Too Dark For Color!?$20 Rainbow Wig Bobbi Boss M1032 Bonnie

Baby know i made hey y'all, what's up, what's up hey, what's up, what's up, what's up welcome back to my channel, what's going on you guys, hey how y'all living, how y'all feeling drop a comment down below and let your girl know? Yes, y'all your girls feeling good feeling great feeling great feeling good. How are you yes? Do you see me do y'all see me. I just want to give a big shout out to bobby boss, okay they're sponsoring today's video and if it wasn't for them, i would not have this wig on my head. I wouldn't i wouldn't. I am looking very color flow. Looking like a bowl of fruit loops. Okay, that you just want to put on a spoon and school all right. Oh, don't pour too much milk on me. This is not me at all, but i'm feeling lovely like i said i would have never tried this wig if it wasn't for bobby boss, but also years ago. I would have never tried this ever why? Because your girl thought she was too dark. Okay, i heard that all my life growing up you too dark video youtube, doctor you're too dark for that or dark skinned. Girls can't wear this dark skinned. Girls can't wear that. I'M here to tell you. I have dark skin okay and you can wear any color. You want okay, if they gon na be mad, let them be mad, but you gon na be glad that you wore that color and did your thing. So today's wig is by bobby boss. It is their first class hair, creative color series, all right. It is the meta, fresh, safe and clean cap. This wig is heat resistant, safe. It doesn't save the degree amount. This wig is premium synthetic. I have it in the style m1032 bonnie in the color indigo rainbow. I will have direct links down below where you can purchase this wig. If this is your thing, if you into it, so i'm going to go ahead and give you guys the pros and cons to this wig all right. First, we're going to start off with the cons and then we're gon na jump right into the pros, and then i'm gon na wrap this thing up, because i got things to do people to see places to be i'm about to be 34 in 12 days. Okay. 34., look at me. Look at me, 34 years, young mama, a two wife, youtuber, okay, get into it because we was about to do it. The only con i would have to say about this wig is that it does shed um, it's not shedding like horribly, but it does shed and that's it. That'S the only con that i have to say about this wig, so we're gon na jump right into the pros. The first pro i would have to say about this wig is the style. I love a bang wig and it's crazy that they sent me this wig, because my first wig video ever was the yar bang wig by bobby boss, ain't that some that's something um, let's go full circle, don't just full circle. Okay, come on bobby boys, but um. I really love bangs, but i feel like sometimes they can't get the bangs right on the wig like they're, too heavy or they're too blunt, like i'm, really loving their feathered bangs like ooh get into those brows. I know you see it, but these bangs are perfect. Don'T mind the color just look at the bangs. The bang is everything i love a natural bang on a wig like if i could have this in a one. Okay, baby we're gon na be doing some fine, even though this color is a bit too much for your girl. You have to give it to him. It is so beautiful. It is so beautiful. Look at the color job light come on now and i'm really loving the blue, because blue is my favorite color. If you did not know that um and it's just everything, this color is everything, but i would not wear this week, um, probably to like a festival or something um, but this is definitely not an everyday week for your girl every day or you know we can Play a little roleplay, i've said this before and i'm going to say it again: bobby boss has the best hair in the synthetic game sponsored or not. That'S how i feel one thing that i do love about this wig is that it's a throw on and go. It'S sitting my head perfectly: i have no no lace, little lace, none of that. I got word by no lace, none whatsoever. It is a closure at the top and it's laying flat and it looks very natural. You can't be mad at that. I wish i had this in a one i wish i had it in one cause. I throw this thing on every day. Okay, all day, take that take that, but i'm looking good and chocolatey. You know what i'm saying got the girls sitting up, because you know they like this all right, y'all, i'm gon na go ahead and wrap up today's video, i do have a wig sale coming up so make sure you stay tuned for that the wig sale will Be on february 4th day before my birthday make sure you guys are following me on instagram, actually, nice nicole underscore, if i'm not on the tube, i'm on the ground, going ham, doing eight buttermilk. All the links to my social media pages will be listed down below. So make sure you check them out and support your girl, make sure you guys drop a comment down below and let's chat it up, keep it real with your girl because i'ma always keep it real with you. If you like, today's video make sure you give it a thumbs up for your girl, if you have any comments or any questions or just want to say, what's up drop it down below you know, i will talk back to you if you haven't already go ahead And subscribe to my channel is the big red button down below, because i know you see it. I know you see it. I know you see it. Yes, as always. I thank you guys for watching. I thank you guys for supporting me and hopefully i'll see, y'all in the next video

Shanise Nicole: Hey Y’all WASSSUPPPP I know you SEE ITTTTTTTT! Whewwww Chile let’s get into this Rainbow Wig. I can’t believe I actually wore this wig I’m still shocked. Let’s chat it up and let me know if you feeling this wig & y’all already know if you don’t like it’s all love still let me know. I need this wig in a JET BLACK! Wig Sale coming up I’ll drop a video with all details soon. It’s gonna be a blowout no wig over $100 Thanks for the continued support I love & appreciate y’all LIKE.COMMENT.SUBSCRIBE

Queenie petite: Thank you for showing this wig. I love your vibes as always. Keep shining. ☄️

Queenie petite: I love this unit. The color is beautiful. This is

Pyt G: the style of this unit!! I'd definitely rock this in a 1b or 2. Tfs

Simply Sherelle : The colors on this is VERY vibrant! You working it, it’s such a fun color but yas to a 1b! And ya got the girls hanging and banging

T Southern Girl: So pretty on you… I see units I love but I’m too scared …you’re the real hype friend everyone girl needs!!!!!Love it!!

Kris Sevenplusthree: My baby gasped and said that it's gorgeous. And then she said, "where did she get that hair". She watches MLP videos and likes Rainbow Dash.

Lena E.E.B.: Idk where I would personally wear the wig but it's a look!!

BJ Jackson: Yes ma'am I am a chocolate woman and I wear what I want!! I love color, love wearing white!! You look cute!! That is a special occasion wig. It is very pretty!!

IsThatYourHairrr: These colors are bomb! Whew! We can rock ANYTHING.

Da Diabetic Diary: Wow that is definitely baaasaabanging! . It has a really cute color blend ❤️

Big C and Lil C👌🏾: Big sis I love this!!!!! As always you're beautiful❤

Eb O: Cuuuutee! The color is beautiful.

Miche'al Caraballo: I love this.

Naturally DubK: Super cute! Mines is on they way

SAWLIFE: Guh, i love this !! Idgaf what you say I’m screaming at you just putting it on though! Not homie don’t play that byeeeeee

Kie RaShon: Go off twin!!

Silky Saks: You better serve us some color Yes full circle moment I loved me some Yara

Magikalblackness: That dark skin girls comment is why I started my channel We can def wear what we want

Sally Walker: Looking like a black opal beautiful

Gemini22: That look so good on you

Kris Sevenplusthree: Gone girl! Do yo thang!

Sammy Da Goat: First Comment The Rainbow Wig Is Spectacular Yo Smile Is Terrific

Daryl Peyton: look at you baby that wig is crushing daddy

Queenie petite: You are Aquarius ♒️ too?? Yay Aquarius season.

Val Dub: Shes super cute on you! But she ain't a going to the office kinda wig.

Magikalblackness: U jumped out that box we see u

Simply Sherelle : It’s giving Rio Carnival

Simply Sherelle : Lmfao at homie the clown!

Deb: Come On Crush on you tease…but all the colors in the video at the same time

Deb: ♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️

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