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  • Posted on 28 May, 2021
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This is for every woman because is more than a sewing tutorial on head covering. It’s explained why is very important to do self care for our hair to enhance growth.

Watch to the end to grasps all the gists.

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Hello guys welcome back to my channel big with andy. My name is india for labby. I want to thank you um my viewers, my subscribers friends and well wishes for being supportive and to my new subscribers tell you welcome. If this is your first time of coming across my channel kindly hit the subscribe button, today is going to be an interesting topic, because i'm going to talk about issues that are caught across women in general. So i want to talk about one factor that contributes to hair loss, damage and breakage, that is, lack of self care and mishandling our air. We need to care and nourish our air because, according to an ancient wise writing, it says that e is our glory and this air surface covering service protection from harmful environs. It'S also beautify us, it's adore us, so we should care for our accordingly. So what i do self-care we can do is not necessarily we go to a professional to care for our air, because we cannot have professional uh every day with us. 24. 7.. So we have to be a professional, our saving, caring for our air by providing adequate care, the minimum care we know we can give to our air by doing that, so that is self-care. So what i do safety that i want to talk about today, one is moisturizing our egg. We have to keep on moisturizing our hair, because when air is so dry and um and um, it lacked all necessary moisture. It can make the air to start breaking it. Can make the air to get tangled? It can make the air to start shedding excessively, so we have uh so many natural moisturizer. You have homemade. We also have across the cancer moisturizer that you can purchase from the market or from a store across the world. Um self-care we want to talk about is hold your head in place. You have to hold your air in place, especially at night, when you want to sleep according to reset, it is advisable to hold your air up when you want to sleep, so this allows the air that is generated in the scalp to be evenly distributed. So when this oil is evenly distributed, it allows even air to grow on our air. Another crucial factor, the most important one, because this is our focus in this discussion - is covering of our preferably at night or whenever you want to sleep. It is very important to cover your egg, because when you cover your head, the benefit is one: it protects your air from tangling and it holds your air in place. It also generates heat, and this heat it will encourage sebum to be produced and when sebum is produced, this encourage air to grow. So this is very, very important to cover your air at night. It is also better just as i've said, to hold your hair in place when you want to sleep to avoid air breakage and, as i said, it helps to distribute natural oil from your scrub throughout the rest of the air, and i want to share one interesting Sauce with you that's talk about when you provide a protective and restorative self-care to your air. What how does this uh sauce summarize it? It says it is a nice mentally soothing, self-care ritual. So what is this thing that is is a is a very comforting, um procedure to care for your air. You even feel um, you feel less itchy for those people who are who have itchy scalp it's reduced dandruff. It reduce accumulated deaths under your head. So today we want to focus on how to make a covering we have different type of air covering. We have air bonnets, we have satin bonnet, we have a carabao net, whichever bonnet you want to do some people even said: okay, the bonnet is too dry. I want it to be a little bit fancy, they add raw food to it. So in today's video i'm going to show you how to make a covering a covering, let's go so obvious. This is the fabric i want to use for the air bonnets. So you don't have to be a sim, a seam stress. You can sew this air bonnet with just a needle and a trade, and you are good to go so uh. One thing you should notice that this any bonnet you want to make is formed from a circle um. It may be manipulated in one way or the other, but the basic foundation of any bonnet is a circle, so we want to cut a circle. How do you get a circle? You form a square and you write rhyme. It'S up. That is a perfect square, so this coin now depends on the size of bonnets. You want to make if you want to make the one that is so voluminous and big because of people that carry bigger braids, you can make it more bigger, but if you want to make the medium size too large feet or size, you can just measure um, Like 26 by 26 in length, so the one i want to make with this one is with waffle. So i'm going to use like out of the 13 inches, because i divide 20 26 inches by two, that is 13. So out of the 13 inches, i'm going to use one inches as a ruffle, then half inches for sewing, so the remaining one will be for the size of my air bonnet. So and you measure the square, because this is like a square, but i folded it into two, because i want to cut it in two places. So after folding it in two places i'm going to fold it again. So if it is a square that you form, this will be your first food so and your second food will come this way. So after folding it this way, you are going to measure this way. This 15 make sure across here this 13 and half measure across here these 14, so make sure across here is 14 and half so now. The most important thing is that your size, you must be able to remove your size from your measurement, so my size is 13 or 13 and half so i will be able to take up my size from all the measurements. So you now notice, where you have all the edges folded, where there's no any opening in the fabric. That is where you start your measurements from so we are going to start our measurement accordingly from that edge. So i'm going to try to align the fold to be even going to so i'm going to align all the fabric to make sure that everything is aligned. So, just as i've said from before that edge, where there's no any opening from here, i'm going to start to measure the size of my bonnet. So, as i have said, it's a 13 and a half so 13 and a half top here now, i'm going to rotate the tetina in half. Accordingly, i'm going to rotate it. You can see that's in and have carried all the fabric to the end. So after rotating this i'm going to connect it like, so i'm just going to connect, i hope you are seeing what i'm doing i'm just going to connect the line. So i'm going to connect the line and cut it out so guys i've cut it. I'M going to open it, so i'm going to mark the wrong side i'm going to mark, though it's easily detected in this setting but um. I think i have to mark this how to mark the wrong side and the right side so using one side and the wrong side, because it's true so i'm going to pick up one and open it. You can see how big it's looking. It depends on the size you want to make as be as big as this. This is the wrong side. Is the right side right side facing right side going to lay it? You can see how it's looking right side facing right side, so if it doesn't match perfectly, never mind doesn't matter or the difference might not be true significance, that is the difference, will not be too much so if it's too much you can trim it, but if Not you can let it be so now i'm going to take it to my sewing machine, i'm going to sew it one with half an inch. So after i sew it round, i'm going to let you see the next step so guys i've saw it round. So i'm going to turn it. I leave a small opening here. I do so it's all the way. I leave a small opening where i will turn it the right side. Then i'm going to give it a good press, so guys i've, given it um a good press. I'Ve turned it to the right side. I'Ve, given it a good press. This is how it's looking um. So the next thing is for me to mark um the raw food. The first one i'm going to make is the waffle air bonnet. So the rougher i want to make it one and a half inches. So i've marked it around i'm just going to connect the line accordingly, we're going to bring the line together. So this is the one and a half inches ruffle. That is my first line so after the first one i'm going to make mark for elastic casing, so it depends on the width of the elastic you're using that depends on this mark. As for me, i'm going to mark one inch. One inch is enough for me for the elastic casing, so i'm going to connect like so like so so i mark one and a half inches for the ruffle. I mark one inches for the elastic casing. So so now i'm going to sew i'm going to sew on two seconds: i'm going to sew this one, so this one will form the raw food. I want my ruffle to be a little bit uh voluminous. So i'm going to mark the elastic casing, which is one inches, so my bonnet will be approximately um 20 inch across and 10 inches by half, so that would be the size. So that means because i use like 13 and half i use half inches to hold it. So that means i use some the other inches for the ruffle and the elastic casing. So you can work with your allowance as you wish, according to how you are comfortable. So i'm going to sew it so after sewing it not forgetting this piece. When i saw my half inches inside, i left a space where i pulled everything out, so i'm not going to sew um close that space, because that is where i'm going to insert my elastic casing from so i'm going to take it to sewing machine now and Sew it right so guys for the second type of air bonnet, there is going to be a head, wrap, um, the same measurement, so i just measure one and a half inches that will be my elastic piercing. So i'm going to use this width of elastic one inch, i'm going to insert it after inserting it i'm going to cut a long wrap, a long wrap that i'm going to attach to it in the front and the long wrap is say five inches on fold. The width is five inches of fold and the length can be as much as you want, but this length um is a 45 times two that is 90 inches, so i'm going to cut it and sew it um and attach it to the front after i've inserted. My elastic so this is the this: is the wrap it's 45 times two, so that will be nine inches. So i'm going to split it into two: that's the second type of um head drop. So this is one of the um long graph to one of the air bonus i'll use this gap to bring it up. This is the gap, so i'll use this gap i'll bring this one from um outside to the inside here so i'll bring from here to here then i'll close this side i'll, give it a good press and close. It then for the one that i'm going to put on a ruffle. This is how it's looking so i'm going to sew this one. I saw this way: use the elastic casing, um for the one that i'm going to attach the wrap. So i'm not going to put some two um casing there. It'S just only one the casing for the elastic at the tip and it's one and a half inches. So i'm going to sew the two and show you so guys for the one that i'm going to insert the um elastic and attach the um long stripe for right. Wrapping the head, covering i'm, going to use a this one inches elastic and normally the circumference of head. It'S like a 22 23 for adults. It depends so the elastic size i'm going to use i'm going to use 19, but it depends on you. If you want it more female. You can reduce the elastic to 18 or 17, but say i think so um i think 19 is okay by me. I'M going to make it 19 i'm going to cut it, i'm going to insert the elastic into the into the this way. I'M going to insert it once so. This is the elastic i've inserted it. So i'm going to run a stitch across as much as possible to secure the elastic so guys this is the um bonnet with the ruffle. So i'm i'm inserting the elastic inside the elastic casing that i made the one inch. So you can use um safety pin from sats. If you don't have this, you can use any um tools that yeah you are comfortable with. So i'm going to take this one and secure it so that it doesn't go in with my twos this way so i'll grab the elastic. Take it out, i'm going to take this one out, so i'm going to take the two you both both end of the elastic and secure it together and run it stitch across. So i'm going to block it the same way, i'm going to put a um gum. Stick to see the mouth where i'm going to sew um the remaining side, then so guys. This is the um air bonnet with a wrap. So the wrap is ready. I want to stitch it, so you decide which side you want it's, whether it's the ankara side or the plain side. If i want to use it for dual purpose, if i want to use it with the ankara, i will use this side if i want to use it, maybe at home, to sleep or with other color, i'm going to talking or the wrap and use it. Um clean, so i'm going to stitch it on this side, so i'm just going to run a stitch across then it's ready to wrap. So i'm going to do like two or three wrap with the um, with the um one side and the other side. So you see how beautiful is looking and as for the other one look at it on my head, you can see it's so beautiful. You can see the way it's looking it's beautiful, so you can make yours. You don't have any skill to make yours. If you wear long braids you can accommodate it can accommodate um, so many excesses. So you can see it's fancy, so this will motivate you to wear air covering because it has so many benefits. So thank you for watching. I appreciate you all stay tuned to my channel. See you in my next video bye, bye,

Jenny's Space: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.I love both designs...also,thank you for the awareness of how important we need to care for our hair and the importance of using hair bonnet.God bless you!!

Bead & Sew with Endy: In short link enjoy please

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