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Hair in Video: #WestKissBodyWave 13*6 HD lace wig 24inch 180% density

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Thank you West Kiss for sending me this wig to review!

Alright, hey you guys welcome to my last wig video of a 20-19 of the decade, and I am so in love with it. So if you are interested in this whole, look keep on watching. So what better way to end the year, then, with one of my favorite companies West kiss hair inside they give you a little bag way cap and, of course, of the wig. This particular wig is their 13 by 6 HD lace, wig in 24, inches in 180 percent density and right, where I'm showing you is all these area that you have to you, like your parting space, of course, and then right here is the hair line, which I'm Actually, gon na end up bleaching these knots. I know you guys I never bleach knots, but I love this wig that much and then just for at the tenth spray. I just used this True Match a tint spray and I did double layers on that. So I will put all of that information as well as the delay spray that I use down in the description box so that you guys will have it. I'M so happy that this wig fits me perfectly. I'M pretty sure it's in a size large, but I will put it down below, of course, with all the other information. So just to start, I'm just gon na do two slits in the lace and then cut the lace off that way. This lace is so thin, and this is really good lace. It'S one of my favorite wigs from West kiss hair. I highly recommend get if you decide to get a wig from them, go for the HD lace. It'S just it's super transparent and I like the way. The tin spray actually work with this particular lace or this particular wig. I think it came out very natural-looking and for my newbies I am using the got to be glued freeze spray and I only really needed one layer this. But I was on my way out to my cousin's bachelorette party, that night - and I was doing this earlier during the day, and so I just wanted to make sure it lasts all night. Look, No lifting or anything like that, so I ended up doing double layers, but the next day are a few days later. I later I did wear this wig and I only did a single layer. I do get the question of: how long will this spray last? You before you have to reapply and honestly you guys I pretty much take my wigs off every single night. There have been like recently, I've kept them on. I just went out of town for my cousin's wedding and then a few other times. I'Ve kept him on overnight, but with this free spray, I'm pretty sure you can get it maybe like three days out of it, maybe two or three days. I think that just all depends on the person. How gentle you are how rough you are and how you tie your head up at night, so yeah. So this is the hair, the body wave hair, I'm just going in with a little bit of bronzer, because I will end up put my makeup on and just putting that on. My hairline and yeah just to go in and talk about the hair really quickly be here from West case. It'S always 100 like it. Just is always good. It'S perfect. I have no complaints. I don't think I've ever had any complaints. It'S beautiful! It'S always it's always so wearable when it comes out of the package and that's something I really do appreciate when it comes to companies I feel like I shouldn't have to wash it. I shouldn't have to do all this extra stuff in the beginning, just for its who come to life so yeah. I love that about West kiss, and here I'm just doing some super exaggerated baby hair. You guys, I don't know what was going on with me today. I just felt like doing some baby here I feel like I haven't, really done it exaggerated in such a long time, and I was going out for girls night and all that good stuff and so yeah. I just want to do something a little bit different. So I did go ahead and put a few layers right in the front of the hair. Just for some volume and just you know just to give it a little something extra. So it's all not one length and then I'm gon na go in with my baby. Bliss Flatiron, this is actually my sister's it's coming up in a second. This is actually my sister's baby bliss and I had to just go ahead and order mine right after I used hers and I loved it. I saw who did I see using it? Someone janae janae Mickle's, I think that's who it is who I love. She does a lot of blowouts natural, hair, blowouts and silk presses pretty much here on YouTube. I love her channel and she uses this flat iron and I told my sister my sister bought it and I went on ahead and purchased mine as well. So yeah love it so far. I have a feeling like once I just got the hang of it. I'M going to be absolutely in love with this, because it's just multifunctional, you can flat on your hair and you can do curls with it and so yeah love, baby bliss products period and yeah. That'S just a my first edition, my new addition to the stash that you guys will be seeing, but I will put this down below in the description box too, so that you guys will have exactly the one that I'm using just in case. You are interested so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and add some curls in this hair and yeah kind of just finish up. This look so for finishing details. Like always, I'm gon na add a little tiny bit of concealer this day and then topped it off with a little bit of powder. And then I'm gon na take my comb and lift up those baby hairs so that I can trim the excess off because of course, shorter baby hairs are always a bit more natural. But that's not really what I was going for today. So I didn't really care about them being super long. I want it exaggerated, so it just all depends on the look but yeah you guys. That'S pretty much it for this. Look, if you guys have any questions comments, please put them down below. Thank you guys. So much for supporting me this year when it comes to my wig videos and all that great stuff. I really do appreciate it. It'S something that I have been loving and learning to do, and I hope to do a lot more detailed videos in the future. So yeah thank you for watching and don't forget to give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button. If you haven't already merry Christmas to you and yours and I'll talk to you in my next video bye, you

Nique 0606: Beautiful as always!!

Monifa 360: Season's Greetings! Beautiful results as always!!

Britt My Zone8aGarden: Can’t believe we are already to the end of the year!!! Wheeewww it flew .lol I love the hairline on this unit on the sides it follows a very natural hairline

Britt My Zone8aGarden: Also I really loovvvvveedddd your makeup!!!! I’ve been trying to perfect that dewy skin subtle smoky eye

Angelica Mena: I loved it very much ... beautiful❤❤❤

Shantastic Life: , omg this unit looks soo good!! And yeah I’ve gotten a good 3 day wear using the freeze spray.. what is the tint spray you used??

Melissa J: ❤️❤️❤️I love this! I sent you an email.

Slay with Ros’e: So pretty. Where do you get the flat iron from?

shaneka craig: Beautiful

Toya Jones: Pretty

Danielle S: Beautiful! Do you sale your wigs?

Sage 888: Newbie to wigs. Prefer to remove wig every night. Plan to wear wig grip to secure wig. Plse share your thoughts.

StarChild🌠: I purchased this wig.... waste of money

Nique 0606: Beautiful as always!!

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