Affordable Aliexpress Brazilian Lace Front Wig Ross Pretty Hair

  • Posted on 26 September, 2018
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Affordable Aliexpress Brazilian Lace Front Wig | Ross Pretty Hair

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Hey You Guys first of im sorry for the music at the beginning i had to change it lol cuz of youtube! BUT Im back AGAIN with another wig !

this wig is amazing silky and beautyfull love it.

Like i mentioned in the video the only thing i was strugglein with was the lace front that was to lose for me (maybe i did something wrong) other then that i totally recommend this wig and its AFFORDABLE .

Hope you guys enjoyed it :)

1. this wig is full and silky.

2. 13x6 lace frontal, makes it look more natural.

3. No tangle and no shedding.

4. High quality






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Crazy movie men talk or pull out all my art, nobody finds our system. I sent ya missin my man this all night. I thought English. I thought unseen. What'S up you guys welcome back to my channel today, I'm going to show you guys this amazing wig, which I received by Ross pretty hair. This is the Brazilian remy hair, it's a lace, frontal and it's, I think, 16 inch. As far as I know, it came with this net and that cute bag. It didn't really come with a lot of informations, but it is super silky and if it felt amazing, the lace front is nice and soft and they came with four comes to on the side and one in the back and then another one in the middle, which I never seen before, but yeah it just has four combs and then it has another life piece in the front, so you can put your hair up. So I watched a lot of videos about the bleaching part of the frontal, and this is where the front started. So, first of all the smell, I thought I was going die, it's so strong and then I tried to get the right mixture, but it ended up way too what you call too creamy cuz it's supposed to not go through the lace but yeah. It did not go the way I wanted to it didn't mess it up, but in the front it come a little bit through so yeah, but I fixed that one which you gon na see later on, but I did learn from it. The texture has to be a lot more thicker for it to not go through, which I don't understand how I went through because on the rest of the it didn't go through on the whole way. It'S just in the front a little bit and that's about it. So that's when I washed it off and I watched the actually hair tool, not just the frontal. I didn't use that on lightening things, because I thought it was okay, so I washed it off wash the hair and I basically just let it air dry and it was pretty nice because the one back to the crumbs Harahan now we're going to get to the Plugin parts yo, I thought I was plugging my life away. This is my first time plugging and first I was kind of confused because I was plugging but it for me to me. It seemed like I wasn't plugging enough and it was like no hair coming off. The way I wanted to so yeah I did plug, but I don't think I slept enough and I'm probably gon na go back and pluck it a little bit more, but I tried my best and, as I keep going, I kind of like got the hang of It so how to plug in whatever, but it's just practice like I said this is all new to me. So yes, but it was so much fun to see a little bit of difference. I'M pretty sure you guys that do this on a daily basis. Talking about, oh, my god, what is she doing? There'S no difference. There don't come for me says now. This is the part where I try to hide the bleaching spot from earlier, and it's not a lot and you can barely see it on the video but yeah. I had to I had to do it. It wasn't bad, but yeah fix it with the pencil. So it's no big deal like I said he didn't go through the whole lace. Now I'm I had went and got my gut to be blue, and this is another thing for some reason, the lace was so loose that it was for me like I had to. I was struggling getting the lace on because every time I glued it down and it got loose and it on one side or the other. So this is the second time that I try to apply the wig and that's when it worked. Because the day before that I had the wig on and I was trying to weigh it out to a club - and I was so in a rush and the waitress didn't want to stay on me. So that's when I this is the second day and I was okay. Let me try it a little bit but add a little bit more glue and it did work out but yeah. I have to make sure I wrap it around know the stuff, because I never had to do that with my all my other wigs. I don't know if I was just doing something wrong, but it was definitely super loose. It didn't snug my head like that. Usually the other legs, so this was new to me. I went ahead and wrapped it to make sure it doesn't lift again anywhere so make sure to secure it so yeah, I wrapped it and it stayed down. Luckily, if you see, I should have plucked a little bit more, but it's fine! You know I got this. I went and cleaned off the glue with a q-tip to make sure I don't have no white access from the glue or whatever. So it's nice and clean. Now, I'm here I'm going to use the trim of nature, the moose now the day before that I used God's video to do my edges, but I don't know I would use eco styler or the moon because it just was too hard. I wanted to feel comfortable with my edges around, so I just used the cream on nature and it worked pretty good. It doesn't give me the hard feeling that I usually get with the got to bleed got to be glue, so this was my sin here. I wanted to have the what you call it the sideburns. I think that's what you call it, and I thought this was pretty cool and cute and I just wanted a little bit more edges as in being more extra, so um yeah. I like this. So here I'm going in with my powder just to make sure my lace is blended in with my complexion and it worked pretty good, even though I didn't bleach bleach, I mean I didn't plug that much it blended, pretty good and it didn't look too harsh the Line I'm talking about so yeah, it's no big deal. I like it. I probably still go back and plug it, some more, but I like the outcome. This is the finished. Look. You can barely see the lace. The lace is 13 by 6, which gives it a more natural look and it does not shed or tangle, which is amazing. Super soft, like I said, and I'm going to show you guys how cute it looks when I put it up in a bun, so it doesn't matter how you want it. You can rock this hair. However, you, like so other than that I am out. I hope you guys like this video, if you do make sure you give me a thumbs up and, of course make sure you subscribe to my channel. So you don't miss any other videos and I hope to see you guys on my next video

Tracy Jamison: Ok now I love this wig on you, so cute

pretty K: The wig look beautiful on you girl

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