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Hi girlies, I have an insular transparently Swig this well in a minute. So, let's get into how I got it done. I started with a brand new wig from Gator hair and cut the lace. First now fight me if you will, but this is the best way to get your lace late before you go to install your way. You need to make sure that the wig is a perfect fit and to do so just adjust the straps in the back. You want for the wig to fit so well that when you go to install it, it almost looks like it's laying itself, and this will make the gluing process so much easier as well. Try as best as you can to lay the glue in the same shape that you just cut out the lace earlier and when you go to place the wig on make sure you lay it in front of the glue. So once that's on and dry you'll want to go back in with just a little bit of glue to use on the edges. Just to make sure you have a more precise melt and now for the magic you'll want to reach for concealer wanted to shade. Darker than your actual skin tone then put that directly on the lace I find the foundations and concealers almost always apply super light on the lace, which is why I like to reach something darker next and you do not want to miss a step, make sure to Remove any awkward hair stuff in the glue before you melt, then you'll want to reach for your favorite melting spray and band to melt everything together. I prefer to use the oven spray, because the whole is a little bit better and I spread it with my fingers throughout my lace. You want to tie your band as tight as you can tolerate, because that's what's going to give you that melt, I like to wait five to ten minutes or until I have a headache to then remove it. Then you should get something like this and because we're working with transparent lace, I did have to go back in with just a little bit of concealer to get the Melt that I prefer and that pretty much sums up how I keep this mouth and if you Would like to skip these steps, please

Quandale_222: I've never seen a wig that had a windows peak lol but yk that's a really cute wig tho

Latoya Andrews:

Kimberly Bradford: I still see the lace seems the lace is to light needs tinting darker .. Great install though

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