Meet The Little Hair Pin That'S Jewelry For An Easy Bun

Our new collaboration with Deborah Pagani, the fine jewelry & accessories designer, puts a playful twist on Gucci's favorite hair pin.






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Hi everyone, i'm gucci westman and i'm very excited to be sharing with you today that we are doing a collaboration with one of my favorite um accessory designers, deborah pagani. I wear her hair pins pretty much every day, and so we have been working on our own collaboration. We have these two colors in our signature: heart logo, this beautiful nude enamel dipped in gold and gold straight up gold. So it's kind of her shape on the bottom and then we have our heart on the top, and i wear these pins pretty much every day, they're just so easy and they're so chic, and it really makes kind of putting your hair up more of a moment And it feels more special to have something: that's timeless! That'S classic! That'S just beautiful! So i'm going to show you just how easy they are to use. I don't even need a mirror, so i just take my hair and twist it around my finger. So i just then pop in the pin give yourself a little height of the crown. Whatever suits your face, so there you go so. Interestingly, deborah was so surprised that i do my pins the way i do them the way she does it is. She sticks the pin in upside down and then she catches the hair and then she comes around and i think that the way deborah does it is really kind of like foolproof. And if you have finer hair, it really will hold finer hair as well. So when i first um started using deborah's pins, i i really was drawn to to the craftsmanship and how heavy they are they're, so substantial. They really do feel like pieces of jewelry and because the nude one is painted enamel you want to be. You know you want to take care of them, you want to be gentle, you want to maybe give them a little polish make sure you take care of them, and you don't want to bang them up, can't wait to hear what you think and check them out On our website and on, thank you. You

Carleen Tibbetts: Her pin is one of the only things that holds my thick, wavy hair in! What a great collab!

Melanie Lalonde: I just ADORE french pins!!!! The deborah pagani large pin in gold is just...PERFECTION! I use it every single day and it really elevate your everyday updos! Now...I will probably be tempted to add that nude color heart pin!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!

Mac: Very pretty. Makes me wish I had longer hair. :)

Mommy POV: These are stunning! Timeless chic!

Violeta Field: 100 bucks for a hair pin? Age of total decay

Maitén Panella: Super chic! Love them.

Cathryne Allen: Love them!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Genevieve trudel: So beautiful, and would like to know about your bracelets, thanks!

Christine Mack: Perfection!

Amanda: Very cute

Sundown: Ordered!

Ilknur Okyay Kelly: Would love to try but sold out:(

Melanie Carosi: Way too dear for me …good luck with the launch…

Ariana Lunsford: Cute

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