Andis Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Review

  • Posted on 03 June, 2015
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Andis Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer











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Hey guys, so I am back with a review long awaited review. I know you guys been asking about the nd softbox hairdryer and I apologize for taking so long to get you guys this review. It'S just that. I actually shot the review, but it was out of focus the whole time and I was quite upset by that. So I wanted to redo it, but of course life happened and really busy and all that - and I didn't get a chance to do it till that. But anyway, so I'm here to talk about the Andy's soft bottom hairdryer for you guys, especially because I know you, ladies know why, tin with short hair, Oh scuse me with short hair, I don't need to know, purchase this bag. Let me know so: okay, let's get started, so this is define right here. This is the India soft bun, it's hair, dryer, and it comes in a really nice traveling case with a handle that in and out so you can carry it with you when I first bought it. If you guys follow me on Instagram, I bought it because I was going to the shuttle Elan for the weekend and I had a lot of stuff going on so the day that we left to go to Chateau Elan. I had an event at my church that I need to go to, and I didn't have time to shampoo my hair and all of that, so I was like okay. When I hit the Chateau Elan, I want to be able dry, my hair, but I don't want to take my heart, hooded, dryer, and so I already planned this weeks. I was looking around looking at reviews and all of that and I had two options: either get the soft bonnet dryer or get the soft body attachment that goes on the blow dryer. I don't know if you guys ever seen that it's like um, it's a hose that attaches to your blow dryer and it has a body attached. So it's kind of like kind of the same thing, but not so I didn't want to get that because I was like I, I wanted something more mobile and I didn't want to have to be sitting there holding the hairdryer I was like so it was. It was honestly kind of hard to find this because um I went to Sally's, they were all sold out. The sounds by my house yeah. I feel like they sold out of everything they are sold out with everything every week. It is always it's coming on the truck, I'm like okay, when the truck come in cuz I come in here and every time you tell me the same thing and I'm like what so anyway, it was on the truck, and I was like whatever so I didn't Have time to go see any other Sally Beauty Supplies? So I looked online. I was all kind of leave lorath. Somebody have this thing in store, Walmart didn't have it, but Target did bless the Lord for targets. I love target, that's my favorite store, so yeah. It'S Hargett had it and it was actually the last one at this particular target. I love the target app because it'll tell you when in stock I told my husband, I thought Agra I got to go. I got ta. Go didn't get this last driver. That'S in stock, so when he got it - and this is written like I said - and it was shaking but um it was fifty dollars, it was like 49.99 and it's honestly, a good buy. So I'll show you guys everything that comes in is it opens up right here like this and you have. This doesn't come off this stays on. So let's see you have the holes attachment I'll. Let you guys know what what where this button came from that was rattling in here. So you have the hose attachment that pulls out and the hose is stored right here. So you pull it out and then you have your bonnet that is stored right here. So everything is stored on inside. I really like how everything is just stored on the inside and then on. The other side is your core attachment, so this is the bonnet and decent size. Fondant. Honestly, honestly, I feel like with short hair, it's the decent size liner, because you don't have to be trying to pull it over rollers. If you have rollers, if your hair is longer, I don't know if this pocket is for you, you might need a bigger bonnet because it is pretty snug and then I know I can get it too. Why this button is sitting there? Okay, so it has a drawstring around this whole bonnet right and it was a kind of button, new type thing that you can pull it tighter, but I haven't been head and everyone working it was. It was like literally squeezing my stout, so I took the button off and I because the drawstring had it's not a like, let's say a full drawstring, that's just that doesn't have any openings. It was tied it in so I took the button off and I just retired it myself, so I can loosen it up a little bit for myself, so that made it a little bit better, so yeah, but with the bonnet. Of course you attach it to a little hose attachment right here and you just put on your head. You can put it next to meet, put it on the table and the hose is a decent size. So if you're sitting in a chair, you can literally go like that like it is easy, then you can just you can sit in the chair. You sit you bed, you can just chill like it's. It'S pretty good like I love the mobility of it. When I went to Chateau Elan, I was sitting in the bed drying my hair and I had the hooded dryer. I mean I'm sorry, I'm soft bun and dryer sitting next to me on the nightstand and I was chilling. So, let's get into the pros and cons about this dryer gon na go with the cons. First, just get the bad stuff out. First, it's really hot. It is hot. This is a hot dryer. I appreciate the heat, however, because it's a closer heat I feel and the bonnet is like sitting directly on your head - it's hot, it's like really so yeah. So if you can't handle like really hot dryers, this is definitely not for you. If you can't handle it. You'Re, like okay cool, I'm good you'll, be alright because it has a hot attack. I'M sorry, it has two settings and it's hot and warm. I personally feel like warm, is a little too cool. So I don't really like the warm attack on the warm setting. So high I just like when I got too hot, I would just put it on warm for a little bit now put it back on high and then there is a high and low and let's see I think I had it on low hot and that worked Better but our high high, it was just like blazing on my scalp, so I don't know it's just you got ta play with it honestly, like with this particular thing. You really got ta play with it to see what your comfort level is and let's see what else. What else is the con all the Bonnie? If you have a big head like myself, okay, yeah yeah yeah either you can do the little button trick that I did or you can say you know what I may not go with this product and I do see that online. So it was like a warning in the reviews. They said some people said the body was too small for them, so yeah so either mate. You may want to look for a different brand or you know just play with it. Honestly. It'S like it's a great dryer, but it was a little too tight for me now it's okay! I want to say it's like still like the best, because I know it has to be tight on your head, so you can dry properly and stay on your head. I just wish that they make the fondant a little bit bigger um. That was our only Collins yeah! That'S it my goodness. It wasn't a deal breaker for me, so you know all right now to the pros. First, I love the mobility. I love the mobility of it. I love the fact that I now have something that anytime I go out of town. I can literally put this in my suitcase or I could take with me on my carry-on or I could just throw it in the car like I love it, because I, like my hair to be fresh. That'S just me. I love my hair to be fresh. I was jumping my hair at any day anytime, like I've done my heroin o'clock in the morning. I'Ve gotten up super early before church to make sure that my hair was laying especially my hair gets too greedy. It kind of bothers me because it's short and the way I wear it, it doesn't function properly to me, so I need it to be popping so yeah so that that's it yeah. I needed to be popping so messy where else the mobility then next, I love the fact that it does dry your hair really good. It dries your hair really really really really really good. It'S right, hairdryer! I felt like it cut down on the drying time. So yeah what else the price was pretty good. Fifty dollars, you know some people might be like that's too much, but I'm like when you're investing in certain things for your hair. You know you got ta. You got to shell out some money, so yeah. What else? That'S about it yeah like it's a really good, dryer, great investment. I really appreciate it. Looking back old school, I appreciate the fact I appreciate me back believe me feel sell these things that you can buy it you so yeah um. So it's it's really good. This is everything out when I said again fifty dollars, you can get it from targets, you can even get it online. I will put the link in the description box below if you have any additional questions or anything that I may have missed with this review. I do apologize just leave it in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer you, but only thing I have to say, is if you're looking for something a little more mobile and you want it for your short hair. I recommend it just be mindful. It does get a little high if you got a big head like myself. The bonnet is a little tight. That'S it so yeah, that's about it! I love it and I'll continue using it. I don't have no real issues with it, so yeah so love you guys. So much

✨Teary✨: Using it for the first time, as I type. It feels really nice and warm. I had all types of dryers- hand, hardtop, etc. But I really like this one! I bought it from Target.

Thea Joseph: I just purchased this for in store pickup. This is a perfect investment for myself and my daughter. Thanks for not keeping it to yourself. Good looking out!

Bougainvillea Babe: Another good review! I bought the Wrapp-it Strips because of your is the Nairobi Foam Wrap Lotion. I don't have short hair, but I will use both to lay my my edges (: #grateful

Ms93Twisted: Thank you so much for the review. I’m really thinking about purchasing one at wal-mart. I saw it and I wanted to purchase it right then and there but I put it back because I wasn’t sure about at the time. But I’m definitely reconsidering, Thanks

Ms MeWithThat: I'm impressed by it. Bought one today and works well

JustWhit: I love it! Mine was 24.99 at target...I have thick hair and it takes 2hrs to dry but I was inder the dryer about 1hr with the bonnet dryer

Simplee Me: I wear a shower cap under mine and it helps keep the close heat from burning my scalp. I grip the hose attachment and try to squeeze the side of it as if it's similar to a child proof cap on a bottle. It works for me.

faye caple: Another one is Gold N Hot Ionic soft jumbo bonnet dryer. Works pretty dope

New Blessings: Hello, thanks for showing this demo. I have put this dryer in my amazon cart. Do you know the difference between the Andis and Laila Ali dryer?

april ramseur: I just ordered mine a few hours ago thanks for the review

GodsQ: Thank you for talking about how large it is in comparison cause I'm looking for a very large one for a large loc'd style. Peace and Blessings.

Monique Lee: Would you suggest it for those that have sew in weaves to dry your hair underneath?

Apple Sauce: Hi!!! I just saw you on the Creflo Dollar program, today. I recognized you by your face, hairstyle, and color. Also, I enjoy watching your YouTube videos. Keep up the good work!!!!

Love, Catrena: Could you use this for a mold down?

Brandi Freeman-Bass: Yes its very hot, but perfect for travel use!

ShaRonda Stephens: How do U remove the bonnet? I got it on can't get it off to store it!!! Great video..Thanks in advance

Kaffy Way: I just purchased this dryer and it does work really well But.... I can't get the hose out of the bonnet to replace back into the carrying case :-( Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Davhonna Mair: Question how long does it take your hair to dry

DCOMET: How do you unattach the hose?

Keke Drake: Yes it is to small for rollers

ym. Real: How to place it back after using it

LaRonda Brown: I bought my andis hair dryer 2021 and I can't unhook my bonnet from the hose locking ring

Sofia Narvadez: Good review, but I prefer my Karmin.

NJ: How do i detach the hose from the bonnet after use?

Kea Thorns: Mine just literally cut off and won't turn back on! This was my 2nd time using this extra loud dryer.

Yo Co: Super late but Mine was $34 at Wal-Mart. How do you get the hose unlocked from the bonnet!!!

Morgan Williams: How do u detach the the bonnet from the dryer

Bougainvillea Babe: "i told my husband, aye bruh" lmaooo

Vasha Love: Here because idk how to unhook the bonnet for storage

Blue Rose: Funny video, is the dryer really loud?


K P: is it loud and noisy

Jennifer V: Why are you telling us your life story? Isn’t this supposed to be a review? I’m five minutes in and I haven’t heard a damn thing about the product.

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