How To Add Waves To Type 2 Wavy Hair

In this video I will share my wavy hair tutorial and show you guys how I went from this. To this first thing, I'm going to do is shampoo, my scalp only for about 60 to 90 seconds, and then I'm going to condition my hair from mid root to ends, and I'm also going to use this time to brush my hair. So now I will use my tech brush so after brushing, I might add, you know a tad bit more conditioner and then I'm going to let my hair condition for five minutes. So I do. Is I wrap my hair up in a little ball and I just let it sit on top of my head step, two I'm going to get out of the shower and wrap my hair in the microfiber turban for 10 to 15 minutes. Moving on to step three, this is the curl cream, so step four. You actually have two options: you can do a heatless method or you can do the blow dryer with a diffuser option and then finally, the last step is, if you deal with frizz quite a bit, you can finish off your styling with this jvn conditioning mist.

Smelly: I have a pretty similar hair type so I really appreciate this video! I'll definitely pick up some of that curl cream at some point, I've never actually tried one before

Maria e Paulo Paulo e Maria: Did you've tried chronologiste from kerastase on your hair? The thermique cream? Or the curl manifesto line? For wavy hair is great its a must have

Mike Perna: To be honest, I like your hair in the before picture. I have similar hair and I hate the waves and frizz that comes with it. How did you get it flat and smooth like in the first picture?

Nowitzer: Appreciated man.

Nomo 4u: Awesome thanks man

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