No Stocking Cap/Bald Cap Method | The New Easiest Way To Apply & Secure Your Lace Wig

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Hey guys before we get into today's video this week is being sponsored by yo wigs. This is their kinky lace, frontal wig. Now, most of the time, if I install my lace, frontal wig using glue, I do the ball cap method. However, it can be very messy and very challenging at times to achieve the perfect look. So in this video I'm going to show you guys how I install my wigs not doing the ball cap method, alright, so the product I'm using today is from bold hold now, because I will be applying lace glue directly on my skin. I am going to be using the bold whole skin protector. This is very important to make sure you protect your skin, so I spray a little bit on a towel and I just put it pretty much right below the stocking cap or right on my forehead. I would also suggest that you do like a small skin test just to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to applying this product on your skin before applying it all over. So when it comes to the actual wig install, I like to pull all the hair to the back, just to make sure there's no strands that get in the glue. So I'm just using these big clips and placing them directly on the hairline. So once I have all my hair pulled back, I'm going to be using the bolt-hole lace glue to secure my wig. Now I like to just take a few dots of the glue and use the end of a comb and bring that glue down towards my face, and I actually just do this all around the perimeter of my head and, as you can see, I don't use a Lot of this boat hold glue just because, if you over use a lot of this glue, it's going to become really sticky and really messy. So I just like to use a very light, thin layer. Now you can also layer this glue to 2 or 3 layers, but I would highly suggest if you do that, make sure the first layer is completely clear before adding another layer, because otherwise your lace frontal is going to turn white. So once the glue becomes clear, it's pretty much ready for you to put the frontal on it. So I'm going to take the side of my front so first because, as you can see, the other side is still kind of white and I'm going to pull the lace a little over the glue just a little bit and I'm gon na use my fingernails and A comb to push the glue into the lace - you still don't want to use your fingers because you have oils on your fingers and it can make the lace turn white and the reason why I pulled my lace a little bit past. The glue is because I don't want the glue to become like Missy and gunky on the actual lace like on my hairline, so I just pulled it down a little bit to avoid that and the hold on this glue is crazy. So I would highly suggest before you actually glue the wig down, make sure you have the wig in this exact position and you have it where it needs to be, because once you put this glue on even if you don't press it down, girl is sticking okay. So this is pretty much what the wig and the hair line looks like after the install as you can see, my hair line looks super clean just because I didn't use a whole lot of glue, so I didn't have to go in and clean up any glue And I did go in and cut out some more lace just because I don't like to cut off too much lace before the actual install. So, as we all know, kinky texture hair can be extremely thick. So before I do any type of styling to the hair, I'm going to section off the hair and apply heat by blow-drying, the hair in sections. So once I have that section, blowed out and pretty much as straight and smooth as it's going to get with a blow dryer, I'm going to use my Remington Remington curling iron and I am going to add some long curls to my hair. And I am anxious to see if this kinky texture is going to actually hold the curl, because you guys know usually when it comes to the kinky texture, I wear it and in its original straight texture. So I'm just going to continue to section off my hair using smaller sections and just one curling be right back so now that I have my hair pretty much styled. I'M very surprised to see that I did not really have to use the bald stocking cap method with this wig install. So I am going to take my fingers and just pull the curls apart making sure I don't run my fingers through the hair, because I don't want the hair to get big so yeah. The stocking cap method is not always necessary. The main reason why you do the stocking cap method is to get rid of the stocking cap band. I do have a full wig install video that I'll post a link below so you guys can see exactly how the bald cap method looks and how to install it. So I have pretty much styled my hair to my liking and I'm just clipping those little long ends. As you can see, this type of textured wig does definitely hold a curl, this being a Yankee texture. I was very very surprised just because it is super straight, but it's super duper full. I love this look for this type of hair. It reminds me of like a braid out or a twist out super duper pretty so all purchasing information for this wig will be below thanks for watching guys, bye,

Amber Mellon: Girl you are a pro ‍♀️ you make it look so easy great job it ! You could secure another bag just by applying lace front wigs on people I would definitely pay you to do mine

Unapologetically Me19: These steps are taken to make sure your wig looks natural and is secured!

Tiarra Aldamos: Omg Thank you for showing this, because I see women doing the bald cap method, and it honesty makes wearing wigs intimidating. I want to start wearing wigs for the first time. I watch peoples wig videos, and it confuses the hell outta me. The way you did it makes me a lot more confident now.... Thank You.

Koko Bland: I bought my very first human hair wig per your recommendation. The kinky hair wig you posted last video. I'm extremely nervous and scared cuz I don't know what the heck I'm doing but I'm about to binge on your videos so I can get it together. Thanks for sharing thanks for bringing us great content always

Beautiful Dreamer: This is how lace frontals was first done and introduced on YT, I used this method back in 2009/2010. I believe It is a better more simple method .

bjosh02: I like this wig! This look like my new go to work wig! Yess!

Chante Lewis: Love the video. My beautician does my wigs, so I am curious what are you wearing under this wig ? I will need to research this bald cap method never heard of it. Thank you for sharing!!

K. Scott: That bald stocking cap method every body doing is time consuming af..I just want to put the wig on and go

Into Pam and Jamie's World: You just give me wig life.... I order everything you post good god... hopefully I can get sponsors one day

Kay Lauren: Chile that bald cap method had me STRESSSSSSSSSED! lord

Chantel Doan: Great tutorial

MissTranae: That's cute good job

queen nadra: What type of curling iron did you use?

Monica: Beautiful backdroop

HelloViida: Thank you

Ms. Niqua: So cute!

Shon9tilR: Are your nails press ons or professionally done? I love them.

DaRadical: This wig

Stephanie K: So dope❤️

Tee The Mocha Beauty: the pricing that you provided in the description is invalid, the price came up as $300+ ☹

therealsongstress: Thanks for aging me what to do with that wand type curling iron...I didn’t know how to use that thing

Moya Stewart: A 14" wig is $219!!! How sway!!!

Just Nathalie: Can you recommend hairstylist in your area

Sandra Coulbourne: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yammy: Lol, you uploaded right as I pressed stop recording on my review of your Ywigs kinky lace wig.

Sekhmet Auset Het-Heru: How is it a no bald cap method but you’re using a bald cap? I’m confused

Demi Scott: So confused

Sahai_j: Click bait....!!!

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