Ash Blonde Wig Ft Mealid Hair (Aliexpress) I $70 Wig? I How To Dye & Hair Review *Honest*

Heyyy guys! I hope you all enjoyed that video! This was my first time doing such a light color and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it came out. Let me know what you think!



Revlon Dark Ash Blonde (2)

Revlon Ultra Light Ash Blonde (2)








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Hey guys welcome back, so I'm gon na go ahead and take my do rag off typically, where do X under my wigs, if I ever wear a wig, but because the hair I'm using today is throw light. I'M just gon na go in with a nude cap because I don't want like the black to be peeking through. I just don't have time for that. So I'm gon na go in with my nude cap and just put that on now I'm just gon na take some rubbing alcohol and just wipe the perimeter of my hairline so like when I sprayed this god to be down. I don't have any issues with it stinking later. You know what I mean like it just kind of gives me a nice base to work with now, typically I'll use like they got to be Jo in the black bottle or the spray. This time I just used a spray because it was a lot quicker and honestly, I only put this on for the video right up here, so I didn't feel like doing the whole nine yards I just used to spray now. Sometimes I do use the spray and it holds for the whole day, but I'm just for the extra security I like to kind of use the spray and the gel, but, like I said, I only used to spray today cuz. I was just filming this video. So now I'm just kind of smoothing it in or making it male as best as I can with my blow-dryer and the spray and I'm doing the best I can. I am gon na go back in with a little bit of like foundation powder just to get rid of that, like line well, not line, but you know the area right up there by the hairline, where it looks like he's ashy. I am gon na go in with a little bit of makeup to kind of help blend that in a little bit more, but I'm gon na go ahead and just some little baby hairs, not a whole bunch. Just a little bit and I'm gon na use some mousse so that they don't they're not just like hard like I don't look hard. They still look like kind of soft, but they have a little bit of shape to them. Now I'm taking my Mac on this stuff, it's not actually a foundation powder, it's like a finishing powder, but it's kind of lightweight, but I kind of just put that on like the part and then on the edges. So it kind of helps blend everything together and then I'm gon na take my scarf and then wrap everything up now, you're, probably wondering girl. How did you even get your hair like that? That'S alright, you about to get up into it, alright guys. So we are starting off with a 10 inch wall, not full lays, but it's him inch lace, wig 13 by 6 from melody meal. It. I don't know, if that's how you pronounce it, but that's how you spell it. I'M gon na leave the link down in the description box below, but this blonde wig that I got from them and I'm going to go ahead and show you guys how it's made. It does have three combs in it and it came pre-teens. It came precooked, but with blonde hair. Typically, I don't really have to plug too much because it's blonde. So it's it's already pretty, like faint in the front. So I kind of didn't pluck anything for this wig, but I'm just gon na attach it to my wig, head and kind of brush everything out and see what everything is. Looking like now, we're gon na go ahead and start the color. Now I have two boxes of red wine hair dye right here, so I have a dark ash blonde and then I have an ultra light ash blonde hair color. Now I wasn't really sure about using the ultra light one. So I kind of saved that one for later so I'm gon na go in with the dark ash blonde. First and right here, I'm just mixing one box, but I do end up adding the other one later to do the entire wig head. I mean I'm just using everything that came inside of the box, I'm not a professional by any means of the word. So I just kind of dated whatever the Box said. So I'm just gon na mix the developer and the dye and stuff together and then mix them all in this bowl, and it's gon na give you like a really really runny kind of like us. It'S not consistency. That'S the only way I can like describe it. It just reminds me of like a mucus type of thing anyway, I'm just gon na mix that up the best way I can and yeah, and then we're gon na start and apply it to the hair. Now you see the consistency right here like it just looks like snot to me, like what does it like to? You tell me what it looks like to you down in the description box below so when you're dying here you want to make sure that you're using gloves, because the the chemicals can really like irritate your skin, so really really try to make sure that you use Gloves the box that I have they they come with gloves already, but I just wanted to use my own cuz. The ones that it comes with are just really really big, so I'm gon na go ahead and take some foil and now aluminum foil really just helps develop the hair faster. That'S all it does um. If you don't have any foil, that's perfectly fine. They might just take a little bit longer for the hair to process, but I'm just gon na use the foil. Now, I'm just kind of going in I'm just slapping it on. I don't really have like a a system that I'm using I'm just taking random pieces of hair and just slapping it on I'm trying to be super super careful, the higher-ups at the front. I get to not get it on the lace because then I know it's gon na be a pain to go back in and like get the dye off, but I'm really just kind of like slapping the color on all over the hair and this it's so interesting When you first put it on it, just looks like you just wet the hair, but the more it sits. You know like the more it changes. I'M not just sounding ridiculous to you guys right now, but it was just cool to me. Cuz, like I never really died here this light before, but anyway, regardless I'm getting beside myself. So now, I'm just gon na comb through the hair, once I've dyed everything to see. If I missed any parts which I did but later, I am gon na go back in and read I those portions so that everything is as uniform as it can possibly be. But I'm just combing everything through to make sure that all of the dye is kind of evenly dispersed throughout the hair and to show me if I have, if I had any blind spots within the hair dyeing process. So now I'm just going in and taking a little bit more of that color and just kind of filling in and fixing any mistakes that I made prior to guys when you're dyeing your hair. It does not have to be perfect every single time. Just do the best that you can try to be as as meticulous as you can, because you don't want to have to like do it again after you've done the whole process. You know what I mean so just take your time, you'll be fine, so I did let the hair sit for about 30 minutes and now we're gon na go ahead and wash it out now right here it looks like it's kind of brown, so I was a Little nervous cuz I was like oh my gosh. Did I get the wrong kind of dye, I'm just looking at the. I just look at the pictures that they put on the front, and you know it all ended up being this being what I wanted this to be so it's kind of fine, but it did kind of throw me a little bit cuz. I was like. Why is it brown? Why is it brown so now, I'm just rinsing it off, I'm just using like a lukewarm, cold water, just rinsing the color or the dye out of the hair, and it was so silky soft. You guys this hair felt amazing and I feel like it, took the color pretty well so now, I'm just gon na take this neutralizing shampoo just so that if any hair dye is still in there, it's kind of gon na just stop and I can get the Rest of it out and it's gon na pause any processing, that's already going on on the hair. That way, I don't have to worry about if it's gon na keep changing the color or anything like that, I could just be done here through and through. If you died here, you have to have a neutralizing shampoo, it's not really an option to do. You have to have it and it's only like, I think, maybe three dollars a bottle. So just go ahead and grab some hair. Neutralizing shampooing you'll be fine. So now I'm taking the conditioners that came in the dark ash blonde boxes. Now the colors were both the exact same. I don't know why one conditioner is brown and the other one is red. I have no clue the packaging both said the same thing, so I just kind of use both of them, and I really love this condition. I kind of wish that they made this on his own, because I want to see what its gon na be like on. My own natural hair, because it was like really soft and creamy, and it just I felt like it would melt into the hair like into my hair, really nicely cuz it melted into this wig. So nice guys I could glide my fingers through the hair with no issue. You know what I mean like no issue. It was just it was. It was balm, so I was really really happy with the conditioner and I let the conditioner and say it for maybe about like 10-15 minutes. So now I'm just calming everything out and just making sure it's no tangles or anything like that in the hair, and that the conditioner is all the way through every piece of hair on this wig, because I don't want to have to deal with brassy unruly rough Hair later you know what I mean, I just want it to be pop it on and go so I'm just making sure you know the hair is looking how I want it to look feeling how I want it to look feeling how I want it to look. Feel and how I wanted to feel just the whole thing. I'M just rinsing that conditioner out and I'm going to some just rinsing that conditioner out and then kind of squeezing the excess water from the wig, and I'm just showing you guys what the hair looks like right now, just from using the dark ash blonde dye. So now I'm taking the wig, I'm just putting it on a Styrofoam wig head and I'm just gon na pin the lace down to the front and then go ahead and detangle it with my brush. Now I didn't really have much of any tangles in this hair. I mean it's it's straight hair, so I didn't expect it to tangle, but I just like to make sure is like I'm not leaving a stone unturned. Do you know what I mean now, I'm gon na go ahead and blow-dry the hair just because I didn't feel like waiting for it to dry overnight to go in with the other color, the ultra light ash blonde. That'S the color that we're gon na go in with next. I was just too lazy. I didn't feel like waiting for it to dry, so I just went ahead and blew the hair out the best way I could now it took maybe like 20 or 30 minutes to blow-dry. This hair, which I feel like, was a was kind of a long time for the hair to be as short as it was, and for it to be straight, I don't know is that an average time? Let me know in the comments below, but I felt like that was kind of a long time for me to be. You know drying some 10 inch hair but whatever so now, I'm just taking this and I'm just gon na mix this in the bottle that it came in in the bottle that it came in and then I'm just gon na shake this up, because I'm going to Like I said just be using it straight from the bottle now, I'm gon na section everything off, because I'm gon na be doing it more like if you ever go, get highlights done. If you ever seen anybody get get highlights son. This is gon na be very close to the process that they do if you go to like a salon. So really is like guys, it's so simple. I have people. Ask me all the time like how do I dye my hair and how do I get the colors look a certain way. Now I've only dyed my hair, maybe like once or twice before, and it's like a really simple process. When I do a wig and literally guys, I just make a section: it's he's the section and then I put whatever dye I'm using on that piece of hair. So right here I tease and then I take a piece of foil because the foil is going to make the hair process a little bit faster and then put the dye and make sure every single hair strand is coated in the dye. So that's what you use a little brush for and then just kind of fold up the aluminum, foil and you're done with that piece and then move on to your next section. So, that's literally what I did the for every single piece of hair all over the wig head, like all the way up to the top. I'M the process was really really simple. It didn't take a long time at all. I think maybe doing this. It might have taken me in about 30 minutes to put the dye all the way through the hair, and I you have a sit under dryer. I would absolutely advise you know putting your wig head under the sit under a dryer for maybe about 10 or 15 minutes, because I've been seeing a lot of people. Do this online like in videos, and then I have a couple friends at our hairstylists. It just makes the hair process faster, so I let this sit in this in this wig head for about maybe like 30, 35, 40 minutes, we'll say between 30 and 40 minutes. But if I was to have a state under dryer, it probably would have been about 20. You know to me it's just kind of cut that time in half for me. So now I'm just gon na take all the aluminum foil off of or off out of the hair and it processed the hair really nicely it didn't, lift it too too much, but it did kind of lift it a little bit. So I was like okay. That'S that's cool. I wanted it to be a little bit more, but beggars cannot be choosers and I was still burning this whole process I was not about to you, know, go and do something else to the hair. I didn't want to like damage it. You know what I mean, so I watched it with the neutralizing shampoo like like I say you always want to do that anytime, you're dyeing the hair. Now I'm gon na go in with my purple shampoo and that just helps tone it and toning. It just kind of balances the color out a little bit more and then I let it sit for about maybe five minutes and now I'm just rinsing that out and then I did go back in with the conditioner that came in with the box, and I conditioned The hair - and I let it sit for about maybe 20 minutes only because the last time I was going to be processing this hair, and I just wanted it to be moisturized and hydrated and stuff. You know what I mean: cuz, it kinda just went through a big process of getting dyed, but guys this is the final color. Let me know what you think in the comments below how did I do doesn't look as blonde, or does it look more like silvertone or grey? I don't know just. Let me know what you think in the comments below alright guys. That is the end of this video. I did go ahead and like to my makeup and everything now, okay, so let me let's just get into this, really quick right. So, first off I love the color. It wasn't what I was going for per se release. I didn't think this is what I was going for, but I love the color like I'm definitely definitely definitely gon na do this again on some more hair, but you know I like I like how short they hair is. If, if the hair wasn't paper-thin, then this hair would be like all in all. I can ten out of ten y'all like it does not Shan. I don't have any like tangles or anything in the hair. Granite has only been like a week, but still like. Sometimes you get some hair and it starts angling in the week, but the hair y'all is paper-thin. I don't remember there being a dense the option to choose from on the website when I was picking the hair, but I did. I have never and I typically always get like the whatever the lowest density amount. Is. I always get that one cuz. I don't like a whole bunch of hair on my head, so even if I did get the lowest one, this know you're gon na do better. Y'All got to do better all in all, though, outside of all of that, like granny, I'm not the best. I like laying it down, I'm still learning. You know, I'm still learning, but I feel like like it doesn't. Look all Wiggy. You know like it doesn't look as winky as I was expecting it to, especially since the color is just bold and it's like kind of in-your-face as it is. It doesn't look as weak as I thought it was going to, and I'm really really thankful for that. Like it looks really nice but yeah guys, I don't have anything else to say about this hair. I hope you liked the video. If you did, let me know what you think in the comments down below and as always, I will see you in my next video

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