Easy + Quick Curls | Silkwave Hair Curler Review

  • Posted on 27 June, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, i hope you're all doing well. So in today's video we are gon na, be testing out and reviewing the silkwave hair curler. So it comes in this box here then this is what it looks like i'll bring it closer. So you can see, i got mine in the pink color. I think they do different colors as well, and this has got the like gold details here and then it also comes with two clips, these ones, which are handy and with a nice comb which again, i actually needed this. So, thank you very much that it came in the box. So i'll tell you a little bit about this, so it's suitable for all hair types and length adjustable timer and temperature to shape your perfect curls i'll, insert a picture here on the screen, and you can see all the different types of curls that this machine thing Can give you so it claims here that it is damageless which is great. As you can see, my hair is bleached and i don't really want to be using heat on my hair, so it's ceramic technology. It protects from heat damage even on thin, fragile or color treated hair. So this is a portable. There are no wires for it. You do have to charge it beforehand and it does last quite a long time. So i have actually tested this out on a few pieces of strands of hair, but i haven't done my whole head completely. So, let's see if it lasts that amount of time now i have charged it overnight, so it should be fully charged. But before we get started at testing it out, i do actually have a 10 off discount code and it's jasmine 10. So i'll leave it here and i'll also leave it down below in the description as well. So i'm gon na turn it on and we're gon na start i'm gon na set my i don't know if you can see here or not, then if it's gon na focus or not, but on here, so you can set the temperature, but how many seconds it Holds the curl for and you can also choose if it curls left or right as well, so i'm gon na set mine my temperature at 180. I think now i haven't actually experimented with the different curls and the different heat settings and all that i don't know which way to have it. I think it will be left if i use this side but we'll test it out. There'S this thing flushing here i don't know if you'll be able to see it, but when that stops flashing, that then means that it's then ready to use now, whilst i'm waiting for that to be ready, i'm just gon na section this piece of hair off i'm Just gon na pop that over here and i'm just gon na use the little comb it came with just to brush my hair through which was like comb my hair through and when i did test it out before on a few strands. I'Ve done the only downfall to this is that you can't take big chunks of hair, which is kind of annoying, because i've got quite a lot of hair it will. This will probably take a long time. Okay, so it's now ready. So i'll tell you what i mean, so this is with um. Let'S just try a big chunk of hair like and also what's good about this. If there's too much hair, it will just spit your hair back out if that makes sense. So you just put your hair in this slot here and it's not going to take it because it will just stop basically and then it turns, and it releases the hair here. So let's try it on a little small. Well, this is quite a big strand. Let'S see if it takes this yeah it does, and then you just wait for the beep. Now, i'm not sure whether you're supposed to hold down the button or you can just let go like that. I think you're supposed to let go of the butt and then just wait for the beeping to stop and you just release it. Okay and then we'll take it out. So there's this curl and oh that kind of looks a bit weird. Maybe i should try it with a smaller strand. Hang on all right, let's try it with this. Oh see that looks nice. Look at that! How nice is that curl? Look! Okay! Maybe we'll leave that one. Let'S leave that curl, let's just redo this one! Okay! So there's it redone this little curl here. So let's try it on. I don't really know how the settings work like i don't know how to get different types of curls, so i'm gon na change the timer to eight seconds. This is the lowest it goes and we're going to see what kind of curl that gives with eight seconds. Hopefully this will be like a looser curl, i'm assuming let's wait and see okay, so that was eight seconds. Oh that's quite nice! Oh my gosh. It doesn't sound like i don't know it just looks a bit weird here. I'M not so here are the curls. This one looks kind of a bit weird, so these were the 12 second ones. Why does this look so weird? It'S just this bit at the top. Here and then that bit didn't curl, but again i'm still trying to get used to the settings. I don't really know how to use the settings yet, but let me try the eight seconds on a smaller piece of hair. Then like this, maybe i should go higher up. Will this take all my hair? Let'S see it takes all the hair. I'M gon na hold the button this time. Maybe that's. What'S gon na make it look nice, i'm not really sure, but i feel like you sort of have to play around with it to find your perfect curl. I guess when you brush it out, i guess it would look nice, but on the photo i don't know how they get them types of curls. Let'S try 14 seconds then and see what 14 seconds gives us. So this is with 14 seconds, so i'm gon na be here for quite a while. Okay, i mean that looks very similar to the 12 minute one, but how do you get them loose? Curls was like the photo the photo i put on the screen before. I don't really know how to get that, let's put it down to 150 150 is the lowest temperature. It goes because, right now, i don't know like these. Aren'T the type of curls that i like, let's see what they look like brushed out and now my hair is all like fruit like this one. I don't know what the hell has happened with this. One is that's quite a nice curl we're gon na test it out on 150. This is still on 14 seconds by the way. Okay, so that's what that one's! Looking like right, you know what we're gon na do we're now gon na test out 150, but on eight seconds, i'm assuming this will give me the loose curl that i want, because this is. This is too much like at least my hair won't drop because, like the problem with me is when i curl my hair, my hair drops so quick. So i guess, if i do little ringlet curls like this, then maybe it won't drop as quickly. But if you're the person who likes quite tight, ringlet curls - and this would literally be perfect for you, but for me it's again - it's going to take me ages to do my hair first of all, at least they'll drop out nicely is what i'm hoping right. We'Re going to take this small strand and we're now going to let's start up here. Okay, so this is 150 degrees at eight seconds. I don't get it. Why does it all look the same like that? May i just need to wait for it to drop. Maybe that's what i need to do right. I think i'm going to use it on this setting. You know what let's try this big strand here. I know it didn't work before, but it might be different this time. Sorry, this isn't a big big strand there. We are, i took it i'll see. That looks better. To be honest, it is actually quite a good idea, say you've already curled your hair or say you've gone, camping or you're in your car or you're sleeping over at a friend's house, or something like that. Then i guess this would come in handy because you don't need to plug it in to use it you're not going to burn yourself like you can put this in your handbag like it's not going to set fire. I mean. Don'T have me accountable for that, but it's like it's not hot, so you're not going to burn yourself, whereas with an actual curling iron, you have to wait for it to cool down and you have to plug it in, and you know you can't just randomly just Curl your hair, like in a park, whereas this you can, i am sort of growing to liking it a bit more like now. I think because i'm just not used to these type of cows, but let's do this section here, but i do like the idea of it as in i can just take it in my handbag and if i need to use it, like my say, my curls have Dropped - and i need something that's gon na you know give my curls back then i guess this would be quite good and i don't like my curls being up by my head, so i normally just do it halfway down like this, and this is still on the 150 degrees, with the eight minute timer eight minute. Oh my gosh, eight seconds, eight minutes my hair will probably burn on. I think i just need to get used to it to using it, because i've never used anything like this before right, i'm gon na do it on 10 seconds now. I'Ve like this whole video is just me trying to test out to find the perfect cow, because right now these are like loads of little ringlets. If i've got to do little sections like this, then it's going to take me quite a while, because, like normally when i curl my hair i'll use quite big sections, and it doesn't actually really take me that long to curl my hair, but also what's good about This is when i curl my hair, like normally i'm restricted to like no hands like i don't have any hands to be doing. Something else see that you know what i'm gon na be doing. My whole hair and i'll be right back. I'M gon na finish. My little story about me using hair, curlers yeah, but when you're using this, i, like my hand, is free like because you just need one hand i can like use my phone. I can do what i need to do, whereas with an actual hair color like i hold the barrel and i curl my hair around it. So then i hold my hair in place, so this is actually quite good for that yeah. I'M gon na do the rest of my hair now and then i'm gon na check in with you and see how i feel about it. Okay, so i have finished curling my hair, and this is what it looks like not brushed out. So i'm looking a bit crazy right now and you know what it didn't actually take me that long to curl it i didn't time it because i didn't really know what the time was when i started but yeah it didn't take that long. Now i'm gon na comb it out and we're gon na see. Actually i might use a brush i'll show you. The cone i feel like using a comb makes it a bit like frizzy hang on, so i'm just gon na brush this out and now i'm seeing it more. I am starting to like it a bit more than what i did. Oh see that actually kind of looks quite nice. Doesn'T it like? That'S gone? Really. I really like this car at the front. This is actually very nice and with hair curlers i don't know what it is. I can actually never curl it properly like for this bit. Here because, like these bits are shorter, my fringe here or my bangs as some would say: yeah - that's actually really nice, and that was really easy to do, because you can turn it left and right, that's quite handy. So, let's brush out the other side yeah when i was first using this, i thought, oh god, i'm literally gon na hate. This, like i hate little ringlet curls on me personally, okay, so that is actually looking pretty nice. Actually, you know what i am starting to warm towards this a little bit. I prefer this side to this side, but maybe that side's been sitting for a while, i'm just gon na put a few oils for my hair, because it's looking a bit frizzy at the moment, i'm just gon na put it through the ends here, i'm just using. Only a tiny bit of hair oil, okay, so here is the finished. Look and yeah like i've said i am warming more towards this. Now that i'm looking at it and i'm sort of living with it a bit longer here at least my curls - won't actually drop that fast compared to when i do looser curls yeah. So let me know down below in the comments what you think of my hair. I'M liking a bit more now, so my overall opinion and conclusion of the silk wave, heat, curler or hair curler sorry, is that i do actually really like it like i've said previously that when i first started to use, i thought, oh god, i don't know. If i'm going to like or not cause, the curls are like quite tight and, like you know it wasn't my vibe, but now i've done my whole hair and i've brushed it out. I am kind of feeling it right now and this, like i said this is really useful. If you were going camping or you were staying over at a friend's house and you needed to curl your hair, then this is perfect. The reason why i keep looking down here is because my mirror is here just so i can properly look at the hair. I am liking this a lot more than what i did in the beginning, but anyway, thank you so much for watching i'll leave. My 10 discount code down below as well it's jasmine 10. and don't forget to follow me on my social media, my instagram and my tic toc they're, both jasmine and kataria and i'll, see you in my next video

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