Bellami Ombre Extensions Unboxing!! Color #8/60

Hey guys so i hope you guys enjoy this Unboxing of the Bellami Ombre Extensions by Guy Tang in the Color #8/60 this was just my first impressions of the extensions and also kinda of a review If you have any questions please leave them down below! These are the 160g 20" love you thanks for watching XOXO

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Guys so I was totally expecting not to make this video, so please excuse the lack of makeup and the messy background. My bed is unmade and stuff. We were just laying down, but yeah today, I'm gon na be doing an unboxing of my Bellamy, ombre extensions, which I'm so excited to show you guys. I haven't open my actual extensions. I opened the tester, though, just to make sure that it was a perfect shade because we're not the perfect shade or if it was like kind of close to the perfect shade, because I don't want to get them and open them and be like. Oh they're. The wrong color, so I obviously want to know at least that, but today I'm gon na be opening them with you, and I was so excited. So they came in a brown box like this, and it just has my information on the top. So I'm going to show you that - and this is what it looks like: it's black and pink: it's really really cute and adorable, and these are the guy tank volley, ology extensions and they're in the color 860. I don't know if I mentioned that, but yeah I'm so excited so you get the box and then you go ahead and just open it like this and they also give you a little brush to go with it. I thought I was gon na be pink, but it's actually gold, but you know it looks fine, and so that is what it looks like on the inside. So you have our extensions right here and then your brush. No, no, if y'all can see that so yeah. So this is the brush it comes with. I haven't opened this yet, and it's just a gold kind of brush like that to comb out your extensions with. So I'm really excited about this. I might even use it on my real hair because my real hairs pretty tangled and sorry okay. So this is what the extensions look like and I got him in the clara 860, like i said, and they're called the Bellamy balayage by guy tank 160 gram. 20 inch in the color 860 and the reason I got the 20 inch instead of the 22 inch was because, if I got 22 inch, it would be too long for me and to kind of like I feel, like you cannotice, when they're real really long. So I didn't want it to look too noticeable, so I just went ahead and got the twenty inch instead, hopefully it's not too thin at the bottoms and stuff. Like that, that's what I was scared about. I was scared. That'S gon na be really thin, since it is like less grams. I think the other one had way more grams, but this is a hundred and sixty grams and it's a twenty inch. So let's go ahead and open this baby so down here you have a little package thing and it's raining I'm so sorry, you have a lot of packaged thing right here and it says tester and you go ahead and open that, and this is the only part I have opened, and it comes with a little hairnet and your little tester inside, which is a two clip, just a two clip strand of hair. This is what it looks like when I open this. I comb through it with my hands and hair came out. So hopefully the extensions don't do that, but yeah. This is just a tester and it looks like that see it has that brown and then Bates blonde at the end and then use this as your tester. So I'm gon na go ahead and do that, for you guys just have my hair in a bun and it's pretty curly. So that's why I wanted this color, so I'm just gon na clip them clip this test in right here and they're straight and my hair's. Like wavy, but that is what it looks like I'm off you could tell, and then I just take my hair down and then that is what it looks like to me out out. So the extension is right here and then my regular hair so like. If I blend it in a little bit kind of separate it, it looks like it will be a pretty decent match. It says warning void if removed. So basically, you have this thing on the back and if you open it, they could tell and you're not allowed to return them after you open this part. So, that's why I'm really scared to open it, but I really want to - and I really wanted this color and I think it matches good enough. What do y'all think I don't know. Please excuse some nappy hair. Why we open the rest. I'M so scared guys. Those close this box, I'm gon na, keep the box, so I can put them back in there so time to open the real package, I'm scared and then they come in the bag like this and they come in a hairnet as well, and this is what they Look like I'm so scared, yeah, okay, so I'm gon na open these, oh my god, guys they full thick. So what thing I look like, oh my god, I'm so excited! Do they match guys, you think yeah, maybe no, I'm so excited! Oh, we cook they're, so blond at the bottom. Okay, so let's go ahead and show you what it comes with. I don't want to get them tangled. So here is a four clip weft and, as you can see, the blonde is not like a straight line. It'S pretty mixed up, there's like longer Brown part and then blonde, and then this blonde comes up higher, so it looks kind of like highlighted so there's your four clipped weft, another four clipped left. This one looks like a thot. They feel really soft and they're, not tangled at all. I had the ones before this. The only extensions I had were once from Sally's Beauty Supply and actually looked up the grams, and they were like 60 grams, like before I bought these I was like I want to make sure they're kind of thicker and there's 60 grams, and these are a hundred And sixty so they're pretty thick compared to those and the ones that Sally's, I believe, are a hundred and something dollars and they're, not ombre. So these are. I didn't even mention that the price that I paid for these were let me go ahead and check okay, so I paid two hundred and forty-seven dollars and 49 cents, including shipping, and also taxes and everything. So anyways comes with another four clip. That'S what that one looks like and they're like fade into a light like it's a light brown and they fit into a blonde like a bleached blond color. Now we have a three clipped weft. That'S what that one looks like this one's like more highlighted and right. There you can see that kind of line, but the ombre starts, but I'm pretty sure it blends with your hair. Then we have another three clip option and that's what that one looks like that one's mainly on the tips see that's what I'm scared of my tester. One is mainly on the tips too, so hopefully they're not all like that, but like hopefully they all blend pretty good, and then you get these two where actually this one is just a two clip weft. So you get one of these and then you get one. Two three four one clipped webs and they just look like that, just one of those, so you get four of those. Actually I don't never use these, but maybe they'll come in handy just in case I'm doing like I'm really crazy, hair tutorial or something like that. I might need that and so yeah I'm gon na go ahead like that's what they look like altogether, I'm so excited to try these on. I can't believe I opened on guys. I can't take him back now. Hope they match. So I'm gon na go ahead and pop these babies on and I'll be back to show you how they look. It might look weird, though, because these are straight and my hair's like really like out of a bun, crazy curly, but we're gon na do it anyway. It cooks, I'm really excited to try them on so I'll, be right back when I happened these on guys, so I went ahead and clip them all in and you could obviously tell where my hair is because it's all frizzy and curly, but the extensions are pretty Thin at the bottom - and I don't know how I feel about that - I might have to like a little bit of them just to make it not so thin, because my um, real hair, as you can see, is like very choppy like the way it's cut. But I think if I curl it, maybe you'll look better and I did open the little brush it came with and it's actually not real brush like hairs, they're kind of bendable. I guess so they don't pull out your extension here and yeah. That'S what it looks like. I got the gold one yeah, that's what it looks like. Let me go ahead and Cheryl it back. I haven't no idea what the back looks like extensions, so I don't know if you could see, but this is what they look like from the back. I don't know if they're blending, but from what I could fill they look like they are actually a different day from the previous clips. The reason I wanted to go ahead and throw this in at the end is to show you what they looked like with it. Fixed up and blended with my hair, because when I did put him on earlier in the clips, I just threw him all at the bottom and it looked really uneven and not blended. So I really wanted to show y'all guys what it would look like if I actually like fixed it up. So this is what it looks like so far like the color still matches pretty good and I actually tried to cut them, and I was just gon na cut them to blend in with my hair, because they do look thinner at the ends and I cut one Little piece off like a little chunk and I chickened out and I stopped cutting them because I did not want to mess these up they're almost $ 300, so I did not want to like put all that money to waste by messing them up by cutting um. So I ended up curling them and stuff anyways and seeing what they would look like without them being cut and act. I like the way they look. I think they blend pretty good now, so I don't think I need to cut them anymore, maybe later on when they start getting dryer I'll cut the ends just a little bit, but other than that. I think I'm just gon na keep them like this cuz. They blend pretty nicely with my hair and so yeah. I just wanted to show you what guys, what they look like with it. My hair actually fixed and they still look pretty thin at the bottoms. I don't know if you could tell they're really thin at the bottoms, which um is kind of expected with extensions, but I know on some people's reviews of these extensions. I say they're thick all the way from the top to the bottom and that's total false, like mine, are really thin at the bottom, and I don't know if it has to do with a hundred and sixty grams cuz. Most people do get the 220 grams. Just so they'll be a little bit thicker, but I did not want them because there would be way longer like these come all the way to right here like to the mid of my stomach, and if I got the 22 inches. That would have to be like really long and um. I did not want to have to cut them, like I said at the beginning, so I just went with these and I mean they're still a pretty thick when you brush them out, they're, really like poofy like after I curled them. They weren't as silky anymore. They were pretty like fuzzy and that's another thing I wanted to show you all guys like if you take one strand of the extension they're, not just full on one length like if you look closely, I don't know if they are gon na be able to tell, But it has like little cuts everywhere like little choppy hairs and it makes them actually kind of really frizzy. So you got to keep that in mind, actually got some oil yesterday to UM put in them just so it could take away some of the frizziness and then I also put in my hair. So that's what the shine is like coming from from this and because the extensions are still pretty shiny, cuz, they're, pretty new still but yeah. I just wanted to tell you all those couple of things and show you what it looks like so overall. I really think these are worth it and they're really good extensions, hopefully they'll last long, umm, the first time I did brush them. They did have quite a bit of fall out and when I curled them they had quite a bit of fall out, but then other than that when I've stopped him and brush him and put it back in the box and everything they haven't really had fallout. So it was only that one time it was only that one time where I styled them and when I combed him out, those were the only times that I had fallout other than that nothing has spelling out and they look pretty good um. I did cut a piece from this side. I have no idea where it was because it kind of blended. In anyway I was just gon na kind of do with my little razor but yeah. So this is what they look like. I hope they all enjoyed this unboxing. If you do like these kinds of videos make sure to thumbs up this video, so I could nobody keep doing the unboxing for you guys and if we're not subscribed, please subscribe. I make videos every three to four days, so I have lots of videos up for you guys and until next time, guys bye,

Vanessa: A few years ago I ordered 220g bellamis and they were thin at the bottom as well. I've had Luxy brand before and they were awesome. I ordered 220g from them too but they seemed to be thicker all around.

Ashtan Abrahamson: I just got these exact same extensions and mine look nothinggggg like this, they are completely thick and there's no harsh line where the blonde starts like these, they probably just improved them the past two years but I love them.

Gay B: If you're looking for an honest reviews before buying your set, it's best to look for these type of reviews, reviews from real customers. i was almost sold by the popular youtubers' (beauty gurus) statement that bellami's hair are thick from tip to bottom. thank you for saving my hard earned money.

Thrif-Tea Annie: When my hair is super long my ends are thinner than at the base of my head because of layers and breakage from heat but I think it makes them look more natural on you :-)

Sienna: They look gorgeous <3

WTFish!: the brush is a detangler. but the extensions are thinner at the end because of length and because of how light they are. I have these and trust me, it's better thinner at the end because I have the lily where they are thick top to bottom and it's too thick .

Alicia Marie: I ordered Luxy 220 gram and my hair is so thick I still have to go get a haircut so the hairdresser can "thin" my hair out so it blends more. Also, these 20" extensions are so long that honestly it's unnecessary so just cut off an inch or two you extensions still serve their purpose, especially those with shoulder length short hair that want longer hair.

Elle: The 260 grams is way thicker. I trimmed mine a little bit to blend in with my hair.

Priscilla M.: i was gonna suggest curling them instead of cutting them but you did it already i think they look nice on you ☺

Charlotte Brown: Use argan oil to keep hair extensions shiny and soft and also there's a type of weft glue that you can use to keep the hair from shedding

Jessica Hopper: It has to do with the 160. I have purchased both. U should try the 220 or how'd did much. It's so with it. I wear the ash ones & love it

Sam Aikins: Thank u this helped so much for my colour match

Jessica Avalos: Aren't Bellami's ombre extensions different than the guy tang balayage extensions?

Anna ModelScene: Extensions are beautiful but honestly very thin at the bottom, I have the bambina in the color ash brown 160 grams and they are very thick so I guess its just this balayage style that comes thinner, I want this so bad but now I dont know :/

chanel spriet: omg if it curl it so beautiful <3

Monica McDaniel: I have the bellisima 160 grams and mine ARE completely thick from top to bottom

Alisha J: I was going to buy these, and I'm glad i watched this first. I feel like for celebs guy tang makes amazing clip ins but for every day buyers he makes it really bad balayage it looks more like ombre i hate the blonde line across them that is NOT balayage . I feel bad for everyone who spend over $200 on these wow .... I wasn't expecting that ...

Breanna Creekmore: did you have to sign for them when they came??

MakeupMichelle _: wow these look very stringy at the bottom :( that sucks for how expensive they are.

Jenna Archer: the look awesome :) i think youd look amazinggg with all blonde hair tho ;)

BritanyRaquell: Extensions <3

Liz May: These are a rip. I've got 160g sets before and they have WAY more hair than this!!

Gay B: ohh they're very thin at the bottom :( i'd feel bad if that's mine.

Lizbeth Valverde: they dont look all that good its like used ones

M Becky: Don't match your hair???

Mahbobah Zehen: Ilyyy

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