The Most Natural Looking 36" Braided Full Lace Wig! Ft. Fancivivi | Petite-Sue Divinitii


The wig I'm using : Fancivivi 36inches hand tied full lace box braids wig

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Foreign caps and then I got a pair of lashes here and some you know accessories you could put in your braids if you want to and then lastly, in the bag, this is just a card, you know with more information and stuff, so I'm so excited this Wig is definitely some inches. It'S 36 inches long, yeah, 36 inches girl. We are working with some inches and I love that it's not too dense like there's, not too many plots. In the past. I'Ve experienced that with some wigs, where it's kind of like too much like braids and that will kind of contribute to it being too heavy and stuff. So I'm happy that this looks really nice and realistic. Like I love the way it looks so if you notice it's giving natural scalp like it's giving scalp, so this is a hundred percent hand tied with baby hairs around. As you can see, you see it's like a 365 and this allows for just a seamless, hairline transition, no bumps, no lumps no gaps, and you know it's very realistic. So I'm very pleased I love the little the way they finish the edges and stuff there, and you know it doesn't come with a scent, even though it's synthetic it really doesn't have a scent. It'S very neatly done, like the construction looks so good and it's other natural color, as you can see like a 1B, and even though it's ready yeah it have that little weird there yeah now I'll get rid of that, but it's not super heavy. So it's like for a braided wig, not super heavy, pretty lightweight for for a braided wig yeah. So I love that um also, even though it's synthetic and stuff and it's braids it doesn't. You know that itchy sticky feeling you get from braids, it's it's soft! You know it's very soft, so inside of the wig look like this is a full-on lace, with full lace with no whips so right throughout the wig cap is gon na look like scalp right and then it has this extra elastic adjustable for um strap inside to Make it more secure and then adjustable straps in the back of combs are also in there. You know three Combs, so that's really really really nice and then you know it's really nice box braids. Like look at that neatly done neatly done, and I mean you couldn't ask for a bit of construction, so you could literally just save time and money getting this wig. If you feel for some box Birds, you could really save time and money by just getting this week rather than going to sit down at the salon for hours and hours. You know, because everything that you want is already on this wig, like it looks so good. So now that I show you guys everything pretty much: let's go ahead and jump into installing this. I'M really excited because I'm gon na do this with I'm gon na install this with some glue. So let's go you see how the butt looks. Yeah man, it's definitely your way. I don't know guys I've. I'Ve just noticed that I'm adjusting the strap that came on the inside and it has these little things here so they're kind of rubbery. So what I realized is they're really cold anyway. I just the Buckle too: it will literally hold it so well, so it would. It will not slip while it's on your head, so that security that you're looking for is definitely guaranteed, because these they're, like guarantee and non-slip kind of uh, hold to it. So that's really Genius of them to do the elastic band This Way, foreign guys this is a flattest braided, wig, I've ever applied. People are probably - and this is why I did about camera, because you see how this is giving that scalp like Vibe right through like the breeds, are soft. What number one so, of course, it's a little bit longer, so I'm gon na end up having to probably cut off one of the plaits to make it fit. My hairline, you see it flat, so I'm braided women get so flat. Yet for nothing! This, the good girl also know that I cut away the excess on the ears, because all I really needed to do it was so easy because I know it's one braid from the air portion. You know it's really easy to eyeball, and so no it fits perfectly. So I'm doing a glue, install and I'm so happy because it lights. It'S actually light for me like on the head. Yeah, usually like sometimes you'd, feel the weight when you put it on your head. But this, oh my gosh, but this isn't most realistic, really good. You'Ve ever seen everything I I I'm I'm definitely going to be rocking this out, thanks that I've never even done like knotless braids on my natural hair, so because I don't really like to be confined to one hairstyle to learn so yeah. I'Ve never really explored those braids. I don't do braids that um, so this is gon na be so convenient. So what I'm gon na do get my Erica J um hold me down adhesive and I'm gon na. Do this right throughout and I'll come right back. I'M gon na speed it up so foreign broken pieces - oh yeah guys, so it is I'm going to use my lace, um tint. This is in sand and I'm just gon na just spray these areas. So it's not it's a little bit like uh, more medium brown toned. If you get what I'm trying to say so you know turn it down a little bit a little bit. So I pulled back the baby hair portions and I'm just gon na cut up with the excess. So so far guys it looks amazing. My hair like like it is. It is truly gorgeous the way they constructed this wig, like it's so realistic and the lace top tier as usual. You guys I'm gon na put the link if you're interested in getting this wig down below and all the specifications will be listed down below as well. So go ahead and check that out once I'm done, I'm going to like finish the baby hairs, because I like The Vibes that I'm just giving guys so this lace is melted. I love how undetectable the lace is like like what what so? No, I can really like finish these baby hairs. It came with them curly like this, so I can go in further and do what I want to do. I'Ll probably cut it down a little bit more, but you know that Vibe is trending, where you cannot do that. You know the curly dry baby, hair Vibe. It'S not like paste down on your face. So when you kiss me, it's like the stars fall out. The sky onto my heart, to cover up what I don't wan na show higher. Oh you take me guys. No one can tell me I did not go to the salon and just like get fresh braids like what what and it is long light. It goes all the way down to like my thigh like here. It looks so good guys. Tell me the truth. I rate this a full-on technology like the least everything is to blend like you could do less with the edges. If you wish, you could do no edges, because you could just pull it back. If that's what you want to do, but guys top the truth, no wait Wayne, it's the best, I'm saying it right now: it's the best braided wig! I'Ve ever had it's lightweight as well: 36 inches. I love the fact that they really understand that they need to not put too much like braids on the cap, because when you do that it gets really bulky and oversaturated and just like heavy. This is like the measurement is so on point like so on point so now I mean you could style this up in so many different. You can status up in so many different ways like you could just take some at the front here. You could just pull it back, you know get a clip and kind of just like you know. Look at that! Look at that plot. This is my biggest part. That'S the that's! Not my favorite part of this week. How flatly like, oh, I'm, so excited, I'm so excited to go out with this like just go, oh and just like beat like outside. I mean I've worn my braided wigs out before, but this one I know I'm gon na wear it and like nobody's gon na notice that I'm wearing a wig happy me love the wig. The wig is at 10.. This is so nice all right, so we did that style. I'M gon na explore something else. You could just go ahead and wear it, as is which is pretty basic um, but my go-to is really. I have the half apartment where I just really like a pullback Vibe or you could do like. Let'S see, let's see, I always love to do something like this. If you choose to like, like you say, you're going, oh, you could like twist it up, but these are so nice and flat. I wouldn't even, but it is all up to you. If you want to do that kindness, you know side, part kind of vibe. You could do it like that, so you'll be like you could literally put it up in a ponytail. You know because it's a 360 anyways enough opportunity, but like a ponytail but like how fun you see the survive, they put baby hairs. I know back as well guys, so you know this is a perfect 360.. The 360.. You know they have the little baby hairs to kind of just you know, give it a vibe guys, but I don't even I'm like a scratch CD, because it's really my best birthday week to date. Tell me what you think Down Below in the comment section, because I'm so excited right now. I am so excited shout out to fancy Vivi for this gorgeous braided wig guys. I need you to go ahead and go to my description box. Go to my description box to check out the specs on this wig and the direct link, if you're interested in ordering it for yourself. If there's any code available, you can go ahead and make use of it if there's one and that's it for today's week, look! Oh, my God, thank you guys so much for watching. That'S all for now and I'll see you guys in my next video okay. So just let me open yourself, um

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Just_Amil: Love this!!! Sue you look young and fresh outta high school getting ready for collage with the braids. It really looks like you got your hair done and the spray to tone it down is perfect.

Graceanne Creque: This wig once applied looks so natural and is super convenient for persons who normally have to sit for hours in a salon to achieve look..

Chantel Keona: This wig looks great, I am loving it.

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Daniqueee A.: No Sue man, this is too cute! Girl you rocked that

Denise Hopkins: ❤ I agreed. It looks so natural! Shred with my daughter

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Taiyazi Venyeeh: Yess I looks so good and I’m in love with your personality ❤

KayM: Love it, love it. You rock it well

reggaeOG: Just darling! I love it, Petite!

Paulette Neale: The wig is wigging ten out of ten recommend to a friend it is beautiful love it....

R E: I love this wig!!!

UNRULY MARSHA: The best box braids wig I've seen, I bought one like over 6 yrs ago I had to give it away it was so heavy and big for my head

UNRULY MARSHA: They did a great job with this.

Bess Beans Lifestyle: This one really looks summer friendly

tifani nelson: Love this wig

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Princessk Kijani: Jamaica prettiest YouTuber. U rock everything

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2cee Walder: Love it , that's all i wear is braid wigs. Cause I can't sit for it lol. And I don't have to worry bout takin it out. Easy pezy yessss.( Wigs)

Diandra B: Sue how would you wash this without it being fuzzy ?

Tina anna pink: Love love this braided hair

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Princessk Kijani:

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