Synthetic Hd Lace Wig | Outre Melted Hairline Seraphine | Amazon Synthetic Wig

Thank you all for watching the wig lasted a good week before I had to take it out because of the snags

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Hey guys so right here, i'm just drying off the glue um. This is just a walkthrough, so not necessarily a tutorial but y'all. This wig is so good like if you have somewhere quick, that you need to go and you're not training, to spend a lot of money. Y'All buy this wig. It lasted me a good week before i just couldn't, handle the it being matted. So just be mindful of that um i was cutting throughout the week. The ends because y'all know how stiff the ends could get um. Adding a warm water and fabric softener definitely helped me throughout my week. So that's something that could probably help you guys too um. I have not reinstalled this wig um. This is about like two weeks later y'all. Look at my lace. This isn't a bald cap. By the way, i probably should have gone more to the front um, i'm literally about to do my baby hairs yeah, i'm literally about to do my baby hairs and y'all. The lace is giving the lace is giving. This is the name of the um of the wig and y'all. I like be for real, be for real, hey guys so um this. Is it yeah, i'm about to go out tonight? Um - and hopefully i don't have to record, because i really forgetting to record this - is how the lace is looking, i'm already getting stags and tinkles, but yeah for one day event, this wig is eaten okay. This wig is beating me up out of it. I love it. The curls are giving my skin is easy right now, like what more could you ask for um? Thank you guys so much for watching. Please don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Bye.

C I A N: I have this wig I was never able to make it look this good

relatable black girl: who else is here from tik tok

Ande: Girl I wish we were sisters you’re so talented I need your gifted hands

Widline Masson: Sidneyyy

Kyra A: Looks good! What glue did u use?


shaneice E: lace tint type ?

Mickey Jay: Okay but where the link? Haha

Danail s: Is this wig big head friendly?

Trees ____: can you drop the link??

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