Texture The Best Natural Yaki Kinky Straight Lace Wig Install Ft.Unice Amazon

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Is i'm giving off away hey? What'S up, you guys, welcome and welcome back to my youtube channel, my name is jen. Today'S video is sponsored by younis amazon. Today i am reviewing their 24 inch yaki kinky straight unit. This is a 13x4 unit. This unit has a lot of texture to it. You guys i love it. You see how thick it is. It mimics your natural hair, i'm going to go in and blow dry it. So i can try to tame it a little bit but remember the texture is not going anywhere. Okay, you can still see it's kind of you know poofy after i blow dried it, you can still see the texture, the waves. Now i want to go ahead and flat iron, it and hot comb it, but just remember that it may be flat when you're in the house, but as soon as you go outside you know it may poof up again after a few hours, just like having a Blowout or a silk press just remember you know you may have to go back in and flat iron this hair. So if you guys want to see how i style this unit stay tuned, hey, hey is belongs to us i'll, give it all away cause. We like it is driving me crazy that i can't do everything until the morning. Uh hey is so i'm basically done styling the unit y'all and i'm loving it and you guys see how poofy it is how big it is. I love big hair and i love this texture because it's not too flat, you know, but this is so versatile and i love buying or getting wigs like this, because it's kind of you like you're, getting two in one. Basically, so it's definitely worth all your coins. You know the link to this unit will be in the description box below so be sure to check that out. You may have a coupon code as well. I would like to thank you niece amazon, for sponsoring this video and for sending me this unit. I hope you guys enjoy this video, please don't forget to like share, comment and subscribe. Let me know what you guys think about this style, the unit, how i styled it. If i could do anything different, i hope you guys enjoy the slay until next time. Hey: hey: hey

Silky Saks: Definitely giving the kinky straight texture Love how you plucked the baby hair it helps it look more natural.

Terica: Oh yes this looks very natural! It looks so good out the box but you slayed per usual

lneal2800: Love this texture and density wow! Love the Consistency boo! Keep the slayage coming! This is beautiful and on you!

Jay: I love how you create your baby hairs ♥️ not too much ! Just right

TRUFAMILY GANG: I like big it's super cute especially the way you styled it

Sasha G: Beautiful Jen but I just want a makeup tutorial because I need to know how you get this look

Sammy Da Goat: The Texture Is Bomb Asf Loving This Very Much

Pick You Color nail channel: So thick and natural ❤

Peace Ijie: Is there a difference between yaki and kinky straight hair

Nadia: Yesss! I am here watching you werk!

Gamer Bro: Amazing video good job cool

Nyla Psalm’s: Nice!! I Just purchase this

Mercy Me: How do you hide the knots

Michael Young: Keep going boo

Catherine: Hi, what is the spray that you use

Funniest Unfunny Guy: Hi there my awesome friend it's I the Grand Poohba of the couch tater Pandering Party and funniest unfunny Guy. I am in your house bringing you a huge NJ USA size like with pizza and a ice cream Sundae. Have a philnominal day smile and laugh often

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