2 Wigs | Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Butta Hd Lace Front Wig Loose Beach Wave 28 And Butta Unit 36

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Welcome to my Channel!! Another Sensationnel Review!! These units were an easy slay and I am in love with the color. Let me know your thoughts below!!

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Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Butta HD Lace Front Wig - LOOSE BEACH WAVE 28 (Blayage Chocolate)


Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Butta HD Lace Front Wig - BUTTA UNIT 36 (Blayage Gold)



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Hey guys, my name is darnita and welcome to my channel if you're a Thai subscriber welcome back. If this is your very very first time here, please let me know in the comments below how you found my channel on this channel. I do clothing. Hauls black live, show, Vlogs and, of course, my main wig reviews today we're going dive into something a little bit different. So if you haven't already make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification Bell, so you get reminders every time I post a video, okay, we're gon na. Thank you so welcome back. Today'S unit was sent to me by Sensational you guys, I'm doing something a little bit different today. I am reviewing two Sensational units on my channel. I'M not going to go through me installing the wig. I have done that a lot on this channel so um. I wanted to do something a little bit different today, I'm just going to go over the specs for each unit and then we're going to wrap up the video okay. But thank you Sensational for kindly sending me this unit. It'S from their butter, lace, collection, human hair and premium fiber blend it's in the style, loose wave, loose Beach, Wave, 28 20 inches, and it's in the color blayage chocolate - and this is what the front of the stock card is looking like. This is what the middle of the stock card is. Looking like the beautiful model. It comes in other specialty colors, and it shows you a picture of the normal lace and their butter lace and how it's different. It'S a virtually HD lace, undetectable um, it's human hair and premium fiber blend full body movement blends with most skin tones air-to-air lace with a wide five inch deep hand, tight parting area, pre plucked with baby hair along the hairline natural and full maximum density. I did go in with my Fenty Foundation. It'S in a powder form underneath the lace I just wiped it on there. I put the lace on my head. I cut it jacket along the hairline, it's a little bit back behind my hairline, because that's how my hairline is. I pulled out a little bit of my edges. I darkened in the lace with my Juvia's, with my Juvia's Place, chocolates palette in the dark brown along the hairline. Just so it can look like it's coming out of my scalp and that was it y'all. It was easy peasy, okay, and this is what the unit is. Looking like. Here'S the length, here's, the back of the unit - it's very very pretty. I will say it is big kid friendly um. As far as tangling and shedding, I feel like there's minimal, shedding um. There'S a little bit of tangling at the very very ends, and I think it's because of the length um but yeah, very, very minimal. It does have two comes on the side that come in the back adjustable straps back there as well as far as density. I feel like it does have a nice amount of thickness to it um as far as texture, it's more on the Yaki straight side. It'S not really a textured wig, but it's it feels. You know it doesn't feel silky. So it's more like on the Yaki dry, but again it's a human hair in premium fiber blend, so it does feel more natural. It'S not like extremely extremely soft, but yeah y'all. I'M loving this unit, I'm loving this color the face framing the the beach waves are very, very beautiful, so let me know what y'all think and we gon na get into the second unit. Okay, so I'm back with another uniform Sensational, it's from their butter lace collection. It is the butter unit 36. I got it in the Color Blaze gold, it has wider parting and air to air lace, and this is what the middle of the stock card is looking like, and this is what the back of the stock card is. Looking like. These are the other colors that they come in um, so it's a virtually undetectable HD lace. It Blends in with most skin tones it's air to air with a five inch, deep hand, type parting area, pre-pluffable, baby hairs and natural hairline density, and as far as density I will say it does have a nice amount of thickness. So here you go and yeah, but yes, this is what the unit is looking like. It is definitely gorgeous, definitely definitely gorgeous um and yeah, I'm loving it. So it is big hair friendly. It does have two Combs on the side of comb in the back adjustable straps back there, as well as far as tangling and shedding. I have not experienced any yet um. The hair texture is giving Yaki Vibes. It'S not really like textured, it's Yaki, curled and straight you know obviously um. But yes, they did an amazing job on the coloring. Sorry guys, my camera's moving around um and yeah. It has two Combs on the side of coming back adjustable, straps back there as well, and this unit is very very pretty. The only thing that I did was that, underneath I put my fancy Foundation the powder. I put the lace on I cut it along my hairline. I did go in with my Nairobi um foam setting along the hairline just so it could melt a better a little bit better because the Combs are more on the side versus up here. So I wanted it to be glueless. I cut the lace as close to the edge as possible. I didn't leave any baby hairs because my natural baby hairs are poking out and then along the hairline. I went with my Juvia Place, chocolates palette along the hairline to blend in with my hair, my natural hairline, and that was it y'all. That was it. This unit is given life, I'm loving the face frame, I'm loving the curls, I'm loving the highlights. Let me know what y'all think thank you Sensational for kindly sending me both of those units and thanks for watching you guys. Let me know in the comments below what y'all think: okay, thanks for watching and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and that notification Bell. So you can get reminders every time I post a video. I will see you guys next time.

lneal2800: Happy Donita hun! you are glowing sis! That blue looks beautiful on you! This first butta lace unit is pretty I love the loose curls fall beautifully I love it! Butta unit 36 is super cute sis the layered curls and the blended color is the bomb I love the one the best I think imma have to get that one it's a winner yes! Tfs sis!

Silky Saks: I love the Butta Collection. Both units are pretty but the the Beach Wave 28 was my fave

Nizzy Mac: The beach wave 28 is so pretty and the color is just giving

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Cuteee Wig Blue Looks Fabulous On You

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