12 Top Hair Growth Secrets 2018 - How To Grow Long Curly Hair By Lana Summer

  • Posted on 19 December, 2018
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Here's my hair growth secrets & confessions - 2018 edition! This is specifically for ME in 2018, it's how I grew my naturally curly hair back after a DIY haircut last winter. My hair has never been longer than it is now! If you would like tips on how to grow your hair generally, or after damage, then check out my other videos like:

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And again, hi guys is Lana here, welcome back to another vlog mess Anonymous whatever you want to call it in today's video, I am going to tell you guys how I have been growing my hair, how I managed to get it to be pretty much but length. I'Ve been sitting on it lately, it's like I get caught on it all the time anyway. I'Ve had so many questions lately and over this whole year, really about how to grow curly hair, how to get long hair, how to do it quickly. I'Ve been getting these questions all over my youtube comments and on Instagram as well in Wendy, and if that's you, if you guys were waiting for this video, then make sure you thumbs it up. You don't thumbs it up. I'M gon na think you don't like it. If I think you don't like it, then I'm not gon na make videos like this. I'M not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with these tips, it's the end of 2018. This is a new me, so some of the things I've done or some of the things I'm doing have changed. My first tip number one is not really a tip, it's more of a confession and I'm kind of ashamed. Do you remember like a year ago, when I I wired a mitered haircut, it kind of went a little bit viral over an Instagram. I cut quite a lot off of my hair back then I even cut a fringe in. Do you see a fringe now, there's no fringe. Do you see the layers anymore? No, fairly confession. I have not cut my hair since that video doe, I'm talking not even a trim, yet it's not about what purses are. I don't know what Paris is as well. What'S a pair of scissors, I don't know, that's the tip, that's the tip. I have not cut my hair. If you guys want to grow long hair, I've always said cut off the damage. Your hair's gon na have a really tough time growing. If it's trying to grow damaged ends because damaged ends will keep breaking off, they will keep splitting, they will stay damaged. They were not gon na get any healthier. However, after that haircut I didn't have any split ends. I take really good care of my hair. All the time daily, taking good care of my hair, so I was not getting those regular trims. I would strongly recommend cutting your hair a little bit more often than what I have been doing. I know right now. I'Ve got split ends and I will need to do another trim for myself very, very soon, which I might film, for you guys tell me in the comments. If you guys want me to film it, you don't want to have damaged ends, you don't want to split and trim them off. If you have damaged ends, if you have got a lot of damage cut it all off, you want healthy ends. Healthy healthy, healthy ends. Once you have healthy ends to use the amount of trims that you have dramatically, if your ends are healthy, don't cut them they're healthy, there's, no need for them to go into it and the base of it. If your ends are healthy, you don't need to cut them. That'S why I did my ears were healthy. I didn't cut them. Somebody looked like it grew a lot. That'S it number two. Is I against or nice Yuans advice. I have been washing my hair, less Papa onion is gon na, be mad at me last year or, as may be washing my hair once or twice a week every time I needed it to look refreshed again, and all of that I would wash it yes. Lately. I'D say at least for like the last six months, I have definitely been opting more for just refreshing, my curls, giving it a really really good refresh to make it look good again, rather than fully washing it again. You know I just don't. I don't want to be having certain my whole the time, and I also don't wan na be using shampoos and stuff all the time, and the reason why I feel like that has helped. My hair to grow is because of less time, doing less cleansing less stripping of my hair, because shampoos, especially some juice or sulfates, can be very drying on your hair, very stripping, stripping away the good natural oils that can help you to grow. I just don't want to be drying my hair out, like that with the sulfates, and also just don't even washing my hair so often because it's a hassle, it takes too long, just find a good way to refresh your curls instead of washing them again. I literally just take my spray ball. I get my hair, nice and wet, and then I take my favorite cold cream, which is probably Cantu or actually the prime OpCo range at the moment, and then I'm good to go. No washing was real quiet and my hair looks fresh. My hair looks I'll, be shiny. Everybody thinks it's freshly washed. By the day. Let these natural oils permeate into my hair. We'Ve got to wash it got to wash it don't wash those away. Those look good, don't wash them away. So that's my tip number two washing my hair less often has helped my number three. My third tip, for you guys, is to sleep with a bonnet. I always always always always sleep with a point. Even when I'm on holiday I'll bring a bonnet with me, that's about it. It sounded like it was gon na be a list, but it's not. You know if there's any friends who don't understand the whole on it. Wearing culture, educate them tell them I'm wearing a bonnet, because I want to have long hair get with the program. It protects. Your hair gets breakage. It protects your hair from rubbing on your pillows. There'S no breakage happening. There'S no frizz occurring number. Four. Yes, of course, with the use of rice water. Now I get so many question about rice, water. It'S probably my most popular video that I have ever posted rice. Water is very, very beneficial to your hair and also to your skin, but I use it mainly for my hair. It actually strengthens your hair, so your hair is stronger, less prone to breakage. It can grow longer. Because of that reason I have lots of videos on it. I will link them all right, wait besides how you make rice water, I can feel my hair lately as maybe not been feeling as strong. So I do want to go back to my weekly rice, water usage, it, but it is essentially like a protein treatment. So if you use it too much, it can overload your hair with protein, which will make it brittle. So my advice to you guys is if you're going to use rice water once a week is good. Number 5 is DIY, hair, masks and deep conditioners, so I've been making a good use of the shea moisture, manuka honey line and also the cocoa in the deep conditioners like to use those and also the a hair mask like I did, the cinnamon one, the pumpkin One, so you can treat your hair with a deep conditioner, and that is massively beneficial to your hair. Everything like theirs all equates to making your hair stronger, which, in the long run, is gon na make it grow longer faster number, six satin scrunchies. So I pretty much always use satin scrunchie, you rarely use any other type of scrunchie, especially if I'm at the gym I'm running on the treadmill. I can film my ponytail like the Ling every time I step it's like pulling pulling pulling pulling pulling pulling pulling pulling into my ponytail falls out. So if I wanted to do that with like a normal tail grip thing, then I could just imagine I mean I've done it before and I can feel it pulling my hair and I just imagine how much breakage is a curry around the ponytail when it's pulling Like that, so now, I've opted for only really ever wearing scrunchie number seven number seven, they eat healthy. I'Ve said this a million times, but it stays true. I don't eat the healthiest in the world because I do eat a lot of sweet stuff ate a lot of sweet stuff. I have a sweet tooth, but I always get all my vitamins. I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. I get the nutrients that I need in order for my hair to grow, because your hair, like a representation of your health, a lot of the time like if you see something, is very unhealthy. It will have unhealthy hair. Do you see somebody sick? You can really see that coming through your hair is literally like the old saying goes, you are what you eat, eat healthy, your hair will be healthy and I then I have another video on this. I have a whole video about foods that are good and foods that are bad for hair growth, so I'll link that up here as well. I'M sorry of you guys now have a whole bunch of videos in your tabs, but I promise they are gon na. Be helpful to me so to make sure you check out these number wait. Wait. Number 8 is my favorite tip. Number 8 is to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep is one of my favorite hobbies. Honestly I loved it. I had to put it in one of these tips because, honestly, it all plays into your health and your body is asleep. That'S what you're worried does all of it, repairing that's how you stay healthy. If you really want your body to be functioning at the top level, if you really want your scalp to be producing the best strongest, healthiest, shiniest hair and try to get enough sleep number, nine is a brand new tip that I don't think I've ever mentioned on. My page for in one of the hair growth videos, the number line is week's wigs. Yes, wigs. I find myself sometimes wanting to switch up styles and in the past. That would have meant that I would reach her the straighteners and I would be like I feel like having straight hair. Let me straighten my hair. I would sit there and I would straighten my hair and then I would wear it for about two weeks straight. Then I would curl it. I would do a lot of very manipulative styles to my hair, so I'd be doing flexi rods or something like that stuff that really tugs at your hair these days, if I ever want to switch my hair up. To that extent, not always, but a lot of the time, I will just do it two a week instead and all where the big. So if I want to have straight hair I'll put straight wig on, if I want to have like flexi rod, curls, you know like ringlets, I will put the flexi rods on a wig. I will let the wig go through the discomfort of having flexi rods, and then I will take that out and I'll put the wig on if you're gon na do something like that do into a week. You'Ll also keep in your hair so safe underneath the wig. Some people can really grow their hair hugely in a short space of time, just from wearing wigs every day seriously. If you want to grow your hair, wigs are the way number 10 number 10 is on a similar thing to that, and it's braids this year. I have had braids in my hair twice. I had them in for a good three weeks to a month. I'M not sure I might that my eyes would be longer it either way. When my hair was in those braids, it was very protected. I did not need to touch my hair at all during that time my hair was tucked or safely away in the extension here, and I just feel like that again is another really good way to grow. Your hair is not a wig, it's braids. I just love the look of braids as one I wanted to include it in this, because I do feel like just those short periods of time that I had my hair in braces. You did kind of contribute to my hair growth this year, so I wanted to include that hmm! No! I always do this. I go number 11 and I realized I don't have enough fingers number 11 finger detangling. So now I don't know where somewhere along my path. I forgot about finger detangling, I straightaway, as it's like. Let me get this tangles out. Let me get these tangles out with my brush. After doing this, for like a couple months, I was like. Why have I not been finger detangling? Lately I made a whole video about how to detangle your hair doesn't watch it it's up here, so I don't know how I forgot soon. As you start finger detangling, you will notice such a decrease in the amount of head in days. Number 12 is so obvious, and if you guys have been following me, then you will know that I have stood by this since pretty much like 2014. Like a long time, number 12 is not coloring, my hair, so I don't color my hair, I don't bleach it. I'Ve had a lot of questions. Lately, people were asking me, you know what what color is your hair and I'm like? I don't know it's just my natural color. You know this. Is this black? I don't cut my hair because once you use bleach bleach dries out your hair, like Norma's. I know there are some people who can bleach their hair and still have it looking healthy props to them, but I personally don't want to take the risk that is honestly truly how I've been growing. My hair in 2018, no hidden secrets, just the honest confessions and the truth about how I really grew. My hair enjoy them 18. So I really hope you guys liked this video please thumbs it up. If you did also don't forget to subscribe and turn on your notifications and get me on Instagram, if you guys have any hair growth tips, please leave them in the comment section down below. Also, leave your video requests in the comment section down below cuz I'm trying to get through your guys's requests. Thanks again, so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one.

Polly RG: You should watch the video anyway for more detail, but: 1. Don't cut your hair (keep it healthy and only trim when damaged). 2. Wash your hair less - learn how to do a good refresh. 3. Sleep with a bonnet. 4. Use rice water (link provided). 5. Use DIY hair masks and conditioners. 6. Use satin scrunchies. 7. Eat a healthy diet. 8. Get enough sleep. 9. Use wigs when you want a different style. 10. Braids (protective styling). 11. Finger detangling (link provided). 12. Don't colour your hair.

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Dianna Cabrera: Yes. Please post a trim video!

Mattea 27: Yes can you film a video when you cut the ends of your hair? I need to trim my hair but I don’t want to go to a salon because they cut my hair too short. Lol

JAHSMOON: i deadass started to bald bc i was straightening my hair everyday for 5 months straight (THAT SHIT HIRTED IGG) buuut i recently decided it was time for a change blahh and i put the straightener down and ive started to take 10000 mcgs of biotin WHICH CHANGED MY DAMN LIFE GUYS (idk if thats too much biotin but its fine we chillin) bc the parts of my hair that were sparse and sad are now full and im not even joking its been a week idk if im delusional but my nails are cute my edges are groing and my hair is pretty shiny (aside from breakage frizz sighh) and j stg my hair has grown a bit (shoulder to a bit under shoulder (curly) when my hair is straight its like bra strap level maybe a but above) but yes someone give me some scientific evidence, etc. for the biotin stuff to make me feel less delusional haha

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