How To Apply Hair Extensions: Ft Foxy Locks

How To Apply Hair Extensions: ft FOXY LOCKS

Hey Dolls,

I have recently got my hands on some Foxy Locks hair extensions and I LOVE them!! If you have never worn hair extensions but are looking for some super natural ones then I really recommend these!

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Welcome back to my channel, I thought, like it's been so long since I've actually sat down and spoken to you guys, but anyway in today's video, I'm going to teach you how to put hair extensions in because I know sometimes it can be really really hard. But to make all matters a lot easier, I am using foxy, looks hair extensions and I have got the seamless 22 inch clip in hair extensions in the shade. I think it's cocoa or Cooke color, something like that and and honestly they are so natural, so easy to apply. They blend in amazingly with your hair, and they just look so flawless. So if you'd like to see it tutorial on how to put hair extensions in especially foxy luxe, then please keep watching so moving on to the tutorial. This is my natural hair. I'Ve got any extensions, you know anything. I have straightened it, so it looks really really fat but hello. It'S really really flat in comparison to what I write sentence, but obviously, if I have the superior 22 inch seamless clip in hair extensions - and these are 220 grams, that fits perfectly within my hair, all the clips in perfectly - and I just love it - I think I'm The shade cocoa or cooker, or something like that and and they blend so seamlessly within my hair, so I really really recommend them if you're a similar hair color to me so three products I'll be using the first one is just your bog-standard dry shampoo. This one smells really really good. This is just good, and this is just going to give a lot more texture inside your hair and not make it is shiny and silky just so the extensions really staying all day and they don't slip out anywhere. The next product, which you don't have to use, if you don't want to you, can just stay with your dry shampoo, but this is just texture spray, and this is the verified. Give me texture - and this literally gives you a head texture and doesn't make it is shiny and silky as well. So it's similar to dry shampoo. So if you haven't got this, then you're good to stretch on poop if you've got five and perfect and then of course, you are going to need um hairspray. This is just the vo 5. Is this shape my style creation, hairspray um, and this one is so good? I got it recently. I really really recommend it and then you're also going to need just a normal hair brush and then a comb. I would use a cotton that has loads of bristles. So I have no idea where I found this. I think this was my mum's from years ago when she done hairdressing, but you can get combs that sort of like this from like Primark or just your drugstore or hairdressing store, or anything like that, really just ones with loads of bristles, because this is going to Help back comb your hair, a normal comb or hairbrush, won't be as good, but you can use that as an alternative. Just in case you haven't got them how my hair, I'm going to use the John Frieda wand. I don't know what this is um, but I will leave it in the description because every single thing has wrapped up Lynette's, because I've had this for so long. So I will let you know in the description. What one that is you've got it. I got it from boots. It was like 20, weird or 25 quid to say so. What I'm going to do is I'm going to turn around in a minute and show you how to is section your hair and how to put the old hair extensions in your hair. So I'm basically just going to section eight two different parts back comb. It hair spray it clip it in and what kind of stuff, so you guys will know what to do after this, I'm gon na get some Josh um. You'Ve got ta, be careful if you've got brown hair and you used dry shampoo because and make sure how go gray sometimes - and I don't wan na - go - Oh, Oh, Oh! So I'm now just going to curl my hair, I'm going to get sections like this! Quite big sections it'd probably help if I turn my colors on so this is the final result. I really hope this tutorial has helped you guys if you were struggling a bit on how to put hair extensions in not to eat your hair, though foxy locks were nice enough to give me a little code for you guys if you are considering on purchasing some Foxy locks, hair extensions, then I've got code for you, which is foxy egg rose, and if you type that in at your checkout you will receive a free gift with your order, which is all fabulous because we all love free gifts. So, thank you guys so much for watching. If this video has helped you and please give it thumbs up, please subscribe if you are new to my channel, because that would be amazing so anyway, thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you in my next video bye, hello, hi, just filmed A video

ITSJUSTME: Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Van Beersum: Please do a back to school tutorial !!

Saza: Girllll you're everything goals

Daisy Walker: Love foxy locks

Barbara Barker: do you dye your hair color? if so what color or product do you use?

Shae Forsythe: Do these shed or tangle easily?

Laurie Lefebvre: I love this video! You're very pretty !

Jet Sable: Hey, I am buying foxy locks with various weft sizes, one 8 inch, one 7 inch, two 6 inch, two 4 inch and two 1.3 inch. Where would I position these on my head?? I have no idea at all! Thanks so much! X

Lizett Bernal: Perfection

Georgia Williams: What hair dye do you use ?

AYSE AND ZELIHA: New subcriber! Me and my sister love your channel obsessed! Check out ours but it's no where near as good as yours though haha xx

Spartan_A117: i wanna make my hair look pretty like your!!! if not prettier! !! lol jk cx good video

Gina Mailer: so pretty, what camera did u use? :)

dorisyu428: you are so gorgeous Amy, I am a new a subscriber from Hong Kong

Estera Alexandru: love the hair color!!is it medium ash brown?

hchannel upward: Hi, where is your mirror from? in the background x

yadira luna: what lip color are you usingI'm in love

Ona Borja: What color are the extensions you used?

Grecia Mendoza: You're so beautiful

Teresa Meyers: Gorgeous!! What music is this Pleeease?!?!??!

Klaudia Kowalska: !!!

Jennifer Lynn: does anyone else think she looks like courtney from TOWIE?

Lara Foxy Locks: Gorgeous babe xxxxxxx

Donna C: Did you dye your own hair

thatlady pr: what color are the extensions?

Beth -: The free gift is HUMAN hair false lashes don’t bother ‍♀️

Stacey's Girl: Whats the name of the last song? I like it!

quben Alex: no it hasn't cos i wanted to see how long it was but you can't see the ends of your hair

sebeautifulnails: it has a tape or clips?

Sophie: Why does your forehead look grey?

Vic Con: Can't stand the accent

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