Quick, Easy, Flawless Synthetic T-Part Wig Install For Beginners | Gorgius Hair | Step By Step

  • Posted on 19 March, 2023
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Welcome to my channel! Today's video is a wig install featuring Gorgius Hair! Comment your thoughts or any questions you have, and thanks for watching, babe. Everything important down below!

Hair Details: Fiery Touch | 1-Brush-Stylist Easy Signature Style Everyday

Hair Link: https://bit.ly/3ZFUQf3

Discount Code for 25% off: MENANMA25

Wig Essentials Used in Video

- Stocking Caps: https://a.co/d/dLM7F7W

- Hair Scissors: https://a.co/d/30Edkv9

- Satin Scrunchies: https://a.co/d/iosATfW

- Lace Melt Bands: https://a.co/d/do0yFAi

- Ebin Lace Adhesive Spray: https://a.co/d/2k78nS9

- Ebin Lace Bond Glue: https://a.co/d/89JHFib

- Ebin Lace Tint Spray: https://a.co/d/hy08A8s

- Detangling Brush: https://a.co/d/0IHi2dI

- Heat Resistant Rat Tail Comb: https://a.co/d/d3ovtb8

- Andis Hot Comb: https://a.co/d/9V9sOr2

- Claw Clips: https://a.co/d/8k6lyld

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I like to just leave it straight lights and boom. I really really really love this wig. I love it. Hey y'all! Welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl Mina. You already know who it is because y'all clicked on the channel to get to the video anyway. I'M back with another video. Today'S video is actually going to be a wigging stall. Y'All have been requesting a hair tutorial, a wiggasoft tutorial, and that's exactly what I'm about to do here. So y'all were requesting a video for the curly hair that I had on my first video and that's coming soon, but we're actually going to switch it up today and just a reminder before we get into it and I give y'all all the good stuff make sure You subscribe to my YouTube channel and then turn on that little notification Bell, so you can get a little alert every time I post, so you don't miss anything. So we are going to be installing some hair by a company called gorgeous fitting right. Okay, they reached out to me and wanted to send me some hair. I usually don't indulge in a tea part wig. You know your girl, like 13 by 6 13 by four four by four five by fives. We like frontals enclosures, I usually don't buy a two-part wig, but I didn't buy it so we're gon na put it on. So this is gon na be a tea part, which I think is good for my first insult tutorial for y'all, because if you're a beginner watching tea part wings are actually really easy to install little to no work required to install the wig, not that much product Needed to install the wig either, can we get into this box like look how pretty this I feel like I'm gon na keep this box like. I don't even know what I would need the box for. Nor do I have space in my room, closet or bathroom for anything else, but I'm Gon na Keep it because it's pretty and it makes me happy that's what matters. This is what we look like on the inside. This bag is so cute, so we have the wig inside, which is standard because that's what was sent to me, they sent me some little gifts as well White Cap. We need that um we're gon na color these, because they also gave me this really cute bag. Inside they have some clips bobby pins, always useful. We have a wig band who had this supposed to fit. I have a small head, but this won't even fit my head. Thankfully I have my own wig bins, several of them at that. Thankfully, it's your lesson rely on yourself, because what is this? Okay, they also sent me an edge brush. Then they sent me some tweezers. This is like a good little beginner set, because these might be things that you might forget to buy here. You go, I don't even want to take out the bag, the bag is so cute, but this is not a color. I would normally wear, but we have orange today and I forgot to tell y'all she's a synthy. I usually don't do synthetic wigs either. I love me some human hair, bundles because synthetic wigs - I don't know we know one thing that is kind of crazy about me. I don't know if anybody else does this. I name all of my wigs so she's, my only synthetic wig so we're gon na name. Her Cynthia hey Cynthia girl off of pulling it out at first the hair feels decent, it's actually very thick, very soft, very luscious. This is what a tea part wig looks like if you didn't know, literally makes like a little tea, not a lot of lace. Space typical of a tea part wig, so there's not much. You can do in regards to plucking, but again I think it's best for beginners, because as a beginner, you probably not gon na know how to a wig anyway, you just wanna slap that thing on and get it moving head to work. You know so I'm actually gon na get the specs of the hair for y'all. It'S called fiery Touch One brush, stylist, easy signature style every day. That'S a lot. It is 26 inches, T part lace and it is 159.99, so 160 dollars without further Ado. Let'S get into it look at my low head. This is always the funniest part of the process, I'm so sorry like nobody can make this cute you're. Just gon na put your ball cap on be careful. When you do this, get like small scissors, I'm gon na link everything I use in the bio. If you install your wig for the first time, you don't really have all spies you kind of confusing what to get. I will have everything down below for you trust. So you're gon na cut a little hole right here. Just so you can put your ears through, don't cut it too big, you just want it to be secure, so you can put that under your ear and that way it can lay flat. Do the same thing. On this side, of course, you're not gon na be doing this in a camera. You'Re gon na be doing it in a mirror um. So thankfully I've done it a number of times, or else I probably would have cut my ear off. Just be very careful. Don'T come back in my comments, saying Mina, I cut my ear because of you because I told you to be careful man look now we look like a little alien next thing, my favorite spray glue of them all ebens, Wonder: lace, Bond adhesive spray, extreme firm, hold Supreme, I'm not with ghost spawn anymore, I'm with eBay, honey. It'S a little baby girl. Look like again I'm going to be putting this in the bio. So if you have any questions on what I'm using, I promise you it is going to be in the bio. I don't need to link the wig cap right, y'all y'all know where to get the week at imma link the wig capsule, so you're, just gon na get your glue and your base is gon na spray along your hairline and then you're gon na rub it in, Like this and I'm gon na, do it right here as well kind of like down near my ear? You want this wig cap to be secure, honey. If you want your install to last, this is going to be your most important First Step. This is going to kind of determine how your wig is going to stay on. I also want to add that I brushed my edges back before doing this, which is very important, because you want to get as little glue on your actual hair as possible. Wigs are supposed to be protective styles it'll make no sense to be damaging your hair and calling it a protective Style you're going to get your blow dryer and it's gon na be a little loud. I'M sorry y'all You're Gon na Keep blow drying until this is dry. Please do not stop until you are sure it is dry, usually when it's dry you'll lift it up, and this won't come up at all right. So I got it as dry as I could again I'm impatient. I got tired of waiting for it to dry fully. So again, please be careful. I'M even saying this to myself. You know, please be careful. I'M just gon na cut the wig cap boom. Do the same thing on this side now for the back, everyone always wants to know what to do with the back. What I usually do is I cut it in half and then I apply the two pieces together. That way, you don't see it under the wig, but it keeps your hair, nice and tucked underneath and the easiest way to do. This is don't pull this back too far, because when you pull on this hard enough, it's going to like lift your skin with it, and then you could possibly cut your skin. So just do it gently literally just fold it back like this and then just cut along the lines, and it doesn't have to be perfect because your wig is going to go on top of it anyway, but once you've cut off the excess, it should look a Little bit like this, the next step is going to be coloring this cap, because clearly, that's not the color of my skin. It'S not even close we're going to use two things for this: we're going to use a nice little brush and whatever shade of foundation. You are clearly we need to re-up soon and I'm just going to pump some on the brush, like so and you're, literally just gon na go right in and put that right on top of your wig cap and then you're just gon na blend. Oh, let's do it all over the wig cap, at least until the part and the wig is over. That way, you don't just have like a white spot or anything and just keep blending and see that looks a lot better than where we started before. Okay, it don't have to be perfect because again the wig is covering it. You just want it to be closer to the shade of your skin, like that's really all that matters, and you can also use a beauty blender for this. You literally can just take a beauty blender and do the same thing. It might also be better for blending. I don't know, but at this point I'm just with the do whatever works for you when you're satisfied with where you're at you can stop, then we got ta get into the next step. We'Re not taking No Breaks. It'S Sunday, you got work tomorrow. Red is due that wig needs to go on. Okay, you are going to want to tint your lace, stop installing wigs without tinting this lace. Does this look stop for a synthetic wig? I will say that this is actually a pretty nice lace. It'S thin! It'S not too dark. It'S not it's really not that bad. It should be a pretty easy lace to blend. So I tint my lace, I'm going to use even tinted lace, aerosol spray. They have a range of rounds from light to dark. I got medium dark brown. Let'S shake it up and then just spray it directly on the lace foreign. If you have a blonde wig, I recommend, instead of using a lace spray just using a good old brush or a beauty blender with your foundation on it. Just so you don't get that color on your wig, but now that's a little bit closer yeah yeah we're going to let that dry a little bit and then we're gon na put this baby on. I went ahead and blow dried it just so. I could speed up that process now. We'Re just gon na put her on. Okay. Basically, just put your two thumbs underneath like this and you're, just gon na pull her forward until you've, taken away as much of your big forehead. As you like, shout out to my forehead, girls shout out to Rihanna the leader of our crew, no really shout out to us, though, because it's like it's easier to put on a wig when you have a bigger forehead than a small one. So technically we win. This was a side part wig, but I'm more of a middle part girl. So I just put it in the middle anyway. I plucked some of the lace just to take away some of the hair, because this hair is very thick, but what I really wanted to do is install it as it came, so y'all can see authentically like how it arrives out the box. So right now, I'm not too mad at it. The copper is a lot, but it looked pretty good. I don't know. I look good and everything so it's kind of hard to tell I'm irritating once you kind of figure out where you want it to be. We can get into gluing. I tend to flip the wig back like so, and just kind of leave it resting on my head ready to be placed on I'm gon na bring out a scrunchie, I like to use the satin ones because they don't rip the hair out, especially when you're using A synthetically because synthetic wigs are more prone to getting caught on things, so I'm going to tie the hair back that way, it's not in the way and then you're going to want to get out a clean, wig band. So I have ones like this ones with the velcro another one. My suggestion is to always have multiple wig bands. Next, up we're going to be using again even wonder: lace, Bond lace, wig adhesive I like to use the active one which is going to be the red one, just because it's better when you sweat a little bit more or if you want to be on vacation Or if you're going to be in the club child, you don't watch our wigs slide into the back of your head. I took the little top off and I just kind of like dip my my comb in it so you're going to use a metal end comb. I kind of just go in there and you're, basically just going to apply the glue right where you're going to have the wig and you're going to want to make sure you're applying this in a thin layer. Because you want the first layer to dry and turn clear, and then you want to put on that second layer, so that can only be achieved if you apply the layers thin. So I always say thin and spread them out, like so you're just going to keep going along your forehead and the wig cap. It'S going to get your even coat and like spread out those clumps, because those clumps are going to dry white like you, do not want that easiest parts to fix are going to be the part near your ears. Hardest part to fix is going to be the middle of your forehead, so make sure you get that good. First, you don't want your wig, listen at the middle child once it starts lifting there might as well. Just take it off this point. You know what I mean so now that we got the first layer on we're going to let that dry and then we're going to apply our second layer all right, so the first layer dried. I went ahead and applied my second layer we're gon na smooth out this part here that looks a little thick. What was I doing like don't be like me, smooth that shadow see now I got ta bleep that out just because left and right now that it's kind of dry, it's tacky, you don't want it to get dry because then it's not gon na stick. You don't want it to be too wet, because then it's not gon na stick and it's going to be white and Cakey. It'S not that it's nice and tacky we're gon na put the wig on we're going to take this lace and we're just going to pull our wig forward and place it where we want it get the sides. You want to get this as close to right. The first time, because it's very hard to fix once the wig is already glued to your head once I pull it down, I start breaking my fingers through or you can take something like a comb and start just combing to get the lace to stick to the Glue and then this is also really good to make sure that the hair doesn't get glued because that's not cute, because then we can't do no baby hairs and then I'm down now that our hair is tied back it'll, be much easier for us to put on Our wig band we're already in a good spot where about y'all but like I love a little forehead forehead a little free for hair reduction. When I put on my wig so look at this look at us, I'm recording a reel at the same time as doing this video being a content. Creator is not easy, so take the hair out of the scrunchie. This is usually where I start styling, but like this wig came so nice and curled that I don't really have to style it. So that's nice um, so I'm just gon na comb, her out pathetic, wigs, which I used to be having to what's going on here. What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing if you're, just looking for a nice quality synthetic wig, this is definitely going to be better than the ones that you'd be seeing in the beauty supply store. So we already Step Up boom and you know what now that I have the color on I'm not minding it as much, I'm not minding it as much so yeah. I don't really have to style this wig, which is nice, and I haven't had combed it yet, but it's already kind of okay right we're moving through this install okay, we don't waste time. We got ta work tomorrow. Rent is due. I'M gon na put my hair back again again we're using our satin scrunchies. I will link some that I love to use down below I'm telling y'all I'm giving y'all everything. You know this is a One-Stop shop period, so we're gon na take out the swing band. Now it's really just time to cut the lace, so I'm going to be using my nice, tiny little scissors and again we're going to be careful when we're doing this, please I usually start by cutting in the middle first, just like that, and then I'm just going To cut along the hairline okay, we have one side done now: we're gon na do the next side. I always say it's easier to do it in half, instead of just doing the whole thing at one time, so we're just going to get this next tie done, and I kind of like to zigzag as I'm cutting, because it just makes the hairline look a little Bit more natural instead of cutting in a straight line, but you're just going to do tiny, like micro movements, if you want to zigzag, if you don't know how to do that, just go ahead and cut in the straight line: it's okay! Okay! So now is your time to make any adjustments, meaning like if something isn't glued properly now's your time to go back in and start re-gluing, it's kind of impossible to just glue it perfectly on the first time, at least for me so like I try to get As much done as I can, and then these edges right here, like that's kind of like lifting up, you literally just go in I'm going to use. This is the easiest thing for me: I'm going to use like the butt of tweezers, because it's small and it's rounded so it can kind of get in those crevices. I'M just going to stick it inside of my little glue container and like reapply the glue right where I need it. So it's going to be like right here and you just want a little bit of glue. You don't need a lot and just make sure you're applying it in a thin layer. That way, you don't get like that white chunk, key look and you're gon na. Let that get tacky too, before you put that down so now, it's time for the next part we're gon na go back in with our. I need some more of this. We'Re gon na go back in with our lace, Bond, adhesive spray and then we're gon na spray along the hairline and the trick to using this glue to secure your wig. Even if you want to use it for like a glueless installed, you want to let it dry a little bit before you put back on your wig band, because you do not. You do not want this to get stuck, then just pull the wig off, because that's what it will do, you're going to kind of let it dry a little bit put that weight button back on and let the lace melt all good. I always say: I've been patient, but the key to a really good install, I would say, is patience until you get to the point where, like you've done them so many times, you could do it with your eyes closed if you're a beginner, please be patient with Yourself and I I will say like when I first started installing wigs, I would get very, very frustrated. You have to be patient, it's going to be trial and error, but hopefully my video is step by step and detailed enough for y'all to not have to go through everything. I went through try to learn how to install a wig like I just don't want y'all to even touch that level of this. You know what I mean like y'all gon na have to. Let me know in the comments. Let me know if it's helpful or let me know if you need any more details or if I should talk less, I don't know. Let me know all right. It'S dried down a little bit so we're gon na put this wig band right back on. My hot comb is finally heated up, so we're going to start working on top of this head. I don't know if anyone has this type of hot comb, but it goes in increments of 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 being the highest. I always use it on like 15 or 20. For my human hair, wigs. You don't want to do that with a synthetic wig, so I'm going to put it on 10. and put it on 10.. I love this hot comb. I'M gon na link it down there for y'all as well. Y'All need to get you one of these. I always do the front first and I just like to comb it back and once you've combed it back then you're going to go along to that part and you're going to comb it down to the side. That'S how I really get my wigs to be flat, as he do the same thing on this side hold the back then you're gon na go along the part again and boom. Look how much flatter that is, and then I also like to do the back of the head, because I don't want that hump. You know you don't want that. Hump chair the best thing to do when you're installing a wig is to multitask, do a step while you're waiting for another step to finish just save your time. So we did that, while we were waiting for our lace to melt now, we're going to take this off and if you did it right, it shouldn't have stuck, it should have came off pretty easily. Now we can go nowhere cool. So I don't know if I want to do. I usually do like some type of baby hair, but I'm feeling the no baby hair look like we kind of good where we at. If you look closely where to lose, it tell me where the synthetic wigs tea part lace is at not here right, okay, okay, I can put my hair back, don't know about y'all, so if you did it right, if you followed my instructions, it should look something Like this and we're done, that's it um yeah, I would say this is pretty simple. Tea parts are always usually very straightforward, not a lot of work to them like come on. You can't tell me that I didn't just give y'all y'all life, okay, and I also wanted to show y'all a couple hairstyles that you can do with this wig with this install as well they're, pretty easy you're only going to need, like some scrunchies and a clock, Clip so we're gon na see how many we can get out of this first one is literally just going to be this one right just bust down middle part. You know hair behind the ears hair over the shoulder the regular, unique next one that I always do, because I don't really like hair in my face. It'S just gon na be a simple low, ponytail you're, going to kind of like want to comb it back now. When I really want to like get a super slick back Pony with a wig on, I tend to use like a little that even spray glue, but that's usually like when I'm toward the end of the style, like I'm about to take the wig out the next Day or something I'm gon na keep this wig in for probably about the next week, so we're not gon na do that boom. Simple cute, really good for errands, really good. If you don't like hair in your face, like me, yeah third one is going to be a sloppy bun, messy kind of, but with a scrunchie. So I basically just pulled half of the hair through the ponytail holder, and it's just like this. I'M going to kind of show y'all the side. Another really easy. One is going to be a tight bun, so what you're going to do is you're going to twist the hair once you have it twisted like that, you wrap the twist around and around make your scrunchy and boom have a bun at the back. You can do a cleaner one as well, without any of like the leave out. It'S called like this. The military girl bun because, like I always be seeing the military girlies or like the dancer bun, it's either like the military, girlies or the ballerinas I'd, be having their hair. Just like this, nothing is cute period. The fifth one is going to be like a high pony. It'S like not that high. It'S like mid yeah they're, all of your hair, okay, pull their hair through I'm gon na. Do this a couple times until it's tight enough right in the middle super cute right right, another one that I really really love we're gon na do a half up half down! Basically how I like to do. It is just take your two thumbs like this. Go like about where your eyebrows are okay and then you're, just gon na go back and take half of the hair, and I don't know where I put my oh. I do okay and you're going to put it up into a ponytail like so fluff it out a little bit, and now you have your half up, half down and last but not least, is going to be our claw clip hairstyles. Now, with the way I'm going to show you, you don't actually have to cheat and use a scrunchie and then the claw clip you really can just use the clock, clip but caveat you're going to need a big one that can hold a lot of hair. So, first step get all of the hair together, almost like you're doing that below ponytail that I showed you then you're going to twist it at the base of the hair. So, like just twist the top of the ponytail after you twist it you're literally going to bring that up. You'Re going to take your claw, Clip open it up and then you're going to put it right in the middle and make sure you get the combs in there flip it back shake it out a little bit I like to just leave it straight lightest and boom. I don't know how many songs I was. I think that was like 10 different styles, that you can do with this wig alone and I'm probably missing some at that, but yeah. I just want to show you how versatile this wig was like. I really really really love this wig. I love it. I might even wear it just like this to work tomorrow. Okay, lots of you yeah so shout out to gorgeous wigs y'all need to go shop. Use my code meet up my 25 m e n, a n m a 25 for 25 off any wig of your choice at gorgeous.com, um yeah again, that's it! That'S all! I got for you, I hope this video was helpful for y'all. I hope y'all learned something I hope. Y'All have fun watching me figure out how to install this tea part with. I ain't saw the tea part. We can use Joe again follow me on all my socials, I'm Mina on most places. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, tick, tock, all of the above and, most importantly, y'all know what I'm gon na say. Most importantly, go ahead and subscribe to my channel turn on that Bell, so you can get a notification anytime. I drop some new tea for y'all and yeah just become a part of the family like we cool over here, you know like people like it over here. I like it over here, I'm gon na be posting more install videos. If you want to comment a recommendation or a video for me, I am more than happy to accommodate. Let me know if you want to see a jet black bust down middle part, 13x6 front, install a water wave install. I promise y'all that I will be doing a tutorial on how I achieved the look from my first video. It was like that Curly closure wig that Bob, I will be doing an install on that as well um, if y'all want to see me, do more hauls. If you all want to see makeup, tutorials drop. All that, in the comments give me any and all feedback you have, I am more than welcoming to all feedback. I would love to hear. It only makes me better and I also do really want to say thank you so much for 2500 YouTube subscribers. Thank you guys so much. I was not expecting the overwhelmingly positive response that I received with my first video. I was not expecting as much support as I got. I was not expecting as many views as I got on my first video I'll link it. I was not expecting it at all. I'M super happy super grateful super appreciative to all of y'all who watch the video and all of y'all who will watch the video and all of y'all who are watching this video and will watch this video yeah. I'Ve been wanting to start a YouTube for a very long time. I just was not expecting to hit the ground running so fast and to have as much support as I do um and I'm really happy when I succeeded things so yeah thank y'all, make sure y'all leave a like make sure I leave a comment. Make sure y'all subscribe if you're new here welcome if you're not thank you for coming back and that's pretty much all. I have to say thanks y'all for watching again I'm Nina yeah, so pretty much it Maya

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