Curling My Short Hair With A Flat Iron

This video is about Curling My Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Hey everybody welcome back, we are gon na. Do I'm trying out some new things get my hair done. You know how to do my hair. As you can see, I have not cut it yet. I'Ve just been kind of pulling it behind my ear, but so this is just air dry and I'm gon na go in with a little bit of the the we rose, hair and body oil just to protect it a little bit because I'm gon na put some Heat on it, my hair, so dry heat, it's dry because I've I dyed it so yeah. I already see that soften it up quite a bit, but now I'm just gon na go in and do a few pieces and I'm gon na see if I can curl it with my Drybar flatiron. We may have to revert to the growing we're going to see so well. I really didn't do exactly what I wanted it to do, but it may be too big of a piece could be why it's that first time I filmed all weekend. You know that it's like for me, so anyhow yeah, my mom's dog got really sick. We went a bit for a long time yesterday. No, I think my brother at the vet again, my dog is 16 years old. If you can believe that 16. Okay, I look crazy. I believe no, no! I can still see myself so I know my mama's having a rough day. Normally, I would be with her, but today I woke up and Hannah and insane high blood sugar, which probably should have got my hospital for, but I didn't because I think I know better than everybody yeah. I think this may work I'll find out in about two seconds. My husband wonder then cuz he and the boys are outside playing in the garage. Just ignore him. I do yeah. So that's a bit. That'S close! It'S actually not bad put some spray on it. This front piece, a little bit probably would have been better with microing man, but yeah. That'S I'll, see we'll see. Now what I've been doing is just kind of pulling this back. You know just kind of doing that, leaving this side a little bit, funky wavy, not perfect. That'S not what I want. I don't want perfect. I do have a little bottle of the southern belle from dry bar. It'S kind of like a little root. Lifter. Well, isn't that the same comes out really cold, so I've been kind of putting that on the back of my hair and okay down in here, just to give it some craziness there's crazy quickly somewhere. I have something else from on here, but I think I'm gon na, let it be. I don't like to put too much product in it when I first wash it because you know you know, let's see if we can put some little curls on here too short hell. It worked better on that side did the other, because I held it on there forever about to burn my hair off. I don't have that's no mood now. Welcome to my real world. Ya know that did a little bit of curl, but eventually we're gon na. Have that all gone, none of my back does probably a mess would do much better with me. Alright. So that's all we're gon na do for right. Now, cuz, I'm not really going anywhere. I was just showing you me testing something yeah we'll try the we'll. Try! The curling iron next time right out of the shower well, not right now, but one in the air dries and see how that goes. Alright, guys thanks so much for watching once again southern belle, the root volume stuff. It really does help. I can use the and be perfectly happy see, hopefully eventually, when I cut it this week. This is gon na stand up more because there's not going to be as much weight in the back and all we're gon na have is what's left on this side. So it's gon na be pretty much like that stuff anyways. So yes, southern belle root lifter. I really like that and this we rose. Oil is fabulous for my hair. I only put a little bit on and it my hair just loves it. You can use any kind of oil, I put all kinds of oil in my hair and see how you like it. But if you have a little bit of dry hair, could you cover it or you just have dry hair in general, like curly, hair oil will do the trick any time, alright guys thanks so much for watching my little tutorial. We'Re gon na be back in a few minutes, so we can put some makeup on love. You so much

Nona's Budget Beauty & More: I have finally gotten used to you in short hair now. You look always! I love how you aren't afraid to try new things! My hair is to my waist, & my Honey never wants me to cut it I prolly won;t except for a trim now & then. Love ya, Girlie! TFS! ~ Nona

Nineties LoveChild: I just got my hair cut and this was so great!

ERICA Mullins: Love your hair!!! Great video Can’t wait see new hairdo ‍♀️ I’m thinking about cutting all mine off again ‍♀️

Tiera Dominique: I received my package today I just want to thank you again Susan ☺️

garland Fraley: I cut mine off...lazy and retired...all just dry and let it fly lol Lynn

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