Tutorial | Beachy Wavey Hair With A Hair Straightener - For Short Hair!

  • Posted on 04 April, 2013
  • Short Hair
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Hey everyone! So from time to time I have been asked how I do my hair like this so I thought that I would show you how to do it! Enjoy! Charlie x


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Hello, so today i thought i would do a um hair tutorial for you, um. I'Ve noticed on a few videos where i've had my hair waved that people have asked me how i've done it, and today someone commented on my last video asking me how i did it and i'm just in the mood to film i filmed yesterday and i'm filming Today - and i think i may film tomorrow, if i have time um so yeah - i just thought i would do that, and i thought it was pretty like common that everyone knew how to do this kind of wave, but evidently not so. I thought i would show you it's not difficult at all. It probably doesn't even warrant a video, but i thought i would do it anyway, um just in case any of you wondered how to do it, um so yeah i'll just get straight into it. Now. First thing you want to do is obviously brush your hair. I'Ve already brushed mine, so i don't really need to and get a hair tie um. Obviously, oh i'm doing this with straighteners by the way so plug straighteners in and all that jazz um and then section off your hair. However, you like so like so quirky um now this is my natural hair. Now i don't have any extensions in just in case you wondered which i doubt you did but i'll tell you anyway um then you want to get a heat protectant. The one i'm using is tresemme heat defense looks like that with the little squirty thing, um just pop that on your hair and push it through um yeah. I did this hair in my get ready with me yesterday, so um it. I showed you in that, but it was pretty like quickly fast forwarded. It fast forwarded fast forwarded um, so you probably couldn't really see what i was doing that well um. So yeah right, you just put heat defense on and then get your hair straighteners make sure. They'Re heated up right and everything and then grab a chunk of hair. It doesn't really matter how much you grab, but it does look better with a sort of smaller chunk. So a chunk like that um put your straighteners at the top and then you twist it one way you twist it the opposite way, then the other way and then the opposite way again and you make a. I thought you can even see what i'm doing and you make a wave like that um. You can do it a different way as well, so you can turn the straighteners upwards and stirred so get away from that and if he's a smaller piece, obviously the wave comes out a little bit better um. So yeah, i don't know what to say. Really. It'S pretty self-explanatory and then you just sort of want to do that all over the bottom layer um! Oh, i might as well ask you this in this video. I doubt hardly any of you will watch hair tutorials, but i'll. Ask you this in this video anyway. Um me and frankie um are going to imaps this year. Um. If we can get tickets, i haven't got pager, so i need to wait till i get paid to get a ticket um, but yeah we're planning on going to imac. So hopefully that happens. I was just wondering if any of you people, my subscribers, are going to imats um and if you are, what day, you're going on um just thought it'd be cool to see how many people actually go. I'M talking about the london one by the way not like. I think i have in new york and other places um, but yeah i'm talking about the london one. So if any of you are going to the london one, then it will be awesome. If you just leave me a comment - and let me know just so i don't know so, i can see like if any of you are going um so yeah, oh frankie is miss fd makeup. I talk about her all the time because she's just the best um i'll pop her link in the description or around here somewhere um we're gon na meet up on the saturday um, which her friend's coming as well. Beth and um we're gon na go, get a coffee and then we're gon na go to imets and it's just gon na be so much fun. So that's what we're gon na do, hopefully fingers crossed and you wan na let the next layer of your hair down. You can section off again if you want to, i might section it a little bit and then spray your heat defense. Again. Oh sugar drop my thing there i like to do the heat defense layer by layer just so i know that i'm covering like all of my hair, but you can just whack it on your whole head. If you want and then brush it through and then just you know, crack on with it, but it depends how you like to do it. I guess i think i'm gon na try and upload this video today, um it'll. Probably it's about um four o'clock now so um. It probably won't be up till quite late, but um, i'm gon na film, my february favorites after this. So if you want to see my february favorites, then let me know down below as well. If you don't want to see it, then i'm not going to bother uploading, it obviously um. I don't really know what else to talk about i'm just this isn't even to do with hair really. Is it um right, so you get the gist if you um sort of i'll turn alternate the way that you um do the curls. So on one you start upwards and then go down and then go that way and on one you start down, then go up and go down. If you get what i mean um, it should alternate the curls a little bit i'll, try and sort of show you that a bit better what i meant, i meant right so when you start to fit the route on one of them. If you turn that way. First and then continue all the way down and then on the other strand. You go upwards instead and then carry on down. It should like sort of give a different effect on each wave right. So i'm just going to quickly continue with this, and then i shall come back when i feel necessary and then personally for me i don't curl my fringe. I just leave my fringe um. Some people might think it looks a bit silly with having your fringe straight, but i sort of like blend it in with the hair like that, so you can't really tell all too much. I just don't like a waved fringe. I think that's a bit weird um. So right, you have your basis of your ways if i just move my fringe all the way again, so you can see uh, you have the basis of your waves and you're leaving like this, and if you have like really long sleek smooth hair, then they will Come out a lot more um sort of smoother and glossier and nicer, but my hair's crap, so it comes out a bit more rough. Looking and um not perfect. Looking if you want to leave them like this, you can leave them like this. If you want to rough them up a bit, then you can do so. What i like to do is if my ends are feeling a bit dry i'll grab some john free to frizzy's um serum. I know you only meant to put some wet hair, but i have really dry hair, so i just pop i just pop it on dry hair. So i just get a smidge like that and then i just really really really rub it into my hand. So it's not like majorly, sticky and then i'll just sort of rough it through the ends a little bit, i'm really zoomed in on the camera. So i'm not too sure if you can see a lot of this, but i hope you can just sort of rough. It around like that and it's sort of the serum sort of weighs down the waves a little bit, so it just looks a bit more like roughed up uh. You can also grab some dry shampoo kind of like contradicting myself with those two products, but you can grab some dry shampoo and lift up a chunk of your hair, just spray it under there and then rub it in and gives you a little bit of volume. A little bit of more roughed upness right there we go. That is that i'm going to zoom out a little bit because i don't know if you can see this too well, that is zooming in not out charlie um, all right. Okay, that's a little bit more out, isn't it so yeah? That is the side, and that is the other side. I mean really annoying in this video as well. I'M decent, i am sorry um when i do this hairstyle. Sometimes i like to get a chunk of this side, the front chunk and plait it or just twist it and grip it back like that. So it looks a little bit. I don't know more. I didn't really try very hard to do this hair, but you did really um so yeah. I guess that is that right, i'm just gon na leave it there there's nothing more to talk about. It'S really simple. All you've got to do is have a pair of hair straighteners um. I don't know if you can do this with curlers i haven't tried. I know you can get the three barrel. Um tong set thing which um lets you create that curl like really easily, but i personally like using the hair straighteners, i think, is really simple to do right. I'M gon na go um. I really hope you like this video and yeah. I will see you very soon and give the video a thumbs up if you liked it, and let me know if you want any more hair, tutorials um yeah, bye,

Heidi Jackson: Thank you for this :-) can't wait to try it out x

pinkdiamonds98: This video was helpful, thanks. I'm going to try this tomorrow. Cant wait for your next video :)

Danyell: i use to do this all the time with my hair but felt like it fell out easily, does your do the same? if not is there anything you could recommend :) cause i love this style! x

CharliefulBeauty: You're welcome, glad it helped! :) x

CharliefulBeauty: Glad you liked it! :)

NaturalGlamourxo: Loved this xo

CharliefulBeauty: Cool! Hope it turns out well :)

AskVivi 1: Awesome! I'll have to try this with my karmin styling iron.

CharliefulBeauty: Oh yay glad you liked it :) x

CharliefulBeauty: Thanks! Oh cool! Me too, so excited :) x

TheGemmaJones_: Hey great hair style. Im going to the imats on saturday can wait! X

CharliefulBeauty: OMG! That is brand new information! I'm so shocked by this.. xx

em-j11: you really suit your hair like this, it just doesn't look right on me haha. You look really nice in this video:) xxx

CharliefulBeauty: Umm mine pretty much lasts all day but that's probably because my hair is quite rough. Umm maybe you could try going down the hair really slowly so the wave is more defined. Or...i'm guessing you might already use hair spray, but if not try bristows hair spray. Its fairly cheap and really good :) x

blahhh5801: You have reallly nice teach and your hair grew sooooo muchhh

CharliefulBeauty: Hmmm, maybe! If you're lucky ;) xx

Lucy Savage: your straighteners are so squeaky

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