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  • Posted on 13 October, 2021
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Be hi guys welcome back to my channel. This is neptuna majola and if you're new to this channel - and i know you're - subscribed - please do so now and join the family channel anyway. I'M gon na try and show you guys how to um make um cheap synthetic hair look proper, so i'm gon na show you guys how i did that. I have a separate video okay, and this is the equipment that i'm gon na use. At the beginning of my video, i'm always gon na use those in the middle, and these are the products that i'm gon na use towards the end of my video, when i finish my um wig okay, this is probably one of the hardest videos that i'm gon Na take because i don't know how to position this camera honestly, but this is how the closure looks. Um, it's a plastic closure. I hope you guys are able to see it and it's this long. It'S a lot shiny, um, yeah! That'S this long! So we need to unbend this. I hope you guys can see that it's bent over. So we need to undo this section. This section i'm gon na try and undo it and then once i have, then we are ready to go okay, so this part is undone. I did it off camera, however, i will try to shoot it on my next video, so you guys can see how i did it for those of you guys who aren't too sure i did it, but it's really simple um. I wasn't able to properly place my camera, that's why i didn't shoot it um. So now you need to plug this wig um to try and make the center piece more vivid and clear, and in order to do so, you just need to take a bit of hair roll it around your finger and just pull it. You know no need to pull it hard, just try and pull it. I plant my wig a little too much. Please do not make that mistake and then now you're gon na use your concealer try use the darkest concealer, because the closure is a little too light. Um, i didn't have a dark concealer. This is the darkest shade that i had, but i on my next video i'm going to show you guys how to try and get the darkest shade of brown for your centerpiece. I'M just gon na pin down my wig to ensure that it's more stable and does not move too much because i'm gon na comb it and pull it quite a lot. So just try and pin it on your doll head. Okay. Now this is really an important step. Um the wig was a lot thicker and heavier before and listen child the thicker, the wig looks the cheaper. It looks like so we're gon na try thin it out, and the easiest way to do that is to either use a razor or a blade, but i'm more comfortable using a razor. So i'm gon na use that to thin it out a bit and please don't ever use a scissor guys, not a scissor eraser or a blade, and i'm gon na do that until i'm contained with my results. Oh, and also you can't do your hair all your hair at once. You need to pot it comb, it out. Um then thin it out um. You also need to try use a thick comb and a smaller one, because it's synthetic here and it tangles really fast. Yeah so i use a thicker comb and then a thinner one, foreign foreign. This is all the excess hair that i took out, so the wig has an adjustable strap and i'm really sorry that you guys are not able to see what i'm doing, but basically, i'm just gon na do um that part that i invented earlier on in the Video, so i'm just going to glue it on and for that i'm going to use my cut to be glue or spray, whichever one and then i'm going to use my smoothing gel to create my edges and then we're done. Oh okay, i just did my ages because i tried um i'm quickly going to get my makeup done, a natural look and then anyway um. I really hope that you guys enjoyed the video, because i had to tie my hair because wow, i feel like i'm all so goodies, but i really hope that you guys enjoyed the video. I hope you guys were able to take a few things from it and quick reminder. There'S no need for you to spend. You know that much just to try and fit in or just to try and do cute. You know work on your budget. You know be smart, be wise. You know if you're able to finesse do that child. You know if you need more tips, just dm me and we'll try to come up with something together that could possibly work for you or me or for the both of us. You know um, if you really do like this video, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe guys today join our beautiful family until next time.

Nqobile Gumede: I love this!❤We all can't afford to be paying R2000 and above for a wig so is really really helpful thank you sisi❤❤❤

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Jamela Baloyi : Did you use a straightener?

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