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Hey honeys, welcome and welcome back to my channel if you're new, here, hey girl, welcome to the game and if you're returning, hey girl, it's been a minute and it's good to see you um today i'll be installing this 5x5 hd lace wig from svt here. This is really just a reinstall, but i really wanted to try like the zigzag party, because i thought it was like super cute um. The baby hairs have been baby hearing and coming out right lately, but soon i'm gon na do a wig and start. When i give me like a real dope wig, i'm gon na do me a wigging style with no baby hairs, because i've tried that look before it looks really cute, but i just want a fresh wig for it. So if you guys are interested in seeing this install, i'm not gon na keep you any longer, don't forget to subscribe. Subscribe, subscribe like comment and share. Follow me on my social medias everything i'm gon na use will be listed down below. Let'S get into this lay baby, this is a dope yeah yeah, let's get into it is is, is is, is your boy got the full body out? What you can do is me. The 10 000 building get your ass. An apartment. Put you inside a g-class. That'S just a starter kit. Plenty things got in life, but none of them is the thought of it. New piece around my neck is chess games. Cause shorty stable, calculated moves like beth, harmon, swell more purple rain, prince than prince, charming disappointment. I stay expecting into pessimists. Gold medalists flush tomatoes, just so they not collecting my specimens down where you are. I believe um work, work work i just i'm trying baby. I hear the fan, but y'all know it gets hot when you're filming um, so i had to turn it on, but all i did was i took like. I mean some loose curls. Yes, they kind of fail, but i kind of like my curls like this because they just add like a a little bit of um. What is it called a little bit of shape? I don't like them tight. I do just fall down there. I do like them. A little bit harder than this, but the curls ain't gon na focus we're focusing on this whole little extra bang pal going on right here, so yeah. Everything about this looking real cute is my first time doing a zigzag, so yeah y'all know i got ta complete. The look i got ta go beat my face, so we're gon na do a little spin. I'M gon na come back and i'm gon na be a beast. We'Re gon na we're gon na have a beat on. We got ta beat ourselves what happens hold on put you right here and hopefully the background music. I'M using y'all, don't really hear. What'S going on over there, but you got to keep that fan on i have to, but don't this unit will slip slide off so, like i said i'll be back and i'm just looking like i'm gon na be looking like that one i mean i already look Like that one, but you know what i'm trying to say, so i did my little makeup if y'all want to see this beat, y'all gon na have to um hop in the link. Well, not the link i'll link it in this video um. It'S just like my little updated beat but yeah y'all, that's the hair. The hair is hearing, the lace is melting, i'm loving it here. I know y'all love it here. Um i've been trying to drop like more fire content and reach out to companies and really get myself out there and stuff like that. You already know: i'ma had a fan on so don't even start with your girl. Just let's not do it. It gets hot in here because it gets real in here. Okay, so yeah, that is the finished. Look little zigzag part. This is svt here. This is me reinstalling, my old wigs um. It'S not oh! I got this like not too long ago. Already speaking to me not too long ago, but yeah y'all go see, the y'all should go watch the video for um. This install is well of when i first got this wig. But yes, i love the little zigzag parting lace. Edges like we're having a good day. We'Re having a good day so, if you guys enjoyed this video, do subscribe like and comment for me subscribe subscribe subscribe. I just want to say thank you for um everybody's been subscribing to me if you're, new and returning, i appreciate it yeah, but if you want to see this little wig, i'm glad y'all watched so y'all can see this little wig yeah and i'm gon na see Y'All in the next video have a blessed day. You

Ashley Muse: Girl you did good

India Bellerín: Hi what product did you put on your part?

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