How To: Easy Heatless Curls + *New* 4C Natural Curls Edges Ft. Ashimary Hair


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Foreign, hey y'all, welcome to my Channel or welcome back to my channel. So today I've got a new unit for you guys from Ashley Mary. Thank you for sending me this unit to you know, do a quick, styling, quick tutorial for you, guys um. So this unit is their 20 inch Waterway with 4C kinky edges it's in 250 density and they also threw in a couple goodies um with this little package that they sent me. So, let's get right into this tutorial, you guys, I loved how it turned out. As you guys can see in the beginning, so I'm gon na break it down step by step as much detail as possible. So you can get these same exact results as I did so I threw some foundation on the wig and also my wig cap, and you guys I got my beloved hairspray bag finally came in because I could not find it here in Stanford for some reason. So I had to order it from Amazon y'all. I was using that even hairspray and I just could not get down with it. I commend anyone who can use that hairspray. I think it absolutely sucks. I do like even products. I just don't like that particular product for my wig installs, this one is just so much faster to you know, just apply it. It just dries down much faster, basically so yeah, I'm applying this to my unit to my unit to my head y'all. This wig fits okay. To be honest, it's not super big head friendly, but also my hair isn't completely flat underneath it's blow dry, but not super super flat. So if you do have a larger size head, I do recommend making sure your hair is nice and braided down, and then I went straight into plucking. I think this unit definitely needed a little bit of plucking, not too much. I just spent a few minutes on each side, taking out a little bit of hair and just giving a little bit more of scalp showing and then next, I'm just going to take my wide elastic band and pop it on my hairline to get this lace. Nice and melted and yeah seamless as possible possible all right. So I left the band on for about 10 minutes. I don't know if it was even that long and now we're just gon na move on to the edges, because I'm doing a flexi rod set I'm gon na. Do me some edges today, you guys, I love some curly edges and some exaggerated edges, especially when I'm doing curly hair. So, first, I'm just taking off um that hairline a few inches, not even a few inches, maybe like an inch and a half actually from the edges that were already made for you and the good thing about them already. Making the edges for you is that I think it gives a really good guideline for some reason: um and then the hairline is already curly, so it doesn't really take much to get it molded you just kind of have to work a little bit faster. So all I'm doing is just sweeping them down you guys, no real, Rhyme or Reason, I'm kind of making sure I have some spaces in between um. I like hit my baby hairs. As you can see, I think that gives it a little bit more of a realistic look. Of course, this is optional. Y'All don't have to do it even with this hairline y'all, you don't have to even cut the baby hair. If you don't want to, you can just pop this on add some foam to the edges. If you want to and then go about your business, so if you're not into laying edges and all that good stuff, this is a good option. As far as a wig goes, especially during the summer months or if you're just busy um, you don't have the time just put a little foam on the hairline without cutting and all that kind of stuff get them to kind of lay down just a bit. But they'll just flow right on in and you'll be good to go. You can just go about your business. I have a tutorial on doing that method if you want to it's in a different video, but this this is more me I like to lay my edges kind of have a little bit of both worlds going on. So that's what I did all right, you guys so the hair is nice. It'S super soft! Okay, no complaints, water, wave, texture! 20 inches. I definitely want it to go shorter because I I had a feeling I I mean shorter for warmer months spring summer coming up, but I also wanted to do a flexi rod set because y'all really like when I do these and I really just love how they Come out so I'm showing you really slow well, this is normal speed. How I do it, I'm just adding my same design, Essentials, foam and then I twisted the base a little bit and then I'm just gon na take my flexi rod and do exactly what I'm doing here, make sure it's nice and tight and then just curl. It all the way up now I will tell you guys the biggest key, the biggest thing to making your flexi rods just last for one and just look really good is one having a the right amount of product on here, so don't be afraid to use enough Product and also making sure it's detangled really well, so, whether you detangle the hair from like when it's you know wet, because you guys saw me put a little bit of water on first or detangle it after you put on the foam, make sure it's detangled. All the way through and through, and also make sure the foam is nice and saturated from root to tip now. Two other tips I can tell you from experience - is this: if you don't have a lot of time, but you still want your hair to be like. Looking like a flexi rod, just know you have to use less product and don't use it at the base, so much um just kind of go for those ends and keep the keep the flexi rods a little loose. I know that's probably hard to explain, but basically you don't want to have to air dry or sit under the dryer for too long. So that's why I'm saying don't put so much product on it, but it's still going to give you more volume and it's still going to give you some curl. So if you just have you know just you, don't you just don't have a lot of time. Basically to do this style just make sure you use just less product and sit under that. You know your heating cap or whatever you're gon na do or air dry. Whatever you're doing for as long as possible - and you should be good now - if you do have a lot of time time - I was kind of in between here. But if you do have a lot of time make sure you really approach apply that product and make sure you're twisting, like I'm twisting right here when I'm doing the flexi rods as tight as possible, that's going to give you the most curl um. All of that definition, basically so I kind of did like a medium like in between. I wasn't pressed for time because, if I really was, I wouldn't have done a flexi rod set, but I didn't have like all the time in the world, so um yeah. That'S all I'm doing here, I'm gon na finish up doing this and then I'm gon na sit under my heated cap and then we're gon na move right along in this video, honestly y'all everything that I just said I felt like I could have said in like Two seconds, but here we are y'all know I will take something and it's always long-winded for me just long long. Okay, keep watching oh foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign, so I said underneath that hooded dryer, as long as I possibly could - and now it's time for the Moment of Truth, we gon na do a little prayer. We gon na say a little prayer to hopefully make sure that my hair is dry and it was like um, maybe like 80, you guys 80 dry wasn't fully dry. I already knew it wasn't going to be, but we will fix that. So this is how the curls are looking y'all. I think they look so good. I was super happy with it at this point, because you can kind of tell at this point like right here if your curls are going to be good, nice and um defined or if they just gon na suck and so far mine did not suck now. So next, you guys just gon na have a little taste of my ollipop. This is the orange squeeze. It'S so good y'all! It'S so good! It'S actually my first time at trying this um new soda, expensive soda. It'S like two something for this um and it's. I recommend it, but I don't recommend the root beer anyways back to the tutorial, so I'm just loosening up the curls, but I'm I'm gon na go ahead and grab my blow dryer and I'm just going to hit my hair on the roots and on the end, Just a couple spots where I felt like it was damp before I really start to separate the curl. So that's all I'm gon na do here. My hair is pretty dry at this point as dry as it's going to get for it today and y'all just watch the magic unfold, just watch how beautiful these curls come out with this hair perfect length, perfect density, perfect everything, everything foreign so finishing touches you guys. I got a new hot comb, the one I had. I had it for seven years. You guys really since I have been into wigs, but it was time to get a new one pick this bad boy up. I didn't know, I ordered it in this color. I kind of feel like that was a mistake and I was gon na send it back, but then I realized this mug is hot and I basically like almost burned myself and then I'm gon na go in add a little bit of concealer. I'M also gon na put a little bit of bronzer around the hairline because I already had bronzer on my forehead, so I'm just popping it. You know just to make sure everything is nice and Blended gon na lift up my little baby hairs right in the front and then cut a few pieces right in the front of my face as well. Give my hair a nice little fluff and I'm good to go so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I will make sure I put everything down below in the description box. Everything about this unit will be down there. Also all the products that I use um. You can find in my Amazon store. I will also link them individually for for your convenience. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate you. I will talk to you guys in my next video bye wan na leave.

Lady Rose: It came out great. I love the curls!

#CherryColaBarbie: Yes Ma'am!! This is gorgeous!! Love the lashes also!!!

Que Hunt: So pretty. I definitely need to try this on my wig

Shá Johnson: Love this... curls are popping!!

Alicia Jones: The curls are super cute!

CrazyNaturalPrincess: Love it❤

Ashimary Hair: Thx for sharing !babe love this 4c curls eages on you !!

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