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Freetress Equal Silk Base Lace Wig Teresa Color 1b

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Hey guys, it's me Alicia. I have another unit this time you guys are going to love this man, okay. Firstly, it's very affordable. It'S easy to get your hands on and you're, not going to spend a whole lot of time, making it look natural. It pretty much looks good to go throughout the bag, so yeah, but anyway I did pick up. This features equal, silk, top lace, front wig and it's called Theresa and color number one B, and I did get this from one of my favorite spikes to shop at which is fam, speedy, calm and they're. A gracious enough to give me an extra rig to post a giveaway for so be sure to look down below in the description area and all the details how you can enter. It'S really easy, and yes, you know get yourself away because you know spring is coming up and you need to look cute plus. You know this is again. It really easy to get your hand groans if you don't win you're, not going to break the bag. This is like under 40 bucks. I think I can't remember the price, but it's very affordable and it's real cute, but anyways you guys again. This is their silk based or silk front still top whatever you want to call it still based lace, front wig. So you do have four by four inches of that Parden space in the very center. The hair comes with a natural right side, cart, but you can adjust the wig to make it like in the middle. I did that I did record this video before and I did that, but I hated it because I saw like the lace was very noticeable, so I'm just going to keep it at the side and you don't really notice the lace at all. Okay. So that's just a little helpful tip, but of course, if you like your hair in the center or you can't play around with it alright but anyways you guys there is that silk top. As you actually see. If you don't know what a silk top is, it's actually a more natural appearance as far as a lace, wig, there's no knots, and it looks just like your scalp okay and I like to put a little bit of powder in it just to make it blend Better with my skin, because, of course, we all come in shades and everything and that color isn't going to match this or definitely put a little foundation or powder on it. And you should be good to go all right and the lace around this unit is not as hard as other ones. However, I do like the fact that I does mold to my edges whatnot, so it doesn't lift up that easy okay, but this is the way it looks. This hair is not that long. So for those of you guys who don't want really really long hair, you don't like this one. I feel like it's about maybe 18 inches now, but you'll see where it falls out on me and it's styled about right outside pack, as you guys can see those really pretty curls very effortless, I'm able to run a power brush through it to make the hair, Like a little more of a luminous in that part, though, it looks so natural for a synthetic lace twig, it really doesn't look natural and trust me. I just now got a silk top grit from another company that cost like over 200 and it did not look this natural, okay, so girl save your coins and get yourself a synthetic wig, it's just as pretty as your brazilian hair and whatnot all right - and this Is where it falls on me, you guys, I'm sorry. I know you see my underwear and whatnot sorry, but yes falls like mid-back or like right around my waist area. So again, it's like maybe like an 18-inch or there's a lot of volume, so yeah creates curls but anyways you guys. I am loving this one again. This is the free Tris, equal Teresa wig. Let me know what you guys think and be sure to enter to my giveaway bye, guys.

TwinGodesses: Be Sure To Enter Into My Giveaway To Get Your Hands On This Baby!!! 2 Winners!!! Read Details In Description Box!

Tee Tee J: I love it. it truly does look natural and the styling is great. I don't even wear weighs but you got me thinking about getting this one. Thanks for sharing!

albeeinla: The hair looks gorgeous on you. I wish the. wig companies would mention how silk tops versus lace fronts versus monofilaments differ. Thank you for mentioning this about silk tops, I never knew silk tops didn't have knots.

Divine Esthetics Skin & Hair: The best protective style for me is wigs; however i think its important to start with a deep condition(ex aloe vera honey oil hair masque) and natural cleansing (vinegar) then follow up with an oil moisture, then slap that wig on for about. 3 weeks and do it again!! #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

shannon davis: I use wigs and crotchet braids normally as protective styles. This hair is BEAUTIFUL!! #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses

Honeydew.247: My Instagram name is honeydew6969. I was told I had scarring alopecia about 6 months or so so now all the protective styles I was wearing I can't. So I'm always in wigs. This one is soooo natural looking. Looks like a sew in, something I can't have anymore because of the pressure of getting my hair braiding down. Beautiful

April Ja'net: My IG name is aprilapril82. I use wigs as my protective style. They allow me to quickly switch up my look depending on the occasion, or my mood. I love that I can still have full access to my hair when it is time to moisturize, cleanse and condition. Wearing wigs also saves me a lot of time when getting ready for work in the morning. #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Maya Straughter: Never saw a silk base synthetic wig before this one is really nice. My protective style is cornrows and two strand twist I absolutely love it . #SamsBeautyxTwinGodesses . IG: mayasteez_

biancaabaybee: IG Name: biancaabaybee The protective styles I use are mainly wigs lately because my hair is a bit on the short side lately. However before I would get sew ins with closures and way back in the day I would use clip in extensions. This wig would be a really amazing addition to my small but growing wig collection! Such a beautiful unit! #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Tyla Vidal: This unit is really pretty. I am creating my first unit with 3 bundles and a lace closure. I would love to get a silk closure. You look amazing in it. It would be great to win

Misspiggyspiggy: I always protective style or else my hair would be so broken off. I've been staying away from heat for over a year now and I braid my hair up and wear a wig, do a pineapple, or high bun. I've wanted to see just how healthy my natural hair can be and I love the results. I've only owned one wig in my life and it's pretty but hard to make look natural unlike this wig. I'd love to own this! IG @misspiggyspiggy #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

olivia_ twyst: I'm mad that part is on point! every wig i get gotta pluck it!

Alani Rojas: This tutorial is Awesome!

Michelli Gomes: Linda demais, adorei!

EllaBella22: This is the cutest!! I'd love to win this wig. I've actually never worn a wig before so would love to try it. I usually just do a twist style for protective styling. Thx for this video. Will pass it on!

Everything J'Lani: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses @jlanidae on IG This wig is beautiful on you and looks very natural! I think it's great to wash and condition my hair at least once a week, and whenever it gets a little dry I use either argan oil or coconut oil, they both work great for me. lastly I always put my hair in 2-4 braids to protect it before I go to bed

Ebony: I just ordered this wig Sunday my first wig ever and I'm excited to receive it. Y'all pray for me that I put it on right.

curls coils n’ kinks: The part is pretty popping I'm impressed! I've never worn a protective style but I would love to start considering the state of my hair. Insta@sadgrl #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Alexis Lampkin: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses I love wearing mini twist as a protective style. I just recently became infatuated with wigs and sew ins!!! IG:lexcee_marie

woodswal: Definitely a beautiful wig

TeddiGrahams: Honestly I'm usually too lazy to protective style my hair. Wash and go queen IG: HoneySuckleBlossom (corny name I know lol) #SamsBeautyxTwinGodesses

Dorian Johnson: Oh my goodness heyyyy!! my instagram is @daabsoluteruler and how I protective style my hair is by doing a combination of leave-in conditioner and lots of shea butter of course. Then I braid it all down and put it under a wig for two weeks ! I love your channel so much and I hope to win this giveaway.... I've never won a giveaway before #samsbeautyxtwingsgodesses

Aela Love: Great wig! I'd love to try it, it looks very beautiful. My protective style..I don't really have one lol. My hair has a mind of its own. I have Hermione Granger hair. Anyways, thank you so much! (IG: aelalove1) #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Belinda hull: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses I love this unit! I twist and braid under all my units♥ #lovesome

Nicole Baker: Love it!! Buying this Saturday.

Anikka Williams: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses Instagram:anikkamw I like to switch it up when it comes to protective styles. I will wear crotchet styles, flat twist or twist my own hair, but lately I have been loving wigs!

H I D D N B E A U T I E: Omg this would be perfect to add to my styles Im currently following along with the Protective Style challenge by JennJ I love my twists and braids but I would love to try this wig #samsbeautyxtwingodesses .... My IG : Hiddnbeautie

Sabrina Elmobdy: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses My IG: ninarosee99 I love this wig!! I've been looking for my first wig for a really long time and I want something inexpensive so I can feel it out before I spend major coins. I protective style my 3c hair in 2 French Braids with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and some Mixed Chicks Leave In. I've been doing this for a long time and even though I have thin hair, it helps it grow fast and retain length. I also reduce shedding by doing tea rinses in between my washes and following that with more conditioner!

Shellsabarbie Baby: First let me say I Like Ms. Teresa on you she looks so natural. I wear my hair in braids and High Ponys sometimes... I would love for this to be my birthday hair on the 27th! My IG is Shellsabarbie. #sambeautyxtwingodesses

Lola Designs: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses I usually do 6 corn rolls to protect my hair. I love wigs because it's hair styles on a budget. Being a single mother you have to learn the ends and outs to budgeting. Wigs are easy and quick. Good luck to everyone.

Jennifer Green: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses Hi! my IG name is @msjayegreen and I do crochet braids & wear wigs as my protective styling. I really love the way you styled this unit, looks really nice on you.

Geraldine H.: IG: ghills, and my procedure for protecting my hair is once a week shampoo, deep conditioning, hot oil treatment, and then i do a scalp massage, braid my hair in cornrows, then cover with my night rag,until i decide to wear one of my wigsthe following day. .I really luv this unit, and thanks for the video and giveaway

Divine Esthetics Skin & Hair: please bless me lol im trying to get over this stage of non growth for my natural hair

MsBoucy: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses @mzboucy I love my mini twists!!! I also braid and wear wigs ... those are the best ways that I protective style my hair

Celese Lopez: I love it!!!!

ADDICTED2FIERCE: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: @curiouscoils ; I just started rocking wigs and crochet braids for protective styling. My hair is prone to dryness so braiding my hair and oiling my scalp every other day keeps my hair nice and moisturized! I love this wig in this video, AMAZING!!!!

Ludy Fertile: Naturalista_1994 I love to protective style. I'm on a growth because I big chopped again after experiencing post partum shedding. I usually braid my hair and pop a wig on for a week. I wash my hair, and moisturize once a week braid it again and pop a wig on. I would love to win this wig since I only have one wig now

Chanice West: Lately I have been into crochet braids. My hair is completely covered and I do not need to apply any heat. When I first became natural I did box braids but my edges suffered tremendously :-( this wig is gorgeous. Would love to win! My IG is MsChanice #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

So SHIC So SHOY: IG: shoy1908 I love this wig chile! lol I'm in need of a protective style... my hair needs a break..:)

Blossom_Kitty: That hair looks reaallyy gooodd love those curls I usually put my hair in individual braids and I'm trying to get into wigs my ig: blossom_kitty

Lolo Future: You should use black marker on the edge of the lace to blend in better

Cheyenne Autumn.: Ig: autumnlovee___ I protect my hair by doing marleys twists or sewins . I make sure to always Moisturize my hair with coconut oil and a leave in before installing these protective styles. I also recently started wearing half wigs so this would be a great first to try! #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses

LeeLeexD: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses @_bearingfruit. I am obsessed with any type of protective styling that deals with braids. I put my hair in many different braids styles updos, cornrows, goddess braids, French braids and sometimes I throw my wig on and walk the runway on campus to class. Thank you for the give away.

M Nicole: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses IG: aquarius_beauty85 I protective style my hair two ways, 1. Wearing wigs with my hair in cornrows up under (I buy just about all the wigs you do a review on lol) 2. Doing heatless styles on my natural hair such as flexirods, twist outs or braids. Both styles are done after I do treatments and deep conditioning to retain growth/moisture

Tamara McGee: I love this wig! #samsbeautyxtwingodesses My IG is prettytlmcgee My normal protective style is two strand twists, but I'd love to wear this wig!

KaBrea Welch: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: kabreeaay I've been exploring wigs as protective styles lately, but I also like the different crochet styles.

Beloved Amy: I've been wigging it for about a year and a half now. Before I would rock Marley Twists #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: @BelovedAmy_

Naima: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses @miamixmade is my IG; I actually like wearing wigs and box braids as a protective style but I'm acceptable to trying out anything. This wig is super gorgeous btw

Pink Riot: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses IG: Lorelie Butterfly I love using yarn and wigs while protective styling. makes my life a whole lot easier

Angela Martin: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses I wear braids as a protective style. This wig is gorgeous! IG: Amartin6018

Calinda Franklin: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG:franklincalinda and my protective style is natural twists! I am exciting about trying my first wig it looks amazing !

Ono V Yoko: #samsbeautyxtwingoddess I love this unit!!

Licia Andrea: Hiii, IG: girliciaaa for protective styling I mostly just do a slicked back low bun, I may do a quick top knot with some added braiding hair or a just a puff ball on the top of my head, but I love wigs to avoid having to mess with my own hair #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses ❤️❤️

4everMrsCW: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses I put my hair in either cornrows or mini twist under a wig as my go to protective styling. It allows me to change up my hair without constantly manipulating my hair. Wigs are fun and a great way to protective style and try new things. My IG:@4evermrscw

Khatza Matthews-Hope: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WIG! I keep my hair braided underneath my wigs for protection. IG: ms.matthews1

Quincher2000: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: cherquin7219 After my usual conditioning and moisturizing routine, I place my hair in four to five cornrows front to back. I follow with braiding the loose braids created from my rows into one braid in the neck then pin together. Next, I place a wig cap or a wig band (depending on the occasion and weather) under the wig. OH! and YES! the hair is SLAYING! You put LIFE in this one here! BEAUTIFUL! So I can only imagine how it will be on me!

Sophonie Luccé: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses IG: spgustave I usually just do crochet as protective style. The unit looks so good on you

ToriZee: I am in love with this wig I swear it is gorgeous!!!! IG: realladizee #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Tamarra CS: Wigs have been my protective styling, especially while growing my hair out from my big chop! #samsbeautyxtwingodesses Ig: Tammy.qv

Valen Devereaux: I usually protective style by tucking my hair away braids or twists. #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses

AllThat.Jazzzz: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: tvcoo_bellaa Being in the military, I've gotten use to putting my hair in a low bun to protective style during the week. I helps and has continued to grown my hair.

eunice n: Being a pharmacy student I have no time whatsoever so my protective style is wig wig and wig again. Wigs are blessings from God IG : onyi_88 Hopefully this will be my first silk top wig

Jae's Cleaning: Omg too cute.. Such a "Dollface" type of look

Jerrica Harris: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses I recently big chopped so I have been wanting to try out wigs as a protective style! IG:

Andrell Boyd: IG: Miss.Petty.Labelle Hi TwinGodesses! I normally just put in some Aunt something product in my hair (lol I can't remember the name) and then I use a sponge to make it curly. That's normally my go to hair style. But now my hair is getting longer so I can't get the curls I want as much. But anyways LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Brey Vick: I use wigs and weaves more than anything. Its easy and gives your hair a break from manipulation. #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: lovestrongbrey

LillIe Ann: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: lilythecurly I love to protective style with buns, or a braided style. I'm currently rocking some feed-in braids which I am loving!

rena toatley: loving this one.....very cute.

Jan Benjamin: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses my instagram is CutieCrissy101 and I protective style by doing wigs, braids and crochets. My hands tend to get twitchy and loves touching my hair so I have to hide my hair from my hands lol. I adore this wig on you btw!

svxg: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses ig: s.shvi My favorite protective style is box braids. They're just so 90's and go with everything. You can't go wrong with them !

Rainy Brown: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: thatfashionfeen I love wearing synthetic wigs for protective styling so it gives me a chance to take a break from my natural hair.

Yolanda Williams: ig-guyanesediva37 During the summer I like to wear wigs because its hot and my twist outs don't last as long as they do in the winter. I deep condition and neatly braid it. I also use an oil to keep my hair moisturized under my units.

Briana K.: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: _beyondblessed18 For the past couple of months, I've been braiding my hair in cornrows and putting it under a wig. I wash my hair every 2 weeks and repeat the process.

miss sabina: samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: sabinalicious I currently have some crochet braids in and loving them!!

princessnerra: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: Princessnerra75 I wear synthetic wigs & occasionally make my own wigs for protective styling. ❤ Beautiful unit!

Tay Tyrone: beautiful!! tfs I wear a bun a lot as a protective style along with wigs ig:@shantatyrone #samsbeautyxtwingoddeses

Beautiful Fashionista: my IG is lmckelvy and I protective style with wigs!!! This wig is a beauty...

Shondarria Nunn: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses ig: dancndiva I twist my hair into single small twist and wear the twist in goddess twists. Keep those put up when I'm taking a break from wigs and sew ins.

Candace Hemstreet: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: M0CA05 I usually wear sew-ins and braids as protective styles, but lately I've been drawn to wigs.

Destiny Worthy: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: @b3tterthanmost I love box braids, goddess locs, or cornrows under a good weave/wig. My hair always grows a lot!

Sucre Jewel: @sucrejewel on ig and my protective style is keeping my hair super moisturized, flat twists and wigs

Adajah: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: adajahmonae Weaves and wigs are my go to protective styles for my hair!

Dayshel Reid: Love the wig #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

naturally lavenia: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG:@lavenia_ crochet styles have been my protective style lately!!!!

TheeMillennial Diva: Go to protective styles: wigs or Senegalese twists (hair length be poppin lol) ig: millennialblackpearl ❤ #samsbeautyxtwingodesses

Bord: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses. IG: Nachurol. I protective style almost every day, besides the weekend. I wash, moisturize & braid my hair up, wear a wig for the week. On Fri, I wash, then braid it back up for the next week!

Alesha Zeigler: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG cocobrownsista My protective styles are mainly are 1. braids 2. two strand twist 3. wigs the less I do to my hair the more it grows .

uu: #sambeautyxteingoddesses thank for the opportunity. IG :christell_life_love I mainly wash my hair with my baby shampoo /conditioner and just braid it for WIGS (just prefer wigs now had a lot of weave damages .my front )

Tarniched Treasures LLC: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG:tynelson_01 and I love my units for protective styling so easy to just come home condition and put on my bonnet. lol!!

perfectlyflawed: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses Instagram name: ichoosemefirst For my protective style, I keep cornrows in my hair and wear wigs, both synthetic and human. I don't always have a lot of time to do my hair so, for the past year, wigs have been my go to beauty accessory.

Lilian Kagera: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG:liliankagera I use braids, crochet, sew-ins and cornrows under wigs as my protective styles.

Andrea A: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: drayawaya I usually twist or braid my real hair and wear wigs during the week as a protective style.

Chinatta Borkins: IG....vanitysanity83 My natural hair is always braided underneath my wigs to protect. I like to use an oil every few days to keep it moisturized. Normal co-wash every 2 weeks or so and then a shampoo once a month to wash away the edge control build up.

Loren Battley: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: lorenbattley ! I recently bought a few wraps and just rock different wrap styles with my hair twisted underneath.

Keshia Tucker Lee: #samsbeautyxtwingoddesses IG: katlee2009 I usually braid my hair for a protective style, but have recently been looking into wigs.

Kay La Soul: samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: TheLifeOfKayKay I wear wigs. That is my go-to style because it's easy, low maintenance and I get to wash and take care of my hair underneath with no hassle.

Earth Goddess LaLa: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG @lala_is_blessed my go to protective styling involves wigs and drawstring ponytails BTW YOU LOOK GORGEOUS as per usual Stay Blessed!

Brittany Jackson: #samsbeautyxtwingodesses ig:smileyyface_britt I love to use flat twists as a protective styling when it is not in a bun because it allows my scalp to breathe and it reduces tension on my hair. but I love to use wigs too because I am busy and sometimes I don't have time to do my hair so when I need something quick but fly lol I choose wigs and make sure I tend to the upkeeping underneath by making sure my scalp is moisturized.

Jilly Bean: This wig is AMAZING!!!!! I Absolutely Love It!!!!! #samsbeautyxtwingodesses IG: aloha.angel

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