Unboxing| Install| Luvme Hair Wig| Summer Celebrity Style Curly (10'' Basic Edition)

(NOT SPONSORED)Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. In this video I will be unboxing / installing 10" basic edition Summer Celebrity Style Curly Glueless Frontal Wig from luvme hair.

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Got2b glued freeze spray



Style:10" basic edition Summer Celebrity Style Curly Glueless Frontal Wig.

Length: 10 inches

Hair: 100% Virgin Hair

Density: 150%

Color: Natural Black

Can be Dyed: Yes

Adjustable Straps: Yes

Elastic Band: Yes

Cap Size: Medium (22.5 inches)

Lace: Swiss, Medium-light brown

Parting Space: 13x4

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qtsheri/?hl=...

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[email protected]

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and for today's video we're going to unbox love me here. I purchased this hair couple months ago, so let's just go ahead and open it and see what we got inside so inside the box. We are looking at with a note on it. The note says, enjoy your hair journey from now on, and this is from the founder of love me here also inside the package. I have the here that I purchase it's a hundred percent virgin hair and I got it in ten inches, we'll open that one laughs. Next, we are gon na go through this goodie bag and see what's inside of it. So in this bag we have a comb. Some hair wax an elastic band, some bobby pins, a tweezer. You finally love me, so the package comes with some weight caps. I think it's two in this pack and it also come with some haircare instructions and also instructions. If you do happen or anything happen, and you do want to return to hear their contact, information is also listed on the bottom now for the moment that we've all been waiting for. This is the hair that I purchased. It'S a 10 inch curly hair and it's a 100 % virgin hair. So let's go ahead and open this little bag and look at the hair, so you're. This is actually your first time looking at the hair and also my first time looking at the game. Also so we're looking at at the same time together. This is actually my second purchase, but my first unboxing my first box. I have not open it as yet. So looking at the hair, it's really full. It'S nice! Let'S go all up in there and let's look at this lace. Come on, let's zoom in let's get up close and personal here we go! So that's how the lace looks. No tintin, no, nothing! I'M gon na go ahead and try on the lace and so that you guys could see how it looked in a minute. Also with this here it comes with an adjustable band, so you can adjust here to your liking and it also comes with an adjustable band. Also in the back of the pair, so this is a here fresh out of box. I did nothing to it. I just take it out and put it on, so you guys could see exactly how it looks. I'M just gon na go ahead and install it see you guys can see how it looks.

Quilon Cochran: I love it it just made me confident I ordered the right one I ordered this morning and was afraid it would be too short but it looks just how I want !!

Mzquani Monroe: This unit is really nice I love how it looks ❤️

cheyeannes side of beauty Anderson: You did that beautifully! I just got the same wig today and I am going to try to install myself.

miz_ moca: I have this wig. It's gorgeous

Tawana Simms: Now I gotta order this wig. I was very skeptical at first. Beautiful!

Bink Bink: This is bomb asf out the pack and once you put water on it . This looks good on you

Angela Shannel: Such a great video girl, love this style on you

Sumthin2LukAt Sumthin2LukAt: Love your technique. Spray then cut. It makes sense!!! You go!!

Ms. Amor En: Hey Boss Babe. Showing Love to your channel. This lace is melted!!! Definitely want to try their hair. Great video sisl

Valerie Taylor: ️✨Girl you are gorgeous with or without this wig!!! Best tutorial I've seen on YouTube. Flawless yet efficient. ✨️#DemHands

Tenesha Gill: I just bought the same wig can't wait to try it on and style it

Dylan Johnson: Just received mine. Love it

Dana James: I just brought the same wig from them now I'm excited to try

Sheik2587: Hey!!!! Thanks for this video. I JUST literally ordered this wig and then found your video lol. Thanks for the info!!!

Mari🦦: Thank you. Now I can feel comfortable ordering from them.

Betterlatethanbroke: So pretty!

Ramona Edwards: Thank you I have this wig too!

Francine Williams: I've been debating if I should order that wig. I've ordered from Luvme before so I knew quality would not be an issue. The hair looks nice. I think the curls would've popped even more if it was washed and with some mousse

Tina Shackelford: I got that same wig bout to put on now thanks

Bglamxo: Showing Kamp love hope to see more videos!

Letha Humphrey: Love it

JalishaVee: Girl Boss Sub! Love your channel! The hair looks bomb

Londa Key: I loved the video... Thank you

AyeitsKaye: #Karlabootcamp sent me love that wig girl!

Courtney Mallory: I want this wig but am worried about ordering it since it’ll come from China

Tan Johnson: Nice, I ordered a lace frontal. What are u using to lay Dow your sides?

Mayelin Bautista: Hi beautiful how long did it take for you to receive the hair?

Chantee Turner: Did this unit come with the baby hairs you laid down or did you make those on your own??

Nchangwi Judith: Looking beautiful!new friend here

Davetta Young: Hi, so do I need to buy glue to secure this unit, or does it come with it? I could sure use your help.

BIGG ON NATURAL BEAUTY: Hi new friend here.. that’s a nice unit.. and it’s pretty on your

Tamara r: Hey I ordered the same wig and I was curious if you had problem securing the sides of the wig ? My head is a bit narrow lol amd I'm wondering if there's a way of correcting this without running the wig itself.

Ann Roberts: I just got mine it’s 12” basic edition and it’s really really big like too much hair too fluffy and tangly even after I added water and mousse. I’m trying again. And the 12” doesn’t even touch my shoulders that’s nuts! Not happy but stay tuned

Paper Chased Me Beats: Don’t know anything about hair but ya makeup is slayed

Iamtheetatiana: Hey Boss babe!!!! Love this!!!!

Mzquani Monroe: Very cute on you girl

QT SHERI: Hey dolls & Gents! This is the 10" basic edition Summer Celebrity Style Curly Glueless Frontal Wig. This video is not sponsored. Don't forget to like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel!!! Thanks inadvance!!

c spills: Is the wig the "basic" or "perfect effortless" edition which have different prices. It would be nice to get some honest transparency about the wig because other videos do not state which wig they bought even if they are promoting.

Jah spotta: Hey i just ordered the same wig can I flat iron the for a different style as well ?

Kuroe-Chan: I can’t ever find that got to be spraybits crazy….I’m about tonput it together today I’m scared it’s gonna be a mess. Never could do lace fronts. And mins kinda tight on my head

Kieria Jones: wat was that u used to make/lay the edges i suck at doing edges n the way u did it made ir seem so much easier i just order my wig i got the 360 breathable 1o inch jerry curl an also tips on cutting last time i cut the lace it wasnt on my head when i cut it n i cut to much lace off n ruined my whole wig n wasted money cuz i didnet get to wear it the hair was so pretty too this will be my second purchace from them hopefully i can get a chnace to waer this pne

Erika Olivia: How do I get them to send me wigs to review? I need to become a YouTuber lol very nice wig

iashley7: Did you feel like the knots needed to be bleached?

Crystal Perry: I wear glasses would I have too cut out ear tabs I'm a beginner don't know how lol or will this wig fit behind without any alterations?

Annette Puckerin: QT Sheri...thanks for the video...you sound like my neice...we are from Barbados

Tra cee: You make it look so easy.. I'm a beginner and I can't figure out how to put it on.. it's not fitting properly.. loose around the forehead something not right haven't cut the lace yet.. suggestions please..

EhiTy white: Nice ONE

Nana Beck: What in the name of product you spayed in your hair.its beautiful thanks for sharing

Urbansweetheart Teresa: Hello, did it have a chemical smell?

Deatra: My Luvme... never seemed to be the same quality of the reviews, very disappointing

Tishawana Leach: My daughters wig look nothing like this. Disappointed.

nycole johnson: Im so annoyed yours is so pretty I bought it and it looks horrible....smh

Kat L: Hey tugging utterly fuuifffffgif

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