Abhair Clip In Human Hair Extensions Review And Tutorial. (How To Add Volume To Your Hair)

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Hi guys, so today's video is gon na, be a review plus tutorials, and it's like, like this kind of review. I'Ve never done before, and this was actually i didn't require this kind of review, because um this will be a review for human hair extensions. So, as you all know, if you have been watching my video uh, i really had like really long hair, so i really didn't require all these extensions and um yeah, i kind of like, like i wanted to try this colored extensions, like you know, adding some blonde And all but then yeah, i never tried it but uh. Finally, this um ab hair uh, they contacted me and they wanted me to do a review for their company and they wanted me to do a review for their company. So since i cut my hair like after coming back to india, i actually cut my hair. You can see it's still long, but i don't like previously used to have like a bunch of like straight hair, all the way down like now. I have my hair in layers so um. I don't have that. You know what i'll say. I don't know what like a bunch of long hair reviews to see. Oh, my god, you have long hair. Now i also have long hair, but i don't get that anymore. Like, oh, my god, your hair is so long so anyways, so once they approached me to try the extension, i was really happy because, to be honest, i was missing my hair. Like my long hair so very badly, i was like okay, i would love to try it. Maybe it'll give some like you know the back it'll give me the that old look of long hair. So i asked them to send me this extension. As you can see, this is really long. This is 29 inch, uh human uh, hair extension. So this is the um hair, and this is like 29 inch, pretty long as you can see, and the packaging is really good, it was nicely packed and the best thing is, i thought, my god, it's going to be tangled. I have already opened it because, usually when i do reviews, i always try out products before doing the review, and also i wanted to you know, apply and see how to apply it so that i can show it to y'all. So this was like after opening. Also, it didn't get tangled, i kept it nicely and um. Also. This is like 100 human hair. You know indian remy, uh, human hair hundred percent. You can see it yeah, so yeah and uh. Their extensions are made from the finest raw material and yeah, and i don't need to read it. I can tell you this is like really amazing. I love the quality and the packaging is really good, not like any cheap thing or something, and this is how it comes in all together. So you just gon na take everything off like once and then it has like different pieces uh. So you have like nine pieces, so this is like the you can see. So this is the longest one and i will show you how to apply so i'm going to show it on myself when i applied in my hair, like or after applying it kind of, gives a voluminous look, since my hair is in layer, so the volume has Kind of come down so once i add this extensions, i get a really nice volume added to my hair and it looks really awesome and when i apply my sister, her hair isn't that long. So it looks really beautiful. You know she have that long, hair look and it is so natural and you can see it's like beautiful. It just looks exactly like my hair and the color suits like matches. I have this um color done like i've colored my hair and uh. So and it's like black and this um golden kind of blonde, whatever it is color and um, this one is in between so i accentuate this one so once i apply it, it kind of makes so well with my hair. It looks stunning, so i'm really happy with what they have sent me. Everything is like awesome and the shipping was also super fast. They it took me, i think, two weeks, not even two weeks to reach uh like in india and yeah. So this is it. So don't forget to check out their website. There are different styles and different colors and different length. You can check them out. The price is also pretty reasonable. So now i will go ahead and show you how i actually apply it. So first i'm combing my hair and detangling. It really nicely. Next, i'm dividing my hair into sections. First, i'm taking a section from underneath and securing it with the clip. Next, i'm taking the longest extension with four clips and i am securing it into the parted section of my hair. Next again, i'm parting and dividing my hair into another section where i'm going to insert another extension now, i'm using the next longest extension with three clips and remember to remove the tag which i actually forgot to remove anyways and i'm securing the clips. It'S just very easy: it's just like a normal clip and i'm combing it and you can see how nicely it has blended into my hair. Now i'm going to go ahead and apply the extension on the front portion, so first i've parted my hair and next i'm taking the single clip-ons uh single clip-on extensions and i'm applying it and i'm putting them in random way. Uh. This is gon na. Add a lot more volume to my hair and i'm just like parting, my hair and inserting them and securing them with the help of the clips and again, i'm adding another chunk of hair extension to the um like at the behind of my hair. This is gon na make my hair look more voluminous and i'm combing my hair, and that's it. You can see how well the hair has blended and it looks long - and it just looks my like my own natural hair, so yeah that is it and you can see a lot. More volume has been added to the front section of my hair too, and even if i keep my hair in front also, i have enough hair left behind too. So, as you can see now i have so much value volume to my hair and um. It'S like really voluminous just to see on tv and all and yeah, so usually after cutting layer. I don't have so much fun in that, but now i have volume length and nice cutting and everything at the same time. So absolutely love this hair and i'm fading and trying to wear it somewhere and yeah. I love this hair. You should go check out abhair.com website and try out their awesome products and all my subscribers get a special discount uh. It'S given in the description box, the discount code, so if you're purchasing make sure you use it and get to discount so yeah, that's it. I hope you guys like and enjoy this video, don't forget to rate and comment and subscribe if you haven't and that's it thanks for watching bye for now guys

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