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I got two hours to get ready so I really like this wig a lot yeah I'm gonna install it with the the kiss colors and Care lace Bond 10 times adhesive spray I love the spray it is like the best holding adhesive spray definitely has a really good hole that's about four to five days check out my review if you haven't seen it but like two hours to get completely ready to add some more curls to this hair this wig is from AF sister wig it will be in the description box if you watch my previous video I did share so many tips on how to easily install your wig on the go so many of you telling me that you have mastered your wig install if you say that I know you've been watching my videos because I'm very detailed and when it comes to telling you guys information hey every time I sit down it's like I have everything but then I don't have everything the other day I was filming and I grabbed the curling iron Barrel wow it was hot I grabbed it and burned my hand it was a mess okay this is not glued down this is what it looked like so if you wanted to wear this wig glueless you can this is the Balayage wig that's on their website it comes in left 16 through 24 I believe I have this in a 20 inch so this is what the 20 inch looks like Tara I believe this is a straight texture I don't think this is a body wave it's hard to get us to hold a curl so I'm going to put some rollers in it today all right so if you are looking for the spray I will link it below because I know a lot of you was asking me about where to buy it from so I'm gonna link it below for you guys they have different levels to this spray so this is the eight times hold and then they also have the 20 times hold and I believe the 10 times hold I think I'll link them below and just kind of rub it back now this has a strong hose so it's not going to take a long time for it to start to grab that lace actually really like this spray I like this better than the even this is one of my go-to's all right and try this foreign so I'm over on Tick Tock right and I'm just uploading videos and I do makeup over there by the way one of my videos hit like 2 million and I'm just like I love it over there it's just so like when I'm not here I'm like over there on Tick Tock doing this and then I'm trying to revamp my Instagram so if you guys want to follow me over there that's like on YouTube I kind of feel like y'all more laid back where's my Tick Tock followers they are like more interactive and everything you want to follow me definitely I will put the links in the description box but look at The Parting so I did bleach the knots on this wig but you get a good good parting space all the way back now the hair on this wig is super soft so I have to spray a little bit of hairspray before I do the curls that way they can last through the day and I like the curls that I did the other day so much that I'm gonna redo them today they was really pretty foreign on YouTube when you all post comments some of them don't show up until I upload another video I'll come on here and I'll be like okay let me see who commented let me respond but then when I'm looking at my comments I'm like oh okay no comments right now but then as soon as I upload a video I'll see comments that say 13 hours ago I don't want to see that comment so yeah for the most part but just now just on here and I'm like why are all these comments just held like it's weird but so last year talked about doing a giveaway every month that was my goal okay I always set goals and I'd be like this is what I'm going to do happens okay that is uncontrollable that doesn't mean I didn't want to do it um I told y'all that I was looking forward to doing something like that but I need more engagement like I need y'all to engage more because I have to get these Brands to want to do that you know and the more engagements you have I feel like Brands will be open to doing huge giveaways and I want to do like something big for y'all I don't want to go small I really would like to hit 300 000 subscribers y'all because I've been sitting at 240k and I'm sitting here on Tick Tock and I'm just like two million views on a video like they love me over there really be talking to me they'd be supporting me and I'm just like I love y'all over here talk to me stop lurking like y'all can leave comments y'all can like the video because some people just want want like I remember people wanting me to go live my biggest fear is to go live and nobody's there and it's just like FaceTime and so on when you got high engagement it motivated y'all got to give me something y'all got to give me a little spark or something I know I've been on here for a while but it's just like do y'all still even believe in me like I believe in y'all so much that's why I'm still here oh I'm just gonna be lazy with this back piece and just curl it because all the other parts are going to fall over top anyway I don't even feel like putting in a roller so we're just gonna yeah we just want to curl it up like that and just let it go oh man I need to really get my lash I'm getting my lashes redone today like they be all over the place they like be falling in my eye when they be needing to be done but yeah this makeup is about to be real quick really loving these nails um these right here I was in Ulta and I found this set here and these are by KISS colors I will also put them in the description box because they are like regular press-on nails however I actually use glue with them because I already know for me press-ons yeah they're not gonna hold so I went over them with a little bit of nail glue and but they look so good like sometimes you just need to go short long nails are overrated sometimes I mean I love long nails don't get me wrong but sometimes you just need something short and cute not really going to put on too much Foundation just a little bit now here's a good tip if you wear foundation and wigs you want to make sure that you're not putting too much foundation on your lace I know people do they use a powder and all that but it can cause like cakiness around that hairline over time especially in that glue wearing Foundation you get close to that lace but don't touch that is your lace because it's going to leave a rim especially if your foundation color is not like a perfect match that's just the tip like it happened to me so that's what I'm telling you guys um so when I take this band off most likely what I'm going to do is just um lightly touch around that area you'll see I'm just going to add just a little bit of blush like I said I got to get my lashes done so I just need something where I can just kind of be just cute for a second and notice going to get slightly messed up let me take this Edge band off right quick so for the hairline what I would do is just kind of go like this but not touch the edge do not touch the edge of that lace okay do not touch the edge just Pat whatever residue is left over onto the forehead area see just like that that's all set so like the vent was about to fall I am going to post the outfit that I'm wearing over on Instagram if you want to see how I paired this hair how everything turned out just follow me on Instagram and also when you come over there leave a like please thank you and I appreciate you guys so much volume right now didn't even move and I did that whole hold on okay hold on y'all but I didn't even need to take a hot comb to it I love this wig but only flaw in this wig for me is the cap is a little bit bigger than my head so I'm getting a little bit of bunching at the back but that can easily be fixed just by requesting a capsize that fits you I kind of just go with the medium cap okay so I'm gonna go in with this and just add that in The Parting so again this wig will be linked Below in the description box uh if you guys want this wig definitely check it out I like it so much it's so lightweight it's comfortable again it's from AF sister red it's from a half sister wig so you guys can definitely check the link in the description box and I'll also put a discount code down there for you all so thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you over on Instagram or Tick Tock when I'm not here

Kim King: Yes, you are very detailed with your wig installs. It's because of your recommendations that my wigs are now melted and slayed!

M. Crittendon: We still believe in you . You definitely make it easy to learn to apply wigs. Tips are on point! Thank you

Kyli Catherine: Hey girl! I love your videos. I actually just bought a custom wig from your website a couple weeks ago, and I’m so excited to receive it! It’s been a few years since I’ve even worn a wig, and I wanted to make sure I bought from someone I trust. I know from watching your videos that you take so much care into perfecting and customizing your wigs so they look super natural. I didn’t trust anyone else! ❤️

Ms. Mommie: I’m in love with the coloring of the highlights! I’ll have to check out the wig and the spray.

Marlyn Jones: Marie of course we still believe in you. Every time I watch your videos I learn something new, Beautiful styling and wig girly, I love it!

Taji Huang: We love you Mare! I've learned so much from you! Please keep doing what your doing! thank you!

LolaAnn Wells: Marie, I'm guilty of watching and I like your videos but I don't always leave comments. Your videos are instrumental in helping me perfect my wig game. You knowledge is invaluable. I have share them with my family and friends, and I'm still learning. I appreciate you and support and believe in all that you do. ❤

aitc04cx: Marie we love you, if it wasn't for these videos I would never be able to install my wigs. I already got it down but I still watch every single video anyway just to see what wig and what products you are using this time.

Parker PMA: Girl, we definitely still believe in you. You're so relatable.

Ronnie Sims-Farrie: Marie of course we believe in you love your Videos you're very detailed and I love that I just followed you on Tik Tok love it!!

Jasmine W: Girl, I believe you. I buy mostly every product you review lol , I am engaged . The tips and tricks are amazing, I am a wig master in process because I continue to learn from your videos. So, let's get the giveaway on ...summer is coming lol

Nancy Williams: We love you pretty lady. I have learned so much about how to apply my wigs, makeup, and what products to use. I watch all your videos,and have bought things from your Amazon store. We love you girl.

Nicole Bell: I have not been to the salon since watching you. You give us so many get tips. I have stepped my hair and makeup game all the way up. I never thought I would be able to do either but you totally inspired me to try and I be getting some many compliments! I have bought like 20 wigs because of you ‍♀️‍♀️

T Anderbostick: Absolutely, I believe in you and your content. Appreciate ALL your tips and versatile looks.

MuChoLife: Love that wig and this tip❤ you always make it better

Melinda Hall: Hey miss lady notification squad. This turned out beautifully.. We here and we believe in you for sure. Keep growing and for sure keep shining


73pinkchocolate: Thank you Marie! I love your content!!❤ And I follow you on all of your social media

Pamela Cooper: O.K., I'll engage more. I buy from your Amazon page. I follow all of your suggestions. I have wigs, glue, hair bands, hair products all because of you. You're my go-to wig expert. I watch your videos so much, that when I turn to YouTube, your videos pop up first.

Atricia Faulkner: I believe in you! Keep going and thanks for your detailed videos

Esther Sowell: You deserve it lady you are #1with the installs wig care different wig products and beautiful wigs we love you over here too ive been watching your videos since you started ❤

MsJangMi: I love watching your tutorials.

April Powell: We need you! You have helped me so much! You will not be by yourself if you go on live.

Alisa Mitchell: You Do Such An Excellent Job Sis Pls Keep Up The Great Job On Youtube

bettina kaiser: I’m new.. so I believe in you I’ve purchased most of the products you have suggested

Stacy Green: I love your videos but I still struggle with installing. I've gotten several wigs from Luvme and I like them but it seems like no matter what I can always see the lace line. I'm afraid to keep cutting. Any suggestions?

Roshawnda Brown: Also, I would love to buy one of your wigs that you can customize. Please let us know when the next one you’re going to put up

Gabrielle: J'adore Marie, again fabulous video. merci beaucoup!!

monike woods: We here, I’m on all the platforms following my girl trying to keep up lol❤❤❤❤

pudden1986: Lol, we ❤ your videos hunni

Donna Wallace: I'm here. Been here a while. I'm quiet by nature. But when i come on I look for you and el debarge you are loved Marie ❤

Peach Gumbeaux: I sone messed up some lace cuttings. I keep saying I'll find cheap wigs & practice. I paid someone $ and they messed my wig up! I can't keep paying $200+. I'm too scared, even after watching your videos (relatively new sub). Hoping an acquaintance can install for me to go to New Edition concert next week. Waiting for 1st curly w/4c edges to come. I don't wanna mess it up.

Tasha Kincy: Yes we believe in you. , you the best, keep up the great work

Ericka Bell: They also sell it in Walmart as well

Roshawnda Brown: I believe in you I love you constant and I don’t share my thoughts with many Youtubers do what you want with that info

It's My Life Daralynn: Firstly , let me just say, I watch all of your videos, but I use to wonder if I would get on your nerves. I use to comment on every video and ask a bunch of questions or I would lay out the compliments. I didn't want you to think I am nuts. Some people in general aren't use to women complimenting other women, but I have no issue with it at all. I love to show love and support to women. You are my absolute fav wig whisperer . I like others, but you are my fav! Now , as far as this wig is concerned it's stunning on you . But I want to get all of the pretty tools you use to get your looks. I mean , the pretty bling curling iron, hair dryer and today you whipped out the pretty leopard print comb. You already make applying wigs and makeup look easy and here you go using the pretty tools as well. The press on nails are never wide enough for my nails. I was born with my dads nail beds. WIDE! When I watch you , I have to put on some lip gloss or something . You always look so cute. You influence me to try harder. I am going to have to join you over there on Tik Tok. I believe it's a more youthful following over there. I'm not young , but I have a youthful spirit. Do you know I've never been on Tik Tok! As usual the wig looks amazing. I hadn't master customizing wigs, but I have gained more confidence in trimming around the ear, and cutting the lace. I use to be terrified . I wonder what happens to the comments as well. I'll see them in the notification but when I click to read them , they disappear .

Lovely: ❤❤yes do giveaways...I am loving the wig

Holla At The KI D: I still watch Marie, but life been lifing the past few yrs. and its SO MUCH going on even now. So, sorry you have not gotten all the engagement you could from me. ❤

Alisa Mitchell: Your Makeup Is So Gorgeous

Anise Key: I love this wig…..

Nicole Bell: Yes!!! We believe in you❤❤❤

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Cynthia Patton: Thank you! I didn't see link for the nails/Ulta?

Frankela Blizzard:

Sherika Nellon-Thomas: ❤❤

Anastaisia Whalen: Okay ill comment I'm a silent lurker

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G S: I hope your hand wasn’t burned too bad. Take care

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