Contraption Test! Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment From Groupon! Jen Luvs Reviews

  • Posted on 09 February, 2016
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Does this thing really WORK? Will it dry my hair faster? Will it make it more beautiful? With NO claims or directions on the packaging, I'm about to have a little fun with an old classic!


This video was filmed for fun and was not meant as an educated, thorough review. I hope you enjoy watching me fumble with this thing! I know I had fun filming it for you!


Groupon Description:

Deluxe Softhood Hands-Free Hair-Dryer Bonnet Attachment

Hands-free hair drying action fits any hair dryer and adjusts to fit in curlers, making it easy and fast to use

$10 - Original Price $65.23


FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video. I purchased this on a whim from Groupon. No company paid me to make this video. As always, my promise to you is an honest review.


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Third time's, a charm ready set hello. My friends welcome to this crazy video. Now some of you that are older than me are going to laugh at me, and some of you that are younger than me are going to be like what okay, basically, here's the story. So I was on Groupon just browsing, you know I could do on Groupon and I saw this thing and I was like wow that would make for a great video. So I went on periscope and I show my friends my parallels on periscope. You want to be a parent loved. You just have to follow me on periscope, it's an iPhone or Android app and my older friend, my friends that are you know in their 40s. 50S 60s said. Oh, my goodness, that's a bonnet! That'S nothing like crazy or new. Like this thing is from, like you old, actually so, basically what you do is you hook this up to your hairdryer and you can use it hot rollers, like you put rollers in your hair and it'll, make the your hair dry in your rollers. So it's got like this little attachment here. There'S no directions on this thing. It just came with this piece of paper and it just said it's easy to use lightweight convenient for travel. Large bouffant size fits all hair dryers great for styling setting with styling and setting with rods and rollers. That'S the only direction that comes with it, but I did a little bit of research and this was the style of the earliest hair dryers. You would hook this up to a wind tunnel thing in the salon and in the early 1950s, and then they would dry your hair in the salon with this, and then they Conair made one that was for home use. So that's when they started making these for home, I don't have con. Hair was the first one, but so these things are things that apparently people use all the time which I've never used one before so we're going to use one today and we're a little bit of fun. So we're gon na see how this thing works. If you open it up, it's like a drawstring bag and on the inside there's all of these little holes inside, and I just thought it would be fun. You know trying something new that I've never tried before. So I've got my hairdryer here and I'm going to slip this onto my hair dryer, so I've got it on the air. Okay, let's put this on the head. My hair is a little as dried a little tiny bit because my son needed some stuff, but you can see in the back. It'S still very, very, very wet. I got to tuck my hair up in this thing. Maybe if I tighten it a little bit what is over here and my hair typically because, like my hair, is so thin, my hair only takes like 3 minutes to dry. So I'm curious to see whether this is going to be faster or slower or what or, if it's going to make my hair knotty mess. Alright, here we go now. This is the big question. Am I going to look like this chick when I'm done ready set? Go take it out, take it out, turn it off, but the guy needs to be tighter around in my head. I feel like it's going to blow off. Oh, I want to set the timer to see the time it does faster, so I spit on there for about ten seconds, so me set the timer for three minutes, and I know my hair was a little bit dry, so we'll take that into account. Go I don't have enough hands for this device because I needed two hands to hold it on my head and I mean one hand to hold the hair dry here. What a guy know she's got her ears tucked in no I'm nauseous. I think they photoshopped. This thing on her head look, her ear is like chopped off. You can't even tell whether it's over under her ear, because it's just Photoshop go on top of it. Uh-Huh cheaters go tight as it can go all right here. We go restarting timer and hop so Tigers going off. That was three minutes ish and my hair is still wet right here. It'S dry over here, so we'll probably going to need a whole nother minute and it's hurting my head. It'S hurting my ears. It'S burning right here like it hurts and I'm putting it on I'll, show you I'm putting it on this low right here and then I'm putting it on high here. So I think I'm going to do. Is I'm going to do low and low now for that last minute, because then, maybe it won't blow the bonnet off now feel cold? Maybe there's something wrong with my hairdryer white felt so hot. Let'S turn it on more. It might have been on hot then need for it to be on top. This feels much better putting on the low air instead of a high air timer son, one more minute in alright. My hair is almost dry almost dry. I can still feel a little wet down here. The problem is this side feels pretty much completely driving by the one that was by the hose, but this side does not so I'm going to stick the hose over on the other side. Hopefully, will dry the side within another minute set and go so one more minute is done all right. My hair is now officially dry. Whoa still has one more little patch down here. It'S just not drawing my hair evenly, so I would imagine this will work better for somebody that is using the rollers. I would imagine what look better work better for someone with shorter hair than mine. I definitely is not a good brand in that the strap does not stay on. What I could say, though, is this elastic did stay on very well, but this this was not effective. This little pull string thing was not effective in holding it on my head. I'D -- emily. If you are going to try this, I would definitely recommend not putting on hot, because I accidentally had it on hot, and I was burning, my head off, put it on low and then put the air on low. That was were kind of the things that I learned about this overall, I don't think I'm going to be using this again. I feel like it's more work than it's worth. I just I do feel like I like the way that looks I'm getting my curls look. Nice, I was afraid it was going to make my hair very knotty. It didn't. My hair does not not very easily, though my hair, it's. I can still rub my fingers to it, but my hair so thin it doesn't not very easily. So I wouldn't hold that too claims for everybody, but overall I mean I think it's a fun thing to try um, it's just not worth the effort for me and I guess that's why we've advanced to not using them and just using me maybe, but apparently people Still use these things, so they must work for somebody. So if you have experience with one of these bonnets, I'd love to hear your experiences down below, do you have you ever use them? Do you still use them? Is it something that you use it a certain way that I didn't try overall, I don't know anything about this, so anything you want to teach me about this product down below. I would love to learn from you. Thank you so much for watching this crazy video. I hope you enjoyed it make sure the subscribe button, if you're not already subscribed, so you can see future crazy videos and going on to the makeup every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time or tell you all the latest make releases all the united states. Thank you again for watching mad love. I'Ll, see you soon. You

Angela Archer: My grandmother had a portable hooded dryer for years. In high school, I would set my hair on rollers and dry with the hood. On a cold winter day, it was nice because the heat would warm up your head and shoulders. The hooded type rested on a stand, not your head. So, you sat there with your cup of coffee and a good book until your hair was dry. The whole process may have taken a bit longer but the heat helped set the curl and you didn't kill your arm with the hair dryer. It would be easier if you using curlers - keeps the bonnet in place.

Stephanie Nicole: I have one of those from Sleep In Rollers. After I mostly dry my hair, I place Velcro rollers in my hair, put the bonnet on, dryer on high heat, low speed & set it on my vanity while I do my makeup. At the end my hair has TONS of volume. Good for date nights

Rae Kelsch: I actually have one of those (different brand) and I use it whenever I want to deep condition or do a protein treatment on my hair! Love it for those purposes but I haven't used it to dry my hair (i prefer air drying).

Glam Mom: Girl I have this and I swear I was the same way but it works when using curlers. But my husband laughed his ass off when he saw me use this. LOL xoxo Rochelle - GlamMoms

BadKittyBeauty: My Mom had one that came in a suitcase and there were different switches inside the case just like a hair dryer. They also had a little place you could pour in some perfume to make your hair scented as well. I wish I knew what happened to it.

Rebecca Munn: This video is hilarious, and it takes me back. You have to put rollers in your hair if you want your hair to look good. I remember my mother had one, and she would put my hair in curlers and make me sit under that dryer. Yes, I remember the burning ears, and sometimes it gave me a headache. On the other hand, it was cool that it had a diffuser where you could put perfume to scent your hair. It also had a nail dryer in front that worked pretty well. But, I prefer a wand hair dryer today. Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane!

Jackie Armstrong: This was so hilarious! I used a bonnet hair dryer when I was young. Always had my hair in rollers. I used to even go to sleep with the bonnet on my head. It was so soothing.

Ronna Farley: You are just too funny and I enjoy your honesty and description. As your mother and a person over 60, I must admit I've never seen this exact contraption! I remember the hood dryers that you sat under and the bonnet type that you put rollers in your hair but it didn't have a pull string, it just pulled over the rollers and no dryer had to be attached. Maybe you and Lila can play with it together.......

Giovana Samara: 6:41 You're absolutely right. These Chinese ones might not have the instructions in the back of the package, but the name-brand ones say they should only be used on LOW heat. That is because, unlike a salon hood dryer, it traps the hot air in. Several people have burned their dryer because of all the hot air that ends up backfiring to it.

Nicole Sanchez: That thing has huge potential to be a Halloween costume!!

Susan W: I bought one of these off ebay but have never used it yet! My sisters used to have a big drum hair dryer,lol! Ok I am so glad I watched this before going outside for my chores because it made me laugh so hard, now I will be scared to try mine, it would probably never dry my hair! I hope you are having a great day! Love and Hugs! XOXO

nerdlingful: LOL!! Ok, here is what I remember from my mom using one. First, sit down while you're using it. That way you don't have to wrestle with it as much. Yes, it works better with rollers. The hose should be more to the back. That's all I can tell you! I know she used it on me a few times, but I'd rather forget those times

Hope2NoU95: I only used mine with sponge rollers in my hair. Never saw anyone use this style just to dry hair. In the salon the regular dryers like these we used to put people under to keep their hair from frizzing but they were plastic and didn't go on the head but over with about a 3 to 4 in gap from head.

Mollie Tenpenny: I remember seeing hairdryer bonnets on 60's shows like The Munsters, and the Beverly Hillbillies. I remember on the Christmas episode of the Beverly Hillbillies Ms. Hathaway gave Ellie May Clampett a hair dryer bonnet. Ellie May thought the bonnet was supposed to be a rain hat. The funny thing about was I didn't know what that thing was too until my mom explained it to me!

Krista Trench: Omg Jen lol I freaking love you. Lol and I love how you were so serious in the end with your review of it, like its the hottest product out there lol omg. I.died. this was so funny. This needs to be in the 2016 Youtube look back remembrance video bc this is epic. A game changer! I thought I couldn't stop laughing when you showed it on periscope but that was nothing compared to watching it lol. Love you girl!!!

Jamie Matlock: I haven't used but I'm a hairstylist so I have used simular products. I would first put it on with your head upside down then make sure the hose is in the back since the hair is denser there use it on low with medium heat. I do agree it would be best for use with rollers. I have to say it was hilarious watching you use that. good luck

nancy veranth: Oh My Gosh Jen...Whenever I'm having a bad day I am going to watch this video because I will no longer be upset. There are just so many hysterical moments. It totally looked like you had a giant elephant trunk on your head and then you became the Jiffy Pop Popcorn Mascot!

Mandy Mackintosh: Jen you're awesome! This was fun to watch. I agree with u, this looks like way to much work than necessary. I can't believe there is such a thing, cracks me up! Thanks so much for sharing. As always, love your reviews. #periluvs

Tiffany Wyatt: this was hilarious watched with my morning coffee my grandma used it all the time with curlers with out issue though it was made years ago and better quality then the one you got here. they just dont make things like they used to

Bonnie Parker: Love your hair! I use a Conair soft bonnet for curlers. It really is soothing. And, it allows hands free. I'd share a pic but I don't know how.

Laurie Jolicoeur: This was just really fabulous to watch! I laughed with you. I don't think that would work for me! But this was so entertaining and informative!!

jenna dotson: OMG I do not recommend watching this video while driving. I was laughing so hard I was crying. This video was awesome Jen! Have a good day off!!!

Sarah Thoma: I have been so curious about these, and I've even considered getting one of the salon-style chair dryers. It's not that my hair is particularly difficult to dry or work with, I just like the results more . I wonder if you could clip your hair up to keep it from falling out? I know it would take longer. Or, could you use some butterfly hair clips to clip the bonnet in place while its drying? That may not be good for the hair though. Very fun video, glad you made it!

waymire01: That was hilarious. Some thoughts: probably best for roller sets.. but I have heard of those with naturally curly hair using them. I've actually considered one for winter (wet hair in the cold is no fun) but since I want my hair to dry "down" I'll stick with air drying.. worse case I dry at night and just deal with morning hair. Hose needs to be at the back. Not sure what to do about it popping off, but my first thought was to clip it down like you would a wig, or perhaps utilize that tie as a chin strap... might be better with a lower watt dryer. Probably best to flip your head over and put it on that way so your hair is in the top. Your hair did look pretty good after...

Hollie Brandt: My mom had one. It was flat and sat on the table.It even had some little side vents so you could dry your nails for multitasking The bonnet was more like a shower cap and had elastic to keep it on. It would stay on my head even as a small child. That one looks like it was made for a conehead.

Deanne Simmons: i read just today that a way to get it dry & add body without using velcro rollers is to put your hair in a loose ponytail on the top of your head before putting the bonnet on. i've been using velcro rollers with mine & haven't tried it yet, but sounds good to me in theory!

Heidi Lynn: Haha! This was fun. I got a kick out of your reaction every time the bonnet inflated. Haha

Kathie marsico: This video made my day too funny!  Have a good day Jen!

Kat / kitschsnitch: I am definitely one of the people who have never ever seen or heard of these! I have thin hair but lots of it and it takes my hair aaaages to dry. So this might work for me, or it might mean I need to sit with that on my head for 15min which doesnt look like fun! Great video

Shann Morse: I have this exact one and had the same troubles thank goodness I read the comments and now know to use it with rollers

WitchyCraftyGal: Lol! Hilarious...I'm 45, and seriously have never seen this. Thanks for letting me know I'm not missing anything. Thanks for taking one for the team, Jen!

Jenny Ryan: ok.. 42 here... my mom still has one of these and we used it all the time growing up although it was the one that came with its own stationary dryer. We used to use it a lot of Saturday's as an in home spa day sort of treat. My mom would roll my hair in bits of a torn up pillow case (rag rolling) and then we would put it on my head on low for 15-30 minutes (or however long it took her to paint my nails). If you have curlers or rags in your hair then it prevents the bonnet from flying off. Using this device created some of my favorite memories as a child and preteen. I totally suggest playing around with it with Lila

Marlo Flanagan: these are really meant for use with rollers. you're really taking me back with this.

mommafletch: Jen, you ding dong, that thing goes over rollers, Hahaha!!!! Oh, I am dying over here, my whole family got a kick out of this show! Bless your heart- try it with a deep conditioner with your hair in a cap sometime- you might enjoy it! Great video!!!!

Sandy J: P.S. Jen some of the first ones were hooked to vacuum hoses we didn't have hair dryers, then came the hooded dryer like salons we plugged into wall socket sat on a chair with dryer on table. Well at least I didn't have to use a washboard or scrub board to do my mom did that ahh progress! Fun piece

Lynn anderson: My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! Too funny Jen.

Valerie: I own one. I use it when on vacation. Cheap too. I use a hard hood dryer at home. This is a good alternative. It does work fine but you have to place the dryer on something stable like a towel. Both hands will be free after you do that. I need both hands to move the bonnet around and to keep my ears from burning. I can use this at home for using leave on conditioners. I hadn't thought about that. You are funny with this hood.

Beck1G: This was great. I'm sick as a dog and this was just what I needed to lighten my mood!

Nancy Staggs: The things you do to keep us entertained!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

ΧΡΙΣΤΙΝΑ ΤΣΙΝΙΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ: hillarious!!!You made my day lady!☺

Ruth M: Oh you made me laugh today!! Martian Jen! I remember these so well. I didn't have one but I know others who did.

K: My mom used to have one but her's was connectected to a stationary dryer. These work better. Honestly, it does work better for people with curlers or short hair. You can put it in a scrunchee also. Do not use anything plastic or metal because it can heat up and burn. But, they do sell a portable hood dryer now. They are really not that expensive now a days. I mean I am sure you can get the top of the line which is expensive. You just set it on the table and pull a chair up. Good for kids and adults really. You can watch TV or play video games this way. lol. I would suggest wearing a woven hair net over the rollers to secure them. (Not the ones you use in food service.). Honestly, I find it relaxing and I could fall asleep with the hot air massage like when you are at the hair salon. Great if you are coloring or bleaching your hair. Plus, you can do deep conditioning treatments with a plastic bag. This thing will pay for itself in the long run.

Nikkita xoxo: Very entertaining! I have never seen anyone use one before!

Loretta Hurd: This video is too funny...but informative. I purchased the same cap off eBay about a year ago, and needless to say it wouldn't stay on my head. Today, I thought, let me go on YouTube and search, "How to tie a hair dryer cap" and came across this video. Then I read the comments, and learned it should be used with rollers. Now I can say, that makes sense. Lol. I thought it was a new product because I didn't know they had hand held blow dryers back in the day. They say knowledge is power. Thanks to this video and the comments, I learned alot today. Thanks for making this video, and thanks to all who commented. Its amazing what a person can learn on YouTube, especially when they read the comments. I paid $2.25+free shipping for the cap, but thanks to this video, I obtained priceless knowledge. Thanks again ladies, just another reason why they say, "Girl Power Rocks!

Tricia Adams: Your Hilarious! But yes I would have problems with that lifting off of my head . Thank you for sharing.

Tzuriah: I got one off of ebay and it wouldn't fit over my Velcro rollers. When I got it to fit, it only dried right where the air came into the cap. The old time bonnet dryers had the air come out all over thru the holes. My Mom had one that worked really well so when I got this I thought it would be the same. Nope! I think I might try to fix mine by covering up the big hole inside the inner layer of the cap thereby forcing the air thru the holes........hmmmm. If it works I'll let you know. I'll also try to sew 2 of them together to make it fit jumbo velcros....anyone have any other ideas???? Oh, this was a great video, btw. Thx.

Geeky Chic: This looks absurd my hair would IMMEDIATELY fall out of it

Elizabeth Bayne: Silly girl you have to put your hair in rollers first! But how would you know that? great video. Made my day!

LeeAnn S: Highlight of my day! So funny!

Heather Willis: Would be great for warming hair while home coloring. Color, shower cap and then heat with this

Alexis Taylor: I have this exact bonnet lol when I put it on my head it kept trying to blow off , I held one hand on the top until I put my dryer on the counter and sat on the toilet to keep it on . I'm currently using it on my wig at the moment and tied a bow with the string and it hasn't flew off my wig head lol . So I figure that may work next time I use it on myself

destiny magestic: hahaha this was a very funny one to watch thanks jen for makin me laugh

CHERRY5627: put deep conditioner on with plstic cp, then put it on but use clips to keep it on . works wonders .

Rosalind Rambo: I have one. I am natural but I would not recommend for natural if you think you will have a nice wash n go because it flattens your hair then you have to defuse the heck out of it. Works great for conditioning and just a quick dry with twists or braids. I like it. Have to get used to looking silly!

dancingnancies14: lol. too funny!! imagine doing this every day??? it would take sooo long!

Cam Conrad: thank you @JenLuvsReviews, that was immensely entertaining!

April McMullen-Eldert: Goodness. This was great. I'm wiping the tears of my face. ❤️

Mary Iraheta: You are amazingly funny. Love the video!!!!!

Leyla Harrell: I was just in awe of how many times you kept trying to make it work LoL

lisa morand: Super cute video, looking for this to naturally treat lice. 52 yrs old, got 4 kids through school without one incident, low and behold, 5 days ago, I found out. Now 2 natural treatments, then a chem then 48 hrs, wait, then on my 3rd natural treatment, will be doing a the 7 day chem treatment, picking, 3 xs per day. no live lice ,,just nits or eggs. But heat is another natural procedure, which has a very high success rate. Also good for deep conditioning with heat.

MzVicky: I still have a hooded hair dryer in my storage. It's easier than a bonnet

Milosgirl2005: Hilarious. It does seem like maybe it is more meant for use with rollers. I am weary of groupon. Last week I saw some $10 elf palettes for sale for $30. What?!?

Heather Jones: I think this device is designed to help with rollers and things like that

Jaxx: LOL love it, but something was missing - the rollers.... I remember my mum had one of these.... :)

ScubaDiva: Use the dollar store head wraps put it around the bottom and no hands required. I'll email you a picture of how to do it if you'd like. My hair is very long and thick. and now that I've figured out how to hack it, I love it.

Sandy J: I'm 72 used it every day with huge rollers. You take clips to hold it down. Only way to get the frizz or kink out. Exactly rollers and not long hair. Don't think you would have made it in the 60 thank goodness for products. Brought back memories

smashb13: I should have not watched this while drinking tea! you had me cracking up!!!

catsIview: We had one of those. It's best if you put your hair in rollers or pin it up.

Georgina Georgiou: I just bought one but I haven't used it yet! Lol xx

Purr0066: this cracked me up! I haven't been online in a while and I see this! so glad I did!!!!

Cindy Carr: I have tears in my eyes from laughing. Hilarious!

Jill Heras: haha, you need velcro rollers for this kind of dryer, but you made me laugh!

Rowan Lochlan: Same.. I hate drying my hair, mine takes forever.. So I thought I'll try out this product and maybe get it done faster.. I couldn't keep it on my head either and I never got my hair dry.. So long thick hair itll take you about 1 to 2 hours.. Half of that is readjusting cause you feel like the bonnet is gonna launch into space.. I do not reccomend

tragically.rachel: Haha I actually saw this in Sally's today!

CorazonCubano: You don't need to hold the dryer in your hand. You also should have put in some roller which should have helped to anchor the bonnet and help with better air distribution.

MGABBYB: Try it one more time using foam rollers, or do pin-curls with bobby pins, or maybe a few braids.

Veronica C. Burgess: I think it's meant to use with rollers then it would stay on.

Jane Doe: First off: you look great sis. Killin it. Second, girl you should try the curly girl method. Your hair might be like SwavyCurlyCourtneys underneath

M Yt: I could not stop laughing. This product needs more than 2 hands lol :)


Suite n Sxe In NYC: I think you are supposed to use it with a roller set I bought it also from eBay but my dryer is too big to fit

Brooke Marean: You laugh- made my day!

gradybird: OKAY, this cracked me up! I've never seen this thing before haha

Yasmine Aref: Jen this is epically hilarious :D :D

Jennie O'Donnell: This was hilarious!

S Hartman: I think it would stay on better if you had curlers in your hair. You look adorable with that on your head! Like a space woman.

Jeff Owen: I think it wants the hair to be set in curler.

TMI Flow: This hair dresser I used to go to had these. I stopped going because she was way old school. SHe closed down last year :( She worked til she was 81!! I asked why she closed her place and she said all her clients died! I was like wth!! lol

Reggie Greaves: Yeah I just came across your video as I have have or has purchasing one of these hats I have locks dreadlocks so it promises to be interesting the mind boggles I'll keep you posted thanks for your video see you

Bashful Dannae: That was hilarious! Your nails look cute though!

Jess: i want to use the flexi rods on completely wet hair. do you think it is a good idea to use this thing to dry my hair with the flexi rods in ? or nah ? cuz my hair is really long and thick its takes the rods forever to dry

Kitty Kraft Studio: It looks like something you'd hook up to your furnace.

Martika: I put on some gant rollers and then set mine on low I do some make up and it straightens my hair when dry although I still go on with my flat iron on a few litle pieces but mine dries fine

Mia: Dose it’s works for oiling my hair faster ?

Marie F: Mine keeps blowing off too! I might add a chin strap

Crystal Luns: mom had 1 that was in a case..didnt attach to a actual hair dryer the dryer part was a section of the case it set in..used it when my foam rollers i slept in wernt dry all the way in the morning(had really long hair&alot of it bk then..)

V laloca777: Btw maybe if you held the string down while it was on to hold it on your head. Try it w rollers!!

Smurfett Smurf: Lol!!! Fun video Jen!!

Pinktastic615: The old ones had elastic around the bottom.

Morisgata Davis: I only use mine for hot oil treatments

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