Zsa Zsa & Eva Gabor Wig Recreation | Iconic Blondes

Darling! It's time to pay homage to some of the most legendary hair hoppers to ever walk the earth The Gabors! Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor scandalized Hollywood when they arrived and pioneered making a career out of simply being famous.



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Hi everyone, James Mansell here bringing you yet another video, oh my God, it's yet another episode of iconic blondes. Yes, on today's episode, we are doing none other than a Gabor sisters. Yes, it is a three for one right now: okay, because I figured why not lump together the Gabor sisters, because their history kind of all like Blends together, and it's really really fascinating. Now, technically, it's two out of three of blondes: it's Jaja, Ava we're the blondes and Magda was a redhead, but we're gon na lump her with this anyway, because well, there's not enough honor to a dedicated video for just her alone. So sorry, Magda you're, getting lumped into this now I adore the Gabor sisters. Okay, like they are iconic when it comes to like campy old Hollywood, starlets now, first things. First, I have to do a little plugging here. This is the iconic blonde from James Mansfield Beauty. She'S a premium wig with that gorgeous premium, hairline and primates. She is the perfect length for a Gabor hairstyle, because Jaja and Ava really kind of had the same hairstyle like they interchanged so much so the fact that, like they would often play jokes on people and act like they were each other if people confuse them so The history goes, as our Story begins in Hungary, their mother named Jolie Gabor married a very wealthy man, and they basically entered High Society, but they're kind of looked down upon for being Nouveau Rich, which is a very you know. Fancy ten dollar word for basically saying their new money. People look down on them for B for, like being former poor people, but Jolie had passions to be an actress, and this man that she had married wanted Sons desperately to carry on his legacy. They had three daughters in a row Magda, the oldest Jaja and Ava. Now Jaja is pronounced like Jaja Jaja, not Zaza. That'S often a mispronunciation with her name get it right. Her name was Jaja. As The Story Goes, Jolie decided she was gon na throw herself into making her daughters stars because she basically sidelined her whole career in order to raise her daughters and make them as prominent as possible, basically celebrate the Four B's, which is beauty, brains, breeding and Bounty. Bounty being the most important money she instilled to them that it was very, very important to not only have a wealthy lifestyle, but basically do everything you can to maintain that now War times would break out and Nazi regime would some would come to basically settle into Hungary and the gabores would flee the country Ava and Jaja being the first to do so. Ava went first to try to become an actress in Hollywood. Now among this, the girls had studied abroad and basically have become very, very successful. Like upper class, women like they're a numbering socialites even back in Hungary and celebrated for their beauty, Jaja even won, Miss hungry, but eventually had to give the title back because there's controversy surrounding that how she won. Everyone was convinced that she had actually won based on her beauty, but the other story came out saying that her mother had basically bribed the judges so that she would win. Nothing was ever settled, but Jaja had to give away the title now, as Ava was settling in Hollywood. She was basically just floating around doing bit Parts here and there she was signed to a contract, but they didn't know what to do with her like. She was just basically making nothing films and it wasn't until her sister zaja eventually moved over it. The girls became real good hucksters when it came to hustling in Hollywood, like they were living very modestly and spent all of their meager salary from the contracts on well. On, like beautiful dresses, to maintain this image that they were this wealthy family from high society in America, even though they were living in a one-bedroom apartment like they were really just flexing trying to make it seem like you know, they had a lot more money than They actually did as a running theme with the gabores would be they married very, very well. The first one to marry extremely well was a Jaja. She ended up catching the attention of Conrad Hilton now that last name may sound familiar because he is the great great great, great, great, great great great great grandfather of the Paris Hilton, the Hilton Fortune. Hilton Hotels, Jaja married into this family would have a daughter Francesca and basically would use her connections to bring her family over from Hungary, because eventually the Nazis had taken over and they were not safe. So she moved her family over here and they all reunited Magda and her mother and her father were all living in New York in the Hilton Hotel and from there. Their stories really started to break away and become their own Ava. Being the most serious about acting, wanted to be an actress desperately and want to be taken seriously. However, in Hollywood it just was not happening. They didn't see this for her. They basically saw a big personality, and that was that, so she decided she was going to break away and become an actress in New York and settle down doing the theater, where it actually would pay off. As far as acting goes, she is the most successful and thrived the most in the field. Jaja, however, would not be so lucky now. One thick comparison, that's often made about the gabores, is that they were like the Kardashians of their time and, it's honestly very, very true. They were essentially famous for being famous like a lot of pot. Shots were taken at them for being very minimally talented women that just came from really like high society and married well and were known for partying and drinking a lot and that's what comes to fruition with Jaja, because eventually she grew really bored in her marriage with Comrade because he was constantly just flying off places to go, look at more Investments and not spending a lot of time with her. So much so. She told the famous story about their wedding night, like when she was laying in bed all sexily dressed and her mules and her feathers. Like you know, roaming the whole bit. She looks over at her husband, who's staring out the window and she's like darling. What'S on your mind, he says I'm thinking about buying this hotel in Chicago. That'S where his mind was, and this would throw her into a fit of rage because, like she wanted a husband that not only adored her but also thought only of her, it just wasn't going to happen now. The Gabor sisters all had a very let's just say, rough relationship with their birth father. He desperately wanted boys and basically Zaza spent her whole life trying to be the son he never had like. She always measured every man she ever married up to him and basically wanted everyone to live up to that expectation, and they never quite did all the girls had different Ambitions like Magda, wanted to just be comfortable and happy. Jaja wanted wealth and luxury and Ava wanted to be a respected actress for the most part like they achieved. What they wanted like Magda, would eventually marry and probably was the one of the most wealthy women as far as love and life goes because she got what she wanted and lived a life comfortably out of the spotlight like the most she really did was she would Do a radio program with her sister Ava and as things would go like the girls became a fascination of the public because of who they were marrying and how many parties they were going to like. They essentially started tabloid journalism because people were enthralled. They lived these very interesting lives, they were socialites and mind you. They did not have a hit movie to their credit whatsoever, like none of them were known for really doing films. It was all just about who are they with? Who are they dating? Who are they divorcing now and between all three of them? They married collectively about 19 times Jaja being the record holder who married a record nine people in her lifetime like honey, she loved love. She she wasn't the type to be alone. Joshua would eventually divorce Conrad Hilton and would set her sights Upon a esteemed actor. George Sanders y'all may know George Sanders as Addison DeWitt. From All About Eve. The really journalist girl - let's just say this, like their relationship, was tumultuous as it was described in a lot of her books and interviews and everything. George Sanders had a tendency to talk down to her, like they loved each other, but he was kind of an like. He had very little respect for the woman that he loved and would often like talk down to her belittle her a lot in public, and it was one of those things was like she was madly in love with him, but he treated her like crap, as this Was going on, Ava Gabor was starting to really spot was really starting to pop off on Broadway, like she was getting rave reviews for the stuff that she was portraying like. She was a scene stealer in Gigi and was eventually gon na set her sights back upon Hollywood, and it wasn't until she was like creeping up in her 40s that she landed a spot on Green Acres. A television show where she plays a scorned, socialite, who gets forced to move to the country with her husband and basically adapt like they have to run a farm, and it is comedy written right there like. That was the whole thing. It got seven seasons and people adored Ava because of all the Gabor sisters. Her and Jaja just had this funniness about them like they were funny women. They had so much personality, and so much charm like they knew their shortcomings, but also played in on the joke. Like they were in on it like remember, they do interviews, they were completely prepped on what to do like. They already knew like there is such a Persona here that they could really have a lot of fun with it. Jaja never really had a hit movie to her credit. She had done Moulin Rouge where she was a standout, but that was about it like. I believe she had a bit heart and Touch of Evil, but nothing really. That stands out in your mind, like oh, my God, what that iconic Zsa Gabor role, no like she was definitely a person that became a huge sensation on television, especially the talk show circuit her and Ava because, like I said they had these personalities that people were Just enamored with like the guest spot section and television that was their bread and butter. It'S like they're, a tailor-made personalities for entertainment, I'm Gon na Roll, this wig and I'll be right back we'll talk more about the legacy of the Four Sisters. Well, come back alrighty! I have the hair all curled now, let's get started, because I have more to talk about with the Gabor sisters now, where we left off we're still in like the 1950s. Okay like this is like Prime of the Gabor career. Okay, like they hit the heights of their Fame in this period, like I told you before, like they were essentially famous for just being famous like they were flighty socialite girls that were just Partiers like Avid Party Girls, tab lights, loved them because, like they did not Shy away from this either like they completely leaned into their image of being like these high society, girls that just had fun being famous and Rich and like time after time again, they would divorce a husband and marry someone else or start an affair with somebody else. The most of which would be Jaja Gabor. She was the one that just loved love. Okay, after she divorced comrade, she was being courted by a famous racer, whose name I can't quite remember I'll - put it right here, but he was a racer and at this time Zsa had become a res, had become a residency at Las Vegas at the Flamingo, where She had one woman show where basically, it was like stand-up comedy where she stood on stage and was just Jaja like a lot of people criticized it saying like she doesn't have a whole lot of like talents or anything but boy does she have a personality and The public that was coming to Las Vegas was enamored with her like they wanted to know what she was up to. So she was a huge hit at the Flamingo and her and her sisters ended up banking in like 30k for all three of them just to appear at a party in Las Vegas, and it was at this party that some controversy would happen with Jaja. Now her boyfriend at that time was going to marry another woman and came there to confront Josh or tell her like either you marry me or I'm going to marry this other socialite and she flat out just said: go ahead, I don't care and as it all Goes allegedly, he had basically punched her in the face and she would go around with an eye patch garnering sympathy everywhere, and it was argued by him that he never actually did anything to her and she was doing all this stuff publicity stunt. They are a mess and like there's no proof about any of this, but like that was the story that tabloids were running with at that time and, like I said before, one of the running themes of the Gabor sisters, which is actually kind of unfortunate, is the Fact that, like they were never taken seriously like they're, always everyone's punching bags when it came to like making jokes or taking pot shots at them or like. Basically, if you want to make a town a joke about someone being beautiful and untalented, they were the go-to. The sad part about it is like it's not essentially really true like if you watch the Joshua's old movies, she's, actually really funny and she's very good at like being herself when she was playing a character that was really within the Realms of like who she was. She was actually really capable and fun and she was definitely a personality and bear in mind. Ava Gabor was phenomenally talented, like she was a great comic actress and on Broadway like she was a sensation like it always took what people don't have a lot of documentation of to really show what they could do, which is really unfortunate because, like a lot of Her performances were never recorded, but she got rave reviews for being this great personality on stage like she shined there, but unfortunately, as it tends to be with a lot of very campy women. She was just too big for television as they say, which really is a low brow way of saying they weren't willing to take a risk on them like it was easier just to write them off than to actually take a risk and find roles that really work For them mind you Maga Gabor, the oldest, like I said, had married wealthy and was living a very comfortable life. However, tragedy would soon struck while she was home, she had tripped over her dog and she fell down the stairs and basically had paralyzed herself. She was semi-paralized and not long after that. Her husband suffered a heart attack and would pass away leaving her alone. So what she did was, is she retired to Palm Springs and eventually she would recover somewhat and she became a huge personality in Palm Springs as, like. You know this wealthy woman, who was just living out her retirement in Palm Springs, but she was a very big fixture there and never left tragedy was on the horizon for the Gabor sisters. But amongst this there were a few like glimmering hopes, like I said, their acting career had sort of started to settle down like Eva Gabor became more of a personality as time would roll on Green Acres would eventually come to an end, and she wouldn't find another Role that would really Captivate her talents for a long time come the 70s. She was more of a television personality, but she had gotten smart. She was one of the very first celebrities to merchandise themselves in a way that would never been done before. She would eventually launch Ava Gabor wigs, and this was a huge success like she was one of those name brand wigs. That was all that was everywhere in the 70s, everyone's mom aunt and grandmother was wearing Ayla Gabor wigs. They were top quality stuff. Okay, like they're. Nothing to sneeze at I've gotten a couple of her vintage wigs and like they are made really well we're talking beautiful, set patterns, permatease like a very beautiful flattering hairstyle for women of certain ages, like everyone's aunt or grandmother, was wearing this to special occasions like they Had that wig on the stand, ready to go and Ava Gabor was one of those celebrity endorsed, wig lines that people trusted like she was the Raquel Welch of the 1960s and 70s, and this is a very smart move on her part, because she honestly knew that Her and Jaja learned right away that they were never going to be taken quite seriously. In Hollywood, Joshua was the first to realize this and decided to marry very well and very well several times she did, but they were taught to be very industrious because when their mother had moved to the states, she had divorced her husband, her husband, later returned to Hungary and married his secretary and her mom became an industrious woman in New York City, where she had basically created a line of costume jewelry, which was a method of combining fake stones with real stones, and she used her daughters as advertisement like the best advertisement. She could ask for because they're everywhere wearing her jewelry, but she was a hit in New York, especially among High Society like make costume pieces that looked beautiful. That could be worn in public and you have to worry about anyone, snatching them if they fooled the eye enough to like think wow, she's really wearing an expensive piece, even though, like their expensive stuff, is back in the vault like. This is a very big thing. Back in those days, you could have your expensive jewelry to wear at home or in photographs, but if you want to be seen out in public, there is always a case where someone might snatch it off of you. Arlene Francis was a very notable case in that, where she had a diamond locket that she had worn everywhere from her husband that had passed away and she was eventually robbed on the streets of New York and they stole the locket from her. And she never got it back, so this was a very lucrative business for their mother and she was a hit in society there. Here we go about how another hurray in her life, where she voiced a Mouse and The Rescuers Down Under for Walt Disney. This is a major like hitting her career. It also put her in the mind of a younger generation to where they're constantly going to be reminded of her, because well her voice lives on and she's got such a unique voice. That really transcended in this role, like she is really endearing in it. She would later on do a lot of Voice work. Both her and Jaja have basically retired into just being television. Personalities like they would just go on, talk, show circuits and promote whatever they were doing, whether it be a book or a jeweler line or a perfume Jaja famously had an exercise tape in the 80s called quote: it's symbol, darling where, if you watch it she's not Really exercising at all, it's just heard a couple of obviously gay bodybuilders moving her body into the positions now kind of 90s tragedy would strike once again. The Gabor family Ava would sadly suffer a stroke. Ava would suffer a stroke and be put in hospice where she basically was in a coma and the family had decided. They would not continue with life support and Ava, sadly passed away first, and this devastated their mother, who would soon pass away. After and later George Sanders jaja's ex-husband and passing a joke that, since he had suffered a stroke, he should just marry Magda in Palm Springs, not realizing. This would actually come to fruition. George Sanders will later go on to marry her oldest sister. The marriage only lasted a year, but it was like a bizarre occurrence in their life and sadly, George Sanders would pass away too and shortly after Magda would as well leaving Jaja the sole surviving Gabor sister, another hurdle that would hit jaja's career as she led herself. In controversy when she was pulled over and she ended up slapping a traffic cop in the face, this became one of the very first televised court. Trials like it was everywhere and Joshua would end up serving a few days in jail. But it was a huge controversy and was one of the big igniters of like Court, TV and televised court cases. Okay, now Zsa and Ava's hair. They had this thing called like waterfall Fringe or waterfall, like that in the front there and then swirl upward to create something would hide it because they often wore wigs and hair pieces, so they always were disguising the blend. So that's what we're doing here is a nice little 60s X kind of blend curl here on this cheek now, sadly, after the career in the 90s, she had a few minor appearances in cameos and films, but after this like she was alone, she didn't have any Family left and she decided for herself and her own sanity that she would just retire quietly and stop making public appearances and that's exactly what she did come to late 1990s and early 2000s. Joshua Gabor was nowhere to be found, and it wasn't until much later on. In the 2000s that Joshua Gore would find herself in the Press. Yet again all right. Now, I'm going to tease the breath, that's off camera and I'll be right back we'll do our final styling, all right! We are back now. I did one side off camera and I French Twisted the hair. It'S the way, that's the way. It looks in the back very much a French twist updo and I did one side of the hair already to give you that waterfall Fringe kind of look. This is a hairstyle they like lived in for decades like come to 70s and 80s. They had this hairstyle all the time, both Jaja and Ava. So much so. The fact that like they would pull pranks on people and when they would get confused quite often like one story in particular, Ava Gabor, was sunbathing in the nude, and a man had climbed the tree and shouted down to her Ava. You look stunning she's like no darling, it's Jaja, so Josh. I would get the present not her. Like that's the kind of stuff they would pull come. The 2000s like Joshua Gabor, would be in the news for all sorts of wrong reasons. She was very, very sick and very very ill, and her family was going through a long tumultuous battle with her husband. It basically felt like she was being exploited for publicity like they did not like the fact that she was being shown without her hair and makeup, which was something Jaja very much pride herself on not being seen with like she, man makes sure she was always seen. Dolled up and like really harsh pictures were released of her to the public and it was really sad watching. Basically, the deterioration of an old Hollywood Starlet right before her eyes and Joshua would eventually pass away, and her Legacy has lived on like honestly, considering the Gabor sisters and how they managed to take a hold of their Public Image and use it for their own benefit. And their own gain is really awe-inspiring. Well, you think about how lucrative and industrious these girls were like they took the scandals that they were involved in and spun it in the goal, which is an example that a lot of Hollywood starlets had lived off of from that point on, like they found a Way to stay in the public eye and to stay in the public fixation up until the end of their lives like the Gabor sisters had left behind a legacy girl and Ava gabor's Wig Company is still around it's simply just Gabor wigs now, but they are still A respected brand in wigs long after Ava's passing all right now. This is essentially the look we want, like I'm just gon na clean it up a little bit but check her out like it's totally hard darling. Oh, my gosh, I'm excited I'm gon na try her on and we'll come back with. The final results. Welcome back. This is the final result. Oh my God. I love it. Yes, I am actually really impressed with the final result in this like wow, it's kind of like sexy, mom hair like it's a little matronly, but also like sexy Stacy's mom, is using the 1960s honestly. I love it now. This was so much fun to do. I adore the Gabor sisters, I'm glad I could pay a little homage to them with this hairstyle and believe it or not. I didn't have to exaggerate a whole lot. Their hair actually was this big. Now there's any iconic blondes. You want to see. Please list them down below I'm always listening and stay tuned for iconic brunettes, my new series, yes, and if you love style, hair like this well you're. In luck, I sell ready to wear hats at James Mansfield Beauty. If you want to own a little piece of my handiwork now, this was so much fun to do. I can't wait for the next one, don't forget to like comment and subscribe Ai and until next time, bye darling now hit the outro click here and see. Transfer our 38 drag queen ready, wig from Amazon or see iconic brunettes, Linda Carter, come on click it. You know you want to come on, darling click, it I said, click it

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Pnutty: I always wondered if Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms real name was inspired by the Gabors. Her real name was Phyllis Gabor!

Christopher Stanko: Arlene Francis! What an amazing reference for the kids.

Mercedes Velasquez: Unlike the Kardashian's at least these sisters have self respect for themselves and authetically appreciated their admirers.. Yes these sisters may been married multiple times even had lovers & their own type of drama but they still knew all around respect and didn't bring upon themselves terrible terrible ratchet drama like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters do.

John Pinegar: This is my favorite yet.

Jonathan Housh: I first heard of Zsa Zsa Gabor through the comic Outland, and I pronounced her name "Zissa"

wondercub: Dahlingggg! Amazing video as usual

Amber: For iconic blondes you should do Shirley Temple

David Fernandez: You should do Marlene Dietrich next. Not only is she an Iconic Blonde, but she has a place in queer history as well.

Matty Marjolet: My only exposure to the Gabors was Zsa Zsa being killed by Dick Cavett after he turns into Freddy Kruger on Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. For iconic brunettes could you please do an Elvira wig that doesn’t use the licensed Elvira wigs?

Adam Menzies: You have to get that to Juno Birch.... it's such a " her " look.

Enter4none: Missed the live by *this much*, love you Jaymes.

niceguy: I did zsazsa in drag back in 1997 or 98. Filmed me singing "my way" in a bubble bath as zsa zsa. I hope that clip never resurfaces. But I nailed the accent!

James Brown: Beautiful Dahlink!

Davrie Caro: 4:56-6:22 Oooh but girl people get PISSED when people make claims like that ESPECIALLY for example in vintage fashion or vintage "nostalgia" Facebook groups, like if the Gabor sisters and/or their mother shows up and someone mentions them being like the "Kardashians" of that day People will immediately react and reply, saying things like ( and I am quoting some examples from actual posts) "..with all the glamour and self-awareness that the Kardashians will •never• have" "The Gabors were far more talented with both Zsa Zsa and Eva both having acting careers. Eva being the most successful as an in-demand supporting player on film and later starring in the TV series GREEN ACRES. No to mention voicing over two memorable characters - Duchess in THE ARISTOCATS and Miss Bianca in THE RESCUERS - in two Disney animated features. " "The Kardashians of their day....only these women were all natural and gorgeous" "they were better, they had class." ( The "they " that commenter was referring to was the Gabor sisters) "They were better! And Zsa Zsa starred in The Queen of Outer Space, a nutty sci-fi movie, and Eva was in Green Acres. They were all gold-diggers. McCall's magazine serialized Zsa Zsa's autobiography, and the readership loved it." You know sometimes when I read comments like this I cannot help but is it because of people's nostalgia for back then that makes them say things like this and not realize how even people back then may have said or thought similar things about the Gabors. The way we do about the Kardashians

Lamar Latrell: I am convinced that jaymes just like curling wigs because she was curled before this video started

yuh: PLEASE do Elke Sommer!! ❤

Rachel Eng: Rachel Hunt from the Stacy’s Mom music video! I want to learn how to do a wet look with a wig!

Oconto1 Karbon: Joi Lansing was famous in the 50's for her blond locks.

Gabrielle Sinclair: Maybe you could do like... a mini video of The Rachel?

mack.s: 1989 ZsaZsa slapping a cop for being pulled over. Iconic Diva Behaviour.

Benjamin Acuna: So the Gabor sisters walked so the Hilton sisters could run

Kahleel Johnson: You have to do Veronica Lake next

paul frels: Didn’t Zsa Zsa do a “horror movie”. Like Queen of the Universe or something like that?

Yami Yugi: You’re telling me that’s not you in the thumbnail, Jaymes?

James Hamer: My favorite history Channel!!!!!!!

BadBadAngel3: Jaymes darling you are the last surviving Gabor sister!

James Harmon: A couple more for you Leslie Parish and Donna Douglas--Daisy May and Ellie May, but more so than Lil Abner, Leslie Parish in the William Ware Theiss gown on Star Trek.

edward mahony: Loved this video

No Hate Just Laughs: A real Iconic blonde: Carmen Diaz bangs from Something About Mary

mack.s: @jaymes, b4 the tease out that wig looked very Nellie Oelson.

Kali: i entirely forgot she was in the rescuers

Antonio Broccoli Porto: Iconic Brunettes…do Connie Frances

Amber: Do Shirley Temple next

Nicholas: I’ve never been this early for a video

Rainbowdust74: Ivana Trump and Patsy Stone are iconic blondes, for sure.

Amber: James do Shirley Temple next

Esteban Salazar Machicado: Baby Spice!!

Fantasia Saxton: MADONNA PLEASE!!!!

xander james: New York is where I'd rather stay, I get allergic smelling hay, I just adore a penthouse view, Darling I love you but, give me Park Avenue. CHEERS!

Amanda Cagle: I am a Magda, I just want to be comfortable and happy with a family.

Robert Griffith: How about Jim Gaffigan. He's a blond.

Drag Energy by Jazbazmaz: Thanks!

Daniel M: Does Cynthia from Rugrats count as an Iconic Blonde?

rextrek: 50th Its Jaymes Mansfield, the One, the Only Original WIG Whisperer...!! MWAHHAA! xo :)

christopher .jones: Love the video but no mention of Geeenacres or The Queen of Outer Space !

quantafreeze: I loved Green Acres. I always thought one of the sisters were married to former president Trump. Totally different person tough.

mack.s: Ivana Trump could never...tho she tried.

Eddie Eduardo: MADONNA, GAGA

Travis Maupin: Hi Jaymes and Ernie

Dupree C.: Traci Lords!! From CRYBABY

Kayla Rosa: I'm firsttttt ❤

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