Aliexpress Wowangel 13X6 Hd Lace Wig Install | Sakara Tyson

  • Posted on 19 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Aliexpress Wowangel 13X6 HD Lace Wig


Y’all this is really good hd lace for a decent price on Aliexpress! I honestly wish the cap wasn’t so big tho, but I made it work for the install. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. See y’all on my next video

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Foreign video - I got this wig from Wow Angel. It is a HD lace. You guys I bleached the lace and I also dyed the hair black um. So I'm gon na be installing this and I'm gon na be styling. It so yeah, I'm doing the ball. Cap method - and I am using um women's stockings - I like I mean I'm not gon na lie. I like the regular um wig caps, but they just don't do it, especially when you use HD lace. You can really see through everything, so I think it's best that I just use this um stocking cap. You guys you can just get it off of Amazon women's stocking cap. It looks white, but it's actually my complexion, so anyways, I'm doing the ball cap method and I'm gon na install the wig foreign. Thank you through foreign foreign. Let'S do this like Brutus. I need to naturally lay down naturally, okay, I needed to naturally yes, naturally, lay down. Okay, it's naturally laid down was tight as a bad boy up then what happens to all my stuff, really all the stuff I use for my wigs like have it all together? Let this sit well, that's happening. Let'S see, everything is everywhere, especially foreign, it's just the um. The wig is big as hell entirely way too big tripping. Okay, the only thing I want to worry about. I want to do a middle part. Okay, I want to do a middle part, so I'm using this original hot comb original hot comb that you use for your real, your real hair. So you can tell that, like it's ready and you don't want to burn your hair, you want to use this paper. Towels go like this and if it burns the thing just slightly, it should be. It should be ready, but if it burns, if it burns a paper, towel a lot and it it's gon na burn the hair. So this lace is the slice. Is it y'all? It'S definitely the one. This lace is really I'm loving the lace y'all far so good foreign foreign. Look at that y'all. This is this is my own hair. I don't know what y'all are talking about. Y'All even y'all need to see the video beforehand. This is this. Been my row here, I'm just styling it I'm just styling. It right now cause what and also y'all. I just want to say this, I'm at a point in my life, where no more raggedy wigs, I'm at a point in my life, where everything has to be top tip, or if I do my hair, my hair always got ta look good. The lace always got ta be HD for the most part, because yeah this, the one I'm not gon na lie the original car comb is always going to do the trick, but I'm just mad that this one broke. What the oh y'all, I literally have to order. A new one today cools down. I need to go. Actually I need to fix the hair, how I want it. I know how I'm gon na want the hair SpongeBob there's a style, I'm going for y'all foreign, okay, real, quick and easy, because I got some errands. Oh, my y'all, this is my hair y'all. Cannot you guys cannot tell me this is not my hair like come on wow Angel, you all really did it with the lace, I'm not even more cap it to you, but, like I said you guys, I did bleach the lace and I did dye the hair Black okay, so don't forget that this is not at its natural state, but I do believe that at its natural state it is doing the damn thing, but anywho we're gon na flatter in this hair I'll be back when I'm flattering it: foreign, foreign. Okay, I up the hair - oh I'm just gon na up the hair, I'm never using that method. Again that don't work that does not work so irritating. I don't know how to do that. 90S. Look honestly what I wanted, but I want to know they do not want this, but foreign foreign foreign. This is the final look y'all. I wanted to do a 90s look, but it ended up turning out like this, which is also okay, foreign

Life of Sharita: Love the hair ❤

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