High Ponytail Bun With A Wig Invisible Elastic Band Lace Wig -The Ultimate Guide- Prettyluxhair

*New* Swiss Lace 360 Frontal Water Wave Pre-Plucked Human Hair Wig with INVISIBLE ADJUSTABLE STRAP

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Option: Natural Color & #2 Color

Discount: Marie

Advantages: Pre-plucked hairline, bleached knots, natural color hair, can be dyed and bleached, with baby hair around the perimeter. Glueless cap with combs and adjustable straps, easy to wear.

Color: Natural Black/ #2 color

Lace: Invisible Swiss lace

Density: 130%

Cap Construction: Glueless 360 lace wig

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Foreign really excited about this wig, because straight out, the box I can already tell this - is about to be a really natural slay. I requested this wig specifically in the details that I knew would give me the most realistic results of pulling it up in a ponytail. Stick around throughout the video I'm going to share it in details with you guys as we move into the install and also explain why I show certain details, but look at it already girl, like it's just already flow of this wig already. It'S just thank you. So take a look at this wig. It has an invisible elastic band. This is the type of wig designed to make your hairline look natural and undetectable, giving you the perfect base for a high ponytail. So when you cut the lace in the back of this wig, you want to make sure that you do not cut this elastic band. I did go back and bleach the knots and you guys I also added some highlights just to give it a little bit of fun. Okay, because this hair is beautiful by itself. I just wanted it to look sun-kissed a little bit so yeah. I added some blonde highlights just going through very soft, no Tangles. Of course I can run my fingers through it. I'Ve already cut the lace off the back of the wig. Pulling your hair up doesn't have to be complicated. Wear your hair in a high ponytail. You definitely want to glue it down with something that is secure. I don't want to go too secure. I don't want to have to clean up my hairline from glue. What I'm going to use today to install this wig is the lace Bond spray by kiss. This is the 10 times cold. I absolutely love this spray. It works really really good. I'M going to go ahead and just install this wig with the spray and then we'll move into everything else, and this wig is a hundred and thirty percent density. So when you get curly or wavy hair, you don't need to go into a huge density, because the curls and everything is going to give it volume and go more thicker like this is great like I love this density, so I'm using some really small scissors just To make sure I cut the lace close to that hairline, and this lace is truly amazing. The hairline you can cut back a little bit if you feel like it's doing too much for you, but I think this hairline is perfect. The way it is gives me options to create edges, so I'm going to leave it as it is with the elastic in the back, and I should have did this before I put on my head. You want to find that string where's the string, so my string is right here, see it and you want to pull it. Has this little? I don't know if you guys can see this little ball right here, slide it up and just pull to tighten a wig. So if you look at it see how it's scrunched up compared to the first wig that I did this one actually is pulling a lot better. It'S scrunching, so you know that it's actually tightening up this comb is going to be what holds everything down. So I scrunched it that much look at that. Look at that. Like I love the way, this is girl the secureness of that back, okay, I'm gon na tuck the comb. In the back of my nape, I got the Clips in my head. I may go back and I might tighten it some more because you don't want to have to glue the back of your nape at all. You want it to lay as flat and feel as comfortable as possible, and that's what this elastic is all about. It'S creating a less bulky, nape area where you don't need to glue it down and also be able to save your hairline around the nape area and the strap is very strong, like I haven't popped one yet so, but still you can still be gentle with this. So that that won't happen, but if you wanted to not wear glue at all, look how well this Blends, I haven't, put any glue to this hairline and the strap in the back is so secure that is pulling and making sure that that wig stays secure at The front for my install I'm going to use the wig dealer spray to tint my wig cap, so yeah I used to tint my wig cap. You can use it for that. Also, it's really really good. Let my hairline dry down completely! Let it cure before. I do anything with the back, but for the front I'm gon na go ahead and start to smooth that down and part it down the middle of the wig, but just split the hair in half on a bat. This hair is so dead, gone soft, oh my God, it's so soft and silky, but okay. So you want to have your first half and the back you just kind of want to pull out the way for now you can use hair mousse or you can just use water whatever you feel like will work spray around this area. That'S my brush! Okay, I'm gon na take a little bit of hair mousse a bit not that much now, depending on how your hair is braided, underneath it's going to determine how flat this lay for me, my braid is going here and here so it's going to cause a little Bit of bulkiness right at the side, so I'm gon na try to squeeze this foreign, but you kind of want to flatten this area as much as possible, just depending on the look that you're going for so yeah just tie it down. You don't have to be neat, just get it flat as possible the dryer to it for a little bit. You can still have a hooded dryer too. If you would like all right, it's been about six minutes or so, and I held it dry. It the whole time to take it down and see how flat it is. You can always go back and tie it down if it's not flat enough. Oh okay, the hairline looks really good, really really good. Okay, so I'm gon na go ahead and spout it back and show you guys how to pull it back up. Let me just put this out the way and wrap this up here, all right. Let'S move to the back for the back. You want to make sure that the comb is inside. You want to take my water bottle and spray and then just brush the hair up, get the inside up here too, so that I can flatten down attach it to that ponytail. That'S at the top, and then you just want to add a hair tie to both ponytails pull it up. I'M gon na spray it with some water and pull it down some more. If you need to like, if you feel like it's too far up okay. So this is how the knit area is looking so far, and it actually is looking really good. I like the way everything Falls, just fix this bun a little bit. I wanted to do like a really cute messy bun. It gives a more. I don't know it's like a natural look, so pretty look at that and just pulls you can pull some strands down really cute. So this is a great summer spring wear with a sundress. Whatever 22, you can wear a ponytail loose instead of putting it up in a bun, so all links will be below in the description box. Make sure you guys go this wig is everything like if you're going to get a wig get this wig for spring and summer? It'S comfortable, you can pull it up, there's no bulkiness in the back and you can wear it very. Naturally. I highly recommend this wig. I will put a discount code Below in the description box. I'M definitely keeping this one, because I need this one but be sure to check my used wig cell. If I have some wigs over there, they will be in the link in the description box, but yeah. Let me know what you all think. I think this turned out really natural. Looking very beautiful, uh yeah, again check the description box thumbs up the video, and I will see you all in my next video foreign

Debi R Roches: ONG!This is so much what I want for the summer. Being able to pull up an go. You nailed this one ❤

MsJangMi: You did a great job making that nape lace lay flat. It’s nice to see that there’s a way to do that without glue.

verrell hanley-moncree: Wow, I love that they now have invisible elastic band wigs. It really does look so natural. I love it!

Alebra Smith-Cooper: I absolutely love these wigs.I bought the last one and the strap is so helpful in creating a flawless install.Thank you for finding it,because I would have never found it.❤

Sha La La La: Gorgeous wig - by far one of my Top 5 installations (second one from PrettyLuxHair) - beautiful outcome! Excellent tutorial Marie - thanks for your time.

Ondrina Burgess: This hair looks fabulous. I love that you added the highlights.❤❤❤

Andy Edwards: Great install. I love the hair and the highlights you put in the hair. I love the style

Donna Wallace: This is so stinkin cute! I have to watch this a few more times before I purchase. Thank you Marie. Great job as per usual

Aquarian_Soul: The bun came out flawless!

pat singleton: Looks fabulous! Great summer look

Karlene Dunkley: It’s always the hair videos and nail videos that are the most relaxing! Love this wig. Beautiful work as always Marie!

Beauty by Jay Morris: Super cute Marie, so fun for the summer!!

Jackie Davis: Another great install!! Very informative ❤

Graciously Blessed: Good Afternoon Ms. Precious Marie. I pray all's well. I LOVE everything about this. You, PERFECTLY, styled this. Thank you. May GOD continue to bless you and your family.

sharon barnes: Nice and perfect for Summer and the beach.

richzero0: oh wow. that back looks so natural! thanks impressive!

Jazzy Too cute: This is gorgeous I love it

Nikki Molly: LOVE IT ❤

Keisha Glover: I had just commented on your Instagram and I rushed here to see the install. Looks like I’m buying this one!

Penny P: I wish I could slay a wig like you..

Esther Sowell: Oooh marie that is a pretty wig and the ponytail is sooo pretty

Matrella40: You never cease to amaze me. Beautiful. I wish you had a salon near me. Lovely.

Felicia A: looks great !!!


KidzRRelevant2: Gorgeous!!!

Ann-Marie: This hair suits you so well

Jazmine Gardner: It's GORGEOUS Marie❤❤❤

CaSaundra Jolliff TV: Perfect!

Nicole Bell: Loving this!!! What length is that?

Jasmine W: You want laugh lol, I ordered the wig and did a custom order with 2 and blond highlights. I just got it yesterday, I will try this style

Cristal Tailor: what length is this wig I'm about to order this asap!!!!

Lydia Lorraine: You’re so beautiful ❤

Audrey Harrison: How are u and family,very beautiful unit on u...thank u for everything that u do much love.❤❤

JC 💞💞: What inch is that hair. Very Beautiful wig !!

Becoming LaLa: Slay Precious

CupcakeChhls: Thanks for this review, I am considering buying. Does it have that funky wig smell?

Atricia Faulkner: Yes it looks good

Daniel Simpson: Can you do this style without it being a 360 unit? ❤❤❤❤ this style is nice

Elaina: I bought a wig from one of your recent wig reviews. I posted a comment and waited for a response. I know that you can’t answer all of your comments but, to me if your subscribers purchase a wig from one of your videos, then you should take the time and respond.

Paricia Jones: ✅️✅️✅️✅️

Graciously Blessed: Good Afternoon Ms. Precious Marie. I pray all's well. I LOVE everything about this. You, PERFECTLY, styled this. Thank you. May GOD continue to bless you and your family.

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