How To: Relaxed Yaki Clip Ins Install ~ Beginner Friendly & Affordable! Ywigs

Hey Couzinnss!!! Achieve an affordable tape in look using clip in extensions! YWigs natural yaki textured clip ins have me feeling so glam on a budget. Style these clip ins in endless way. Enjoy =)

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thank you hey cousins today I'm coming through with a little bit of a different style you see the natural hair flourishing I'm going to be showing you guys how I do two easy styles using clip-in extensions these clippings were provided to me by why wigs I'll leave all their information Down Below in my description box I have their seamless pu clip-in extensions and I have the length 18 inches and this is their relaxed Yaki texture I would have loved the kinky texture because my hair is like a contrast between Yaki and kinky but this still Blended pretty well with my natural hair so I'm going to be quiet and let you guys see how easy it is to clip in these extensions for my first style I use almost all the clip-ins and I do have two packs you don't have to purchase two packs of clip-ins if you want to have a fuller look then I suggest that you purchase two packs if you want 18 inches in longer but if you want like 12 14 16 inches you definitely can get away with one pack six ish too deep I'm trying to get through to you so give me feedback you you you you you you you you you you you you you you girl you know what I'm saying at this point I have used all the clippings except for the four One Clip clippings and this is how full it looks I think it looks so good you guys have to let me know down below how you like it and for my second style I just want to show you guys you can wear it up just depending on how you position the clip-ins I'm just going to do a quick little updo and just show you guys the versatility you can do half up half down you can do a right side part I'm going to insert different clips because I wore it in a right side part I wore it in the middle part and I wore it up in a bun very versatile and I had a lot of fun wearing my natural hair with a little bit of more voluminous add in these clippings and I don't have any complaints I didn't get any shedding um you don't have to wash them all the time you can use dry shampoo if you do find that the oils from your natural hair begin to weigh the clippings down so it's a very low maintenance style and you can fake a quick weave or a sew-in look with clip-ins and you can just take them off at night I mean I did sleep in them some nights and I don't recommend it but if you have them positioned in your head comfortable comfortably to where it isn't pulling like at your natural hair then you have options and I love that for us so I'll be sure to link why Wix information Down Below in my description box be sure to check them out because I'm telling you this is like the wave and for the summer time this is perfect until next time I'll see you guys in my next video let me know if you ever tried clippings I'm pretty sure most of us have but like the wave is is waving again so if you guys are going to be purchasing any clip-ins or rocking them this year let me know how you feel about clip-ins and until next time I'll see you guys in my next video bye see you again like is it the real thing or is it just the one-night stand whatever let me see you again

Love Yourself: Happy Sunday These clip ins are really nice. I like the texture and length. The updo is really pretty Have a Blessed Day Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

StarriSkye: Super cute! I still haven't tried clip ins yet

QueenVModel84: Gorgeous And So Natural. Have A Blessed Sunday Queen ❤❤

Not_D12BPhuck’nwith: Love the review ❤❤❤

Keysia B: Really cute

OhSo805: Happy Sunday my beautiful Couzins!!!

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