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  • Posted on 12 December, 2020
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Hey guys! In this video I will be showing you all how I Wand Curl my hair. In this video I am wearing Siyun Show Hair 13x4 Wig on AliExpress. I hope you all enjoy this video and remember to LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!



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Hey guys, i'm brittany, rivers and welcome to my channel. So today i'm going to be showing you all how i curl my hair. A lot of you all have been asking how i curl my hair. I don't think i do anything too special, but i'm just going to show you all everything so the hair i currently have in my head is from scion show hair on aliexpress um. I did an unboxing. I will do an updated review later for them, but i really really like this hair so far. It'S super duper thick we're going to talk about that in another video, but before we get into this video, i'm going to ask that you all remember to like comment. Subscribe subscribe, oh i don't like my brow. Let me go fix that subscribe, subscribe. Follow me on instagram at madame, brittany follow my lash company casino lashes and let's get into this video you all. If you all don't know, i actually install my wig every single day. I use got to be glue free spray, so i like, i want my wig to come off because, like i started working out every day so like when i get to sweat, like that, like really when you glue your hair with lace, glue, you're supposed to wait. 48 hours until to get it wet but like when i work out, i sweat so much. I do the insanity workouts, you guys, the max 30 ones. So i sweat so much that my wig comes up all the time anyway. So i don't really care and i like to have a new installation every single day doesn't take too long, but okay, so just let me show you all everything, so this is a brush from dollar tree, nothing, special! You guys, um! I use this little clamp to separate my hair. You can get it from walgreens dollar tree too. Probably the beauty supply um. This is the one curler i use is by jim, so this thing actually like slides off and it comes with two other sizes. This is the biggest size i believe i have on here right now, um. I will link it in the in the description box, um or if i can't find this one specifically, i will link one like it. I actually got this one from burlington you all. I absolutely love, love, love, love, love, railington, i'm obsessed, i'm obsessed g-e-m, and i also have my flat iron plugged up just in case. I always put it on the hottest number. Oh it's on 4chan right now. I always put it on 4 30, just because um remington also on amazon, i we may or may not use this. I will show you all why we use it when we get to the end, if we end up having to use it. So first thing i do always is brush my hair. Just brush it brush it brush it all out um. I want you all to kind of notice, so let me show you all some. This closet is a mess. Let me see if y'all can see in it. Don'T look you guys? Okay, so i have this little razor from um. The beauty supply the little cone type razor, so i actually did add like some layers like i don't know how to add, like really good layers all throughout the hair, but i think at the front, especially when you do a side part, you should layer it. So you all see, like this part, stops here, and this part stops here. I got a little piece all the way up here, so i really just take this comb. I use the longer the ones with the longer side comb in it, and i just like comb. It down like that going down like kind of going down the whole time and that really creates, like a bang type thing, you'll see when we curl our hair. So the first thing i do. I take half of my hair a little more than half um section. It up put it up like this um. This is how much i have in the ponytail. This is how much is down, so i take that just clamp it up. You guys nothing major, nothing major! So far. This literally takes me like less than 10 minutes, probably like eight minutes max really the back section with the back section is usually like, maybe three to four times. I have to do this, so this will be one curl, two curls um, maybe four. So i take this my little one curl, i'm going to place it behind my head behind the curl and we're just wrapping you guys like one curling is so so so easy, not so short like. I cannot do like the clip. The like original style, curler type thing to where, like it, has a little clamp and all of that but um i can do this. I don't hold it on for a special amount of time. I just like know what feels right you guys, so i would say 10 seconds you guys um, sometimes less for 10 seconds. I just love how this hair curls. That'S it's just bone to me. I love it. This is actually like, looser than usually but that's no biggie for me um. We don't. I don't like tight curls anyway, so here's the next section take the one curl take it behind my head wrap wrap. One thing i i don't know if this matters so i'll show you all on the next curl as i'm doing it, i'm almost kind of twisting the hair too, so i'll show you all on the next curl. So it's like i'm kind of like wrapping my wrist while i'm doing it um. I think it's natural, so you will probably naturally do it. If you don't do it already, but i'll show you all um. I also so here's that next curl so watch this. You guys watch this, i'm going to show you all watch my hand here, um, okay, so we take it down we're going to wrap. Oh you see i kind of twist it you see that you see it. I don't know if that happens, naturally, but that's something i do and i think that could change the shape of your curl, but this is kind of like my staple hairstyle, i would say, like i love a side part, because i do this every time i wear A side part um, and it's just so so fast, you guys so bam. We got it. We got it. Of course, like the thinner, your sections are the less time you will have to hold the one curl so watch this right here, because i'm right handed so when i get to this side of my hair, things are always a little different um, but the same so We'Re going to take it, put it behind, be careful, you guys be careful because look i have so many. This burn mark is from that one curler this burn mark is from that one curler, it melted my nail. This thing is hot, hot hot: it's no other settings on it. It'S just one, but just be careful, so rap, rap, rap, rap rap. My dog is over there barking. If you all, can hear her she's just bad for no reason. None about 14, actually she's, a copper, spaniel blind death, but she's just bad. Oh, i got those paintings in burlington too. You guys i am obsessed. I am obsessed bam, so these are our curls. So far, so now i take this down next section i usually do. Is the section with the part - and this is how much it is like this - this will probably be two curls. It could have been one, but i just wan na make it two just because so we brush it out each section like you all. I didn't even add like a heat protectant, i probably should i don't put hairspray on my hair, because i don't like to put extra product on my hair, but i'll show you all in a little bit what i actually do so wrap. So now this part is very, very important right here on the part that will be near your ear. So once again we are taking the one and putting it behind the hair, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, i'm wearing my rubber bands today for the first time in what like eight months, i'm supposed to worry about them, so yeah, this part is done. You all see how it has that little flip right there right there. I like that, so now we're going to take it down again um. This is what we have left. You guys not too much, not too much. So i'm going to add a section. This part off - sometimes i put this like by my head so like on that side, so i don't get confused but look how pretty those curls are pin this part up once again, brush brush brush brush brush brush brush brush, oh a little tangle there, a little Tangle no biggie, it happens, so this is actually going to be one section today, because we want to finish. We want to be done period. This one was a little thicker, so i want to hold it just a little longer. Okay, man, let's see so that's how it looks i like it. So you all see my like layer right here. I love like a shorter piece right at your face, so don't make it too thick, but i love like a shorter piece right there when you're doing layers or something okay bam. So this is all we have left so now i just take like this part. It'S kind of whatever you want to do: um, let's curl a piece up here: first, not too thick, because i want some volume on this side. I like for my hair, to be a little big, so we're gon na curl it backwards to the back everything. So far, i actually everything is going to the back. You guys just put your one curl behind the hair and wrap around that way. That'S what i like. I never noticed how i do it. I just do it, but naturally i put the hair behind it. I put the hair behind the one curl each time. Next, let's do like a piece of hair under there like i don't like tight curls. So that's why i don't like pinning or anything. This is just how i do my hair that looks so gorgeous over here. This piece was a little thinner, so i don't have to hold it too long um. This could be one piece or two we're going to try to do it too. I mean yeah two, so sometimes i just make it like i'll just play with it, but i wanted this. You want your vein piece to be kind of thicker, but not too thick like that. So yeah here is the bang piece. This is what the most important part to me: we're going to put it up here, fold it backwards, like we've, been doing the whole time, and i want i may leave this on a little longer because i just want it to be like really curled. So that's what we have now. I need to get my wide tooth comb. One! Second, don't look you guys, don't look, so this is what we have, so i just comb it out. Well, really, we did this side first. So it's better to comb out these curls. First, but look at this look at this - you guys, don't cuff it behind my ear over here. I feel like this isn't as curled as i want it to be, so we're going to run it through again we're going to separate it differently. Okay - and i kind of want a few more curls up here - take this piece right through look at that bam, so i usually use the argan oil mousse, but i only have the olive oil one right now. Um we're gon na add a little right here. I like for it to like stand up a little bit, so we're gon na add a little right there kind of like fold it make it fold like that see. This is what i have the uh flat iron for you all see. My bang looks a little scruffy to me right now, so sometimes i just like cuff it. You know if you were like bumping your ends or something just that same curvature shape, but i'm going to add a little makeup to my part, and then things are going to come together. The way we want them to y'all see that i added a little baby hair right here. Well, not added, but it was always there. I just flicked it down. Let me make this focus um. I just clicked it down right there. You all see. I recorded my iphone 11 in case you all were wondering but um. I just flick it right where the part is. Basically i just like that little that's the only place i really like baby hair right there and then a little sideburn over there. So let me put the camera okay, so all i did off. Camera was at the makeup, so sometimes i like to like go through with this again hit it one more time, so it curls the way i want it to but yeah. This is what i do to my hair. You all see it now. You all see it see how that kind of changed the shape of it a little bit um, here's the back. How do we feel? How do we feel this is my hair? You guys that is it. That is how i want to curl my hair. I hope you all enjoyed this video remember to like comment. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Anything you all anything else. You all want to see from me. Let me know in the comment section hope you all enjoyed this video have a great day. You guys bye,

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