side Parts, but still got to do a little more practice because it looked cute, but not as cute like how I want it to look. But after this you're gon na just knitting your hair up, this is why I say it's better to oh no hold on we're, not finished, because you got to get your own DJ collection, lashes! Okay, if you ain't got them it's about that time, honey go, get them with the rgj collection glue, put some glue on lashes, and you know you can't forget your lip gloss. This one is close to the way yeah. I can't even pronounce that name, but anyway it's cool. It'S fancy yeah, my lips are so freaking job. Thank God for that lip gloss because honey them things just chat, but you put your lip gloss on and yeah. This is the finished. Look! It'S looking cute. Looking nice, I really wanted to show y'all the lashes, but the freaking camera was not focusing for nothing, but this is how the hair looks. She looks so neat um. It looks like so neat like this because I styled it on the wig head before I put it on, but that's what helps me make it look fire um if you have trouble doing it while it's on your head, I think you should do it like that And this is the bag she looking so cute, no bump in the bag and yeah. This hair is really soft and really cute. Y'All know I like your knees, I'm gon na put order info in the description box, and let me know if you like it. I feel like this color is really cute on me and I freaking love straight hair. Look, I love y'all, so much. Thank you for watching I'll see you later

Heather: I love the colour looks really pretty on you too!!

daelovescars: Your hair grew out fast!

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