Edges + Head Wrap Tutorial | Finger Waves | Whitney Corena

  • Posted on 31 August, 2018
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hey y’all, here is a video of me showing you how I do my edges / finger waves. Great for protective styling on natural hair; ESPECIALLY when you’ve big chopped and you’re at the awkward stage of growth like I am. This is perfect for a rainy day or a lazy day.

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Products used:


Olive Oil

Black Caster Oil


From: Saint Louis

Sophomore In College

Email: [email protected] (serious inquiries only)

Hey it's a girl, we need Korena and welcome to my television. I have getting ready to do something to this hair because I just handle it. So I'm just gon na go in washing with a bunch of water. My hair is already moisturized from the night before and I just came out of my bonnet, so I'm just gon na get it wet. So I can just do some maintenance to this hair. Whatever I'm getting ready to do, it needs to be wet, so I'm getting ready to go in with my Denman brush. This is not a real Tim Umbridge. I got it from my local, some Beauty Supply for about $ 2.99 and I'm just gon na go in and start making my surface really flat. Just so I can get a neat surface to work with to put my hair wrap on, so I'm just brushing my laptop my here in super nappy, because I just took down some braids and I have not come through my hair. So, as you can see, I'm just brushing it back just so. It looks like it's almost going in the sleep ponytail, but it's not so. I'M gon na take a little bit of my eco styler gel and I'm just gon na start, placing it at the tip of my head right where my edges lay, and I'm just gon na put that there get that little baby hair on the side and take My brush again and just sleek it back just so that surface gon na hold gel is key. So I'm gon na take my comb, by which I love that it has this little pointer, thingy whatever and I'm just gon na comb. My hair back and put a part in it and slick it back just the same way. I had it when I was brushing it and just make sure that I continue to keep that flat surface. So now that I have my flat surface, let's get going so I'm gon na fly some more jail to where I'm gon na make the baby here. So let me just break this down for you. Let me really show you what I'm doing cuz finger waving is hard, so I'm just gon na take my comb and pull it down in a c-shape motion and pull it back towards my hair, so you're gon na pull it from your forehead back to where your Hair is and that's a perfect little C nom. I need you, it wasn't perfect enough for me. I need a little bit more hair, so I pulled some more hair, I'm just so different ways and them finger waves can live way better. So I'm gon na continue to make this C motion as you'll notice. I'M almost doing a part when I'm pulling the hair back up. That is essential to getting good finger waves because that next little layer waves has to be late just like the first part. So you definitely want to make sure that your parting and I'm just going in and cleaning that up a little bit cuz girls. Sometimes I don't know what I'd be doing, but I won't be taking my time so now we're getting ready to go ahead and clean. That part up and we're gon na go ahead and start making that second layer of baby air slash finger waves and we're gon na go ahead with that same technique, pushing it in a sea motion towards the forehead and back where the rest of the hair lays. So you kind of want to make sure that you continuing to get that flat surface, so just keep looking at Jalen and I don't know how much you use, but my hair needs to hold all day. So now that looks pretty good. So I'm just going in and I'm doing that third layer, where I'm just really giving that definition with these waves. The first two layers looked really good, but this is going to give you that side. Angle impact as you continue to do that. So you just get as much hair as you can you'll find that you got those little sideburns, we'll work that out later. Don'T even worry about that. So now we're gon na move to the other side. This is the surface words not as much hair. There won't be that many letters, but this is where you give a style, because this is the other side of the part. So you continue to do those finger waves at sea motion toward the forehead and back where the rest of the hair lays sometimes, depending on how much hair you got it to get a little sloppy like mine is, but that's, okay, you take that part of the Column and you just clean it up, I think this look good so far, but we've got some more perfections to do so, just tuck that right on behind your ear and then we're gon na go ahead and make sure the wrist that looks like that. Look good girl, you better work, so I got a stocking cap. This is not essential, but look what I'm gon na do I didn't mess up my baby hair. The stocking cap is gon na hold your hair down, while the rest of the finger waves are there, but if you do mess it up, you can just take that comb in the jail right back in and do this loop right there, but the stocking cap is Gon na hold the ending of the way that connects to the rest of the hair. That'S not finger way, which is essential because girl, you do not want all that poufy stuff showing underneath your scarf. You don't want all that bulk, so this will really help. You run with this stocking cap and then this gives you the chance to push the hair under that stocking cap. So it's holding those finger way, so you don't have to worry about nothing. Curling up. You see how the definition looks so much better and it's late to the guards sleek baby. So these are cybers I was talking about. You can hide them and they can look uglier. You can do what I can do. You could take some jail. You can take your comb and you just go with her and make that a finger wave to girl yes and see me. I got some extra dirt hair, so I just push it on down. Try to make it look as neat as possible. So right now I'm just gon na go ahead and do the same thing to the other side. I'M not doing nothing to fancy the exact same thing I was gon na show ya, but I really didn't want to break my neck cuz. The angle I was sitting there and the angle of the camera and angle of March here yeah, and I want to see that on video, so I'm just going in here and just cleaning up a whole lot, just making sure that this looks good, because this is Just a routine that you're gon na want to use for any time. You want to look cute, but you got somewhere to go or you want a five-minute hairstyle. You don't don't you much a being a little bit lazy today, girl go ahead and get you a scarf. So for me I don't have a scarf, so I'm gon na use a t-shirt. So I'm just gon na take the t-shirt part where my actual head goes, and I'm gon na lay that right over where the stocking gabby is. I like to place my t-shirt over my ears a little bit just because I feel, like my ears, show a little bit too much, so I don't mind them being tucked a little bit, so you just don't go and you're gon na start twisting it sometimes. I do a sort of a two strand twist, just to give it a little bit more of a lock, so nothing in that t-shirt comes out as far as the sleeves and then you're gon na start wrapping it in a circle. You'Re, just gon na make sure that you're securing it really tight, but you just keep wrapping it around and once you get all the way around you're just gon na tuck the remainder of the t-shirt right underneath the button and it is secure. You are ready to go so I'll, be able to sure that I inside a few pictures at the end, because I won't try to see the finished look when I'm not on video. Now look at that girl. Now you ready to go and you look at Sam good girl. Look at you!

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