Aliexpress Wig Review | Natural Looking Synthetic Wig | Freedom

  • Posted on 19 August, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

AliExpress Wig Review | Natural Looking Synthetic Wig | FREEDOM

Hey guys I’m back with another wig review from AliExpress I came across this wig that is 100% synthetic hair but definitely gives you that vibe of natural hair so hope you guys enjoy my thoughts and opinions !


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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today i have another aliexpress wig review for you guys. You already know this is where i love to get a lot of my wigs as aliexpress love to try out different ones, see if i can find some affordable ones for you guys and for me so yeah today, i'm just going to be talking about this wig. I'M wearing here and letting you know my opinions on it, so, let's just get right into it. I'M falling for you you're, stuck in my mind, just all the time i'm falling for you, okay, so starting off with some of the deets. I have all the information here in front of me, so this wig is from a brand called freedom on aliexpress. This is the body wave free party lace wig, so this wig comes in a couple different options. They come in different colors, so the color i got is the one b. So this is the dark 1b black um. It comes in different colors like i was saying, the wig is 26 inches long, so yeah it is pretty long. So when it comes to the cap, construction and the lace parting, so this wig, like i said, comes in different options, so they have a middle part 13 by 4 and a t part. So the one i have is the t part. So basically the parting is lace and then the edge of the wig is lace. I personally don't really wear tea parts as like full lace front you could. If you have a smaller head, you definitely could, because my head's, bigger the lace, doesn't come all the way to my forehead. I just trim the lace off the edge here and then i clean up the part lace and i just when i wear my wigs. I wear it with my natural baby hairs, so these are my natural baby hairs that are out, and then the wig is just lined up directly with the part i have in my natural hair. If that makes sense, that's just how i like to wear my wigs. Most of the time to make them look more natural, and then that way i don't have to fuss too much with the old lace front and all that and laying it down gluing it down as long as it's a lot of work. So i like to wear my wigs like this, so yes, i have the t part. The 13x4 is basically a full lace front, but the company was out of stock on that one, and i really did want to get that one to try for you guys. But it's out of stock clearly, because it's basically a real lace front and everyone wants it. The middle part is legit, just a piece of lace. That'S in the middle for the parting. I honestly would have gotten that one, but they were sold out of that one too. They only had the tea party. So that's what i ended up getting so the price i paid 36 16 canadian for this wig, so american would be cheaper, but this is from this is canadian pricing, but it's from aliexpress. So you can look at the american alex press or the canadian one, depending what country you're shopping from so yes, 36 16 is what i paid canadian for this wig, which is a pretty good, affordable price for empathetic wig. That has lace. I do this lace parting again, i don't really wear the lace front so still affordable. I think it looks really good for the price so talking a little bit more about the cap construction. So if you've been around for a while, you guys know. I always talk about how i have a big head. I have a natural big head thanks dad i get it from my father, genetics you know. So when it comes to the dome and the cap construction, it is actually not bad. It'S kind of big head friendly. I say that because i don't feel pressure, it's not tight, it doesn't hurt my head to wear it, but again i can't get the lace all the way frontwards, because my head is pretty big, so the lace kind of sits exactly right, where my actual hairline is So that's when i say like if you have a smaller head, you could probably wear this. Actually, as a lace front, you can actually get the lace all the way towards your forehead and like lay down and all that, that's just my opinion. Coming from someone who has a big head, the cap actually doesn't hurt. It feels comfortable. I just can't get the lace properly up on the front of my head. I don't know if i mentioned it is synthetic hair. You guys know that, but it's also um heat safe fibers, so it can take heat up to 380 fahrenheit. So you can use the strainer on this. A curling iron curling irons on synthetic hair doesn't really work anyways because it's kind of hard to curl synthetic hair. Unless you're, like you're, doing my method where you get it wet and then do it, i have a video about that. If you guys are interested, it's very old, so don't be judging the way i look or the way my editing is but yeah. I have a video about that. So just throwing that little thing in there that this can take heat. I personally don't really want to put heat on it. That'S why i tend to get synthetic wigs that have curl and stuff already in it. So then it just stays like this, and i don't have to do anything so when it comes to the fibers of the synthetic hair, it's not bad, i would say it's a little shiny synthetic hair normally will always be shiny, though, but some of them you know Some of those synthetic wigs can be hitting real hard with the shine this one's, not the worst, but when it, when you get black hair like number one like 1b black hair, it will always have a type, a type of high shine to it. So i personally probably wouldn't wear this outside into the sun, because i feel like when the sun hits this. It might get a little more shiny all right. So i brought my brush out just to kind of tell you guys and talk to you guys about how much tangling i'm getting how much shredding. So i would say this wig can get a little tangled. I wouldn't say it's super tangly. I have wigs that have gotten way worse than this um, but i can tell that like, if i'm actually out moving about like this, would get tangled up um. I can't really tell why, though, because the fibers the strands are pretty thin. They feel nice, like this kind of feels like pretty this feels pretty close to like actual hair, so i'm not really sure why it's tangling it just just is especially at the nape, the back of my head um and then, when it comes to shedding, as you Guys can see there is kind of a lot of hair. This is my wig brush. I cleaned it before i even used it um. So what you're seeing actually came from this wig? I will say, though, when i was trimming the lace. I did hit some of the strands so that could be it um. Hopefully it stops shedding. You know when you get new wigs, they usually always shed right in the beginning, just from like they've never been touched. They'Ve never been worn, so you're gon na get some shedding and then normally it stops. So this is what i got so far. If you guys can see it so hopefully it kind of stops shedding after, like today, after where strands are very soft and flowy they keep floating into my face and into my mouth, which ugh. Sometimes i hate that but, like i said, soft flowy moves really well. Tangles, a little bit sheds a little bit so far, this wig's kind of hit in the middle for all my categories when it comes to shedding tangling, shininess comfort everything's in the middle, not the worst, not this, so i think that's it for the actual information on The wigs my opinion on it, though, is that it's a pretty good wig, i'm definitely going to be using it. A lot to film take photos just content. I love to wear a lot of my wigs to make content for you guys, um. I don't actually wear a lot of wigs out when i'm going out. I usually wear a lot of my natural hair or if i am really going, i'm gon na wear one of my wigs that are um human hair. Just because they look more natural. Definitely can uh in person they look better synthetic wigs. I think, look perfectly fine, especially on camera. I personally am going to buy another one of these like when this one like just is out of its time. I used it for a good while i will definitely be purchasing another one. I also want to push this another one, a different color. They have a lot of colors, but i always go with the blacks and then like. If i like it, then maybe i'll get a different color. So yes, that's my opinion on the wig. When it comes to the shipping and stuff like the actual company, their marketing is pretty good online, like they have a lot of details before you're buying the wig. There'S a lot of reviews on this wig, so i got to see like what other people were saying and see other photos, which is always good um and then the shipping wasn't bad. I believe the shipping was like two and a half weeks honestly. So yeah shipping was not bad at all. So that's it guys if you guys have any other questions on this wig. Let me know in the comments thanks for watching bye, you

Café _Noir: It’s so pretty!! How long did the wig last?

QueenAsiaa: I need to see how you put these wigs on because I hate glue wigs down…my hair is kinda about the same length as your natural hair

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